Hi there!2026Feedback for sixforchix

Total Net Feedback: 56
Positive Feedback %: 96.67 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 20
Tecmoers who left a negative: 2
All positive feedback received: 58
All negative feedback received: 2

Feedback Left by Opponents for sixforchix
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Comment Opponent Box
gg. ton of TOs Mad cap Game 48464
TecmoCHRIST Game 48280
neverplayed tecmochick Game 48251
TecmoChick Game 48158
TecmoChick Game 48145
DAMFNDRZA Game 48123
gg DAMFNDRZA Game 48107
jjo724 Game 48071
jjo724 Game 48070
jjo724 Game 48068
sweet game homeboy timbone666 Game 48064
Mad cap Game 48062
Old fashion shootout keirre1981 Game 48045
ryanr33fulcher Game 47957
ryanr33fulcher Game 47956
fumble for TD right before half was my reward for a stop bgboud2 Game 47955
bgboud2 Game 47954
Dave Kreig is the man!!! allamerican1569 Game 47953
Johnny Johnson with 2 KR’s for TD’s allamerican1569 Game 47952
jjo724 Game 47951
held mcmillan to just 1 INT-2gms. scored 14 in 4th for wingg tecmodell42 Game 47950
“qb browns was off his game tecmodell42 Game 47949
shook off opening KR fumble for win. gg tecmodell42 Game 47948
gg keirre1981 Game 47941
TecmoChick Game 47907
TecmoChick Game 47906
he lost a fumble bgboud2 Game 47896
bgboud2 Game 47895
JoshAU99 Game 47866
joshau99 Game 47863
Tale of one half allamerican1569 Game 47821
Where’s Bo? allamerican1569 Game 47766
Missed FG off post turned into last second JJ FTW! allamerican1569 Game 47731
Got my revenge in defensive fasion allamerican1569 Game 47730
“had to sim Mad cap Game 47709
“gg Mad cap Game 47708
gg timbone666 Game 47707
“handed it to me Mad cap Game 47632
good game and well faught tecmocrusher Game 47546
gg bza3655 Game 47543
well fought victory in this one on my part but was still clo bza3655 Game 47379
kicked my butt pretty good no controller this game bza3655 Game 47378
“gg this time around man. game 3 lagged on us tecmodell42 Game 47212
used Duper at RB. tecmodell42 Game 47190
allamerican1569 Game 47189
Good Game skraidas Game 47186
Mad cap Game 47184
gg….opponent quit..had to sim this too emptecmo Game 46997
gg…desynch had to sim this emptecmo Game 46996
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 46977
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 46976
Mad cap Game 46965
I think this game pushed him into retirement allamerican1569 Game 46951
great game from an awesome tecmoer! skrampion Game 46947
great game from an awesome tecmoer! skrampion Game 46946
DancingNunchakus Game 46931
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 46902
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 46901
gg acward31 Game 46879
gg acward31 Game 46878