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Total Net Feedback: 278
Positive Feedback %: 99.29 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 62
Tecmoers who left a negative: 2
All positive feedback received: 280
All negative feedback received: 2

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TBone had some rough turnovers which allowed me to come back. rockman Game 75603
didnt stop me once but yet he wins…. his luck was unreal GG joeygats Game 75230
his luck was to much for my skill tonight nothing i could do GG joeygats Game 75229
GG joeygats Game 75228
2015 Thunderdome Round 2. GG TimBone LuckyTool Game 73729
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71036
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71032
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71023
gg keirre1981 Game 70101
gg keirre1981 Game 70100
gg vikingmoe02 Game 69895
gg vikingmoe02 Game 69894
gg, thanks for offering me SF! vikingmoe02 Game 69893
Good player, cool dude storksdaman Game 69534
I continue to find ways to lose, last second BOMB to Clark for the win storksdaman Game 69533
ggs man tecmodell42 Game 69422
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 69421
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 69420
“First tpc win. I lost the next game 10-0 tho ryguy Game 68758
GG tecmopsycho Game 68098
GG tecmopsycho Game 68097
GG tecmopsycho Game 68096
chino_pino Game 67810
chino_pino Game 67809
“1988Retro Preseason Last one kamphuna8 Game 67594
1988Retro Preseason Pulled out game 2 with a last second JJ surprise to Playmaker on 4th and forever kamphuna8 Game 67593
1988Retro Preseason Tight Tight Tight. That Saints D is Nasty! kamphuna8 Game 67592
“1988Retro Preseason Lost 3 fumbles in this 1 kamphuna8 Game 67581
1988Retro Preseason. Great Games TIMMY! kamphuna8 Game 67580
1988Retro Preseason GG kamphuna8 Game 67579
simmed game – phx@dal game was 16-7 with dal ball 4th qtr. gg. chino_pino Game 67421
“Grapple-Push Tourney RD1. Good game jfagundes04 Game 67405
tecmo battles are good food… but FAIRFIELD: I got something special cooking for you… BWA HA HA!! manyo360 Game 67364
Great playing you again man been a long time Ryan11p Game 66798
gg Ryan11p Game 66797
Eamons34 Game 66287
Eamons34 Game 66286
tecmodell42 Game 66278
justinpeters51 Game 64319
justinpeters51 Game 64318
gg keirre1981 Game 63492
Gg chekreyes Game 63315
USFL Rom. GG timbone LuckyTool Game 62845
down 0-21 w/o seeing the ball…cards offense comes alives….but falls in defense was bad red98sethuthut Game 62828
gg…pitt gets a rare 4th qtr comeback…its never ova till its ova red98sethuthut Game 62634
gg..joe montana and company rolled red98sethuthut Game 62633
gg…this time my 4qtr comeback comes up short on bad pass in redzone red98sethuthut Game 62632
chekreyes Game 62631
chekreyes Game 62620
gg red98sethuthut Game 62261
gg red98sethuthut Game 62259
gg marino was on 4th down red98sethuthut Game 62258
8-bit Game 61635
8-bit Game 61634
moulds33 Game 61549
GGs Timbone kamphuna8 Game 61319
“HSTL22 OT Thrilla kamphuna8 Game 61318
gg man FRYPIE Game 61259
tecmodell42 Game 61257
tecmodell42 Game 61256
crazy game man. Great game FRYPIE Game 61219
2013 Rom RD 3. GG Timbone; you didn’t get many breaks tecmoaddict Game 61209
TSB GOD Game 60975
“gg GoNickMontana5 Game 60904
good game t-bone 8-bit Game 60900
gg 8-bit Game 60880
hit me up for tpc again timbone 8-bit Game 60878
“TPC Thunderdome Tourney tecmodell42 Game 60846
tecmodell42 Game 60841
tecmodell42 Game 60839
tecmodell42 Game 60838
2/2 gg man invader star64 Game 60734
“1/2 Missed 50yd FG invader star64 Game 60732
“Couple of INTs were the diff GG kamphuna8 Game 60729
“Simms was killer in this one kamphuna8 Game 60649
kamphuna8 Game 60648
kamphuna8 Game 60647
GG kujjaquaq Game 60136
GG kujjaquaq Game 60135
GG kujjaquaq Game 60134
GG. I got the breaks this time. tecmoaddict Game 59942
gg keirre1981 Game 59747
Majik Man hooks up with Sharpe on some huge JJs. GG Tim keirre1981 Game 59691
GG keirre1981 Game 59690
tecmodell42 Game 59656
gg…Rypien found DBs more than WRs Ones11fahzu Game 59637
Late fumble > numerous JJs Ones11fahzu Game 59636
CHI D took over with FR and INTs and safety onedog31Hayden Game 59621
“nailbiter to the end onedog31Hayden Game 59620
GG Everett’s pass attack 2 much 4 Haddix to stop by himself arncoem Game 59609
“Fulcher was a beast arncoem Game 59608
gg man you played well FRYPIE Game 59607
gg Ones11fahzu Game 59604
“Crazy last sec TD run by Emmitt kamphuna8 Game 59593
“Simply put kamphuna8 Game 59592
“gg arncoem Game 59589
gg Ones11fahzu Game 59577
onedog31Hayden Game 59549
“good set of games onedog31Hayden Game 59548
“good set of games onedog31Hayden Game 59547
nail biting finish polyresinator Game 59513
spanked… no mo’ hawks ever fo’ moi polyresinator Game 59512
Eamons34 Game 59494
Pats lit it up polyresinator Game 59441
Muster too much polyresinator Game 59440
gg FRYPIE Game 59432
“great games onedog31Hayden Game 59370
“great games onedog31Hayden Game 59369
“great games onedog31Hayden Game 59368
speedkills1995 Game 59346
I couldnt wait to upload…gg UNCLEGRIEVOUS1 Game 59342
Threw that controller in the trash…really. UNCLEGRIEVOUS1 Game 59339
GG…back and forth Ones11fahzu Game 59333
gg…no Everett luck Ones11fahzu Game 59332
GG kujjaquaq Game 59103
GG kujjaquaq Game 59024
GG kujjaquaq Game 59019
“modell takes 2 out of 3 over timbone in his return tecmodell42 Game 58766
tecmodell42 Game 58765
Welcome back? MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 58764
“T Bone wasn’t feeling it tonight Mad cap Game 54262
Mad cap Game 54261
tsb god Game 54258
hope you took the under Mad cap Game 54187
Mad cap Game 54186
Mad cap Game 54182
good series tbone Mad cap Game 54181
Mad cap Game 54180
Mad cap Game 54179
plays like a pussy. throws into coverage all game chiefssam Game 54160
this time he didn’t complete enough bombs to win. chiefssam Game 54159
2 INT’s by Viks for TD’s. jimmybtosoby Game 54047
jimmybtosoby Game 54046
jimmybtosoby Game 54040
octoberfest r1 i win 2-1 ggs joeegats Game 53895
he wins joeegats Game 53894
gg octoberfest 2010 round one joeegats Game 53710
duecel00se Game 52518
duecel00se Game 52517
“Great game deshaun182 Game 52432
GoNickMontana5 Game 52407
GoNickMontana5 Game 52406
ahake21 Game 52281
gg timbone! always a pleasure homie. tecmodell42 Game 52100
gg bud tecmodell42 Game 52079
GG tecmopsycho Game 52038
GG tecmopsycho Game 52037
Couldn’t get TO in time for game ending FG in regulation! tecmopsycho Game 52036
GG tecmopsycho Game 52035
gg bro! tadaos Game 51972
bad luck for timmy UNCLEGRIEVOUS1 Game 51895
good luck for timmy UNCLEGRIEVOUS1 Game 51894
GG Eamons34 Game 51838
fumbles made it interesting UNCLEGRIEVOUS1 Game 51819
GG… tough D tecmopsycho Game 51664
Pick City. bpkcchiefs Game 51639
GG bpkcchiefs Game 51638
GG. Better luck next time. I caught a lot of breaks. bpkcchiefs Game 51602
“wtfr rom Mad cap Game 51494
Steamb0atWilly Game 51066
Steamb0atWilly Game 51065
WTFR scrim. Lions had a good 1972 season. tecmodell42 Game 51046
TSL league dynastydegeorge Game 50925
tecmodell42 Game 50899
tecmodell42 Game 50898
“wtfr rom Mad cap Game 50860
Helped me learn how to play online. Great player! tecmopsycho Game 50682
I did what MRTECMOSUPERBOWL does best the X-Factor.. GG MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50574
He tried with Jets vs. Vikings. Not going beat me no way! GG MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50573
He was never able to do anything on Steel Curtain. GG MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50572
Mad cap Game 50528
ggs Mad cap Game 50527
gg GoNickMontana5 Game 50318
gg GoNickMontana5 Game 50317
GG….last sec FG caps second half comeback soxx0311 Game 50242
he fumbled 2 to my 1 bgboud2 Game 50066
sea rallies late to win it bruddog Game 50002
GoNickMontana5 Game 49985
GoNickMontana5 Game 49984
“4th quarter qb fumble returned 40 yards Mad cap Game 49916
tecmo owed me this 1 Mad cap Game 49913
GG tecmob4272 Game 49877
Good game keirre1981 Game 49823
“for the most part atleast. threw like 5 picks tecmodell42 Game 49660
schroeder was horrible in both of these games… tecmodell42 Game 49659
gg Mad cap Game 49591
IaMTecmoKing Game 49509
“Fulcher had 5 ints GoNickMontana5 Game 49469
GoNickMontana5 Game 49464
GoNickMontana5 Game 49455
gg rams prevail tadaos Game 49325
gg boomer had the cc goin all game tadaos Game 49324
“Uploaded this finally dynastydegeorge Game 49284
GG tecmob4272 Game 49237
GG tecmob4272 Game 49236
john91799 Game 49233
john91799 Game 49232
GG tecmob4272 Game 49225
gg homie tecmodell42 Game 49057
GG tecmob4272 Game 48976
GG tecmob4272 Game 48975
TecmoChick Game 48804
tecmochick Game 48803
“gg joegibbsclinic Game 48724
“gg joegibbsclinic Game 48723
gg’s. harbaugh sucks worse than asshole rypien! joegibbsclinic Game 48722
“Cool Guy dynastydegeorge Game 48655
jjo724 Game 48499
jjo724 Game 48498
jjo724 Game 48497
jjo724 Game 48467
jjo724 Game 48466
jjo724 Game 48465
“3 sweet ints AtomicQBbrowns Game 48422
gg as always rypien plays for wrong team joegibbsclinic Game 48375
GG tecmob4272 Game 48342
ufl scrimmage. i’m ready for the playoffs. gg bud! tecmodell42 Game 48332
he shutdown my passing game bad!….but emmitt tow it up!!! AtomicQBbrowns Game 48327
GoNickMontana5 Game 48309
gg! AtomicQBbrowns Game 48291
great ot game Mad cap Game 48274
gg bza3655 Game 48176
gg bza3655 Game 48175
GG tecmob4272 Game 48144
GG tecmob4272 Game 48143
Too much Browner GoNickMontana5 Game 48119
sixforchix Game 48064
“no tds LuckyTool Game 47980
“big 4th quarter comeback by timbone LuckyTool Game 47979
fought through picks and fumbles to come out on top JoshAU99 Game 47965
Mad cap Game 47946
nice last drive for come from behind win JoshAU99 Game 47843
“St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Minneapolis MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 47824
gg acward31 Game 47808
gg acward31 Game 47805
Did have time to run Barry down the field keirre1981 Game 47796
Just one of those games man keirre1981 Game 47795
JoshAU99 Game 47784
JoshAU99 Game 47783
gg tadaos Game 47747
gg but if you’re going to pick SF don’t ask me for games plz tadaos Game 47746
Eamons34 Game 47724
Eamons34 Game 47722
Bo fumble led to a score He connected on a last play HM. sixforchix Game 47707
great game. fg at the end dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 47703
gg. 49ers are too tuff dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 47702
“Testaverde and Anderson were both in good tecmodell42 Game 47695
gg keirre1981 Game 47690
gg…another handful of to’s soxx0311 Game 47684
“So much for ball control Steelers allamerican1569 Game 47671
got down too quick allamerican1569 Game 47670
ericthegreat18 Game 47658
Got scared when Marcus took off on that long TD run keirre1981 Game 47651
KR Fumbled by pinkett led to quick 14-0 lead keirre1981 Game 47650
Randall who? allamerican1569 Game 47649
Good Battle allamerican1569 Game 47648
“Came back from 10-0 allamerican1569 Game 47647
Eamons34 Game 47646
Eamons34 Game 47644
Mad cap Game 47631
“ggs tim Mad cap Game 47630
Mad cap Game 47629
gg keirre1981 Game 47624
ggs man…hope connetion is better next time onedog31Hayden Game 47609
ggs man…hope connection is better next time onedog31Hayden Game 47607
gg keirre1981 Game 47599
GG tecmob4272 Game 47536
GG tecmob4272 Game 47533
keirre1981 Game 47522
You got sooo lucky. keirre1981 Game 47521
Hadn’t been dominated like that in a long time in TPC keirre1981 Game 47520
Mad cap Game 47518
good dude to play with ggs Mad cap Game 47517
gg man. get at me for some more scrims. tecmodell42 Game 47516
gg man Mad cap Game 47507
keirre1981 Game 47501
“game desyched with 30 sec left acward31 Game 47500
gg acward31 Game 47499
gg acward31 Game 47496
gg acward31 Game 47495
gg acward31 Game 47490
gg acward31 Game 47489