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Total Net Feedback: 64
Positive Feedback %: 97.06 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 22
Tecmoers who left a negative: 2
All positive feedback received: 66
All negative feedback received: 2

Feedback Left by Opponents for ericthegreat18
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great game FivePointWiccan Game 62164
good sport. gg Mad cap Game 48020
guy was a total douche cause he got waxed by a 1-6 rookie soxx0311 Game 47751
Great game by Otis Anderson keirre1981 Game 47726
Hate that I gave up a td on the last play keirre1981 Game 47685
“He fumbled a ton late tecmodell42 Game 47672
gg timbone666 Game 47658
“Tough battle allamerican1569 Game 47656
gg timbone666 Game 47628
gg timbone666 Game 47616
tough ballgame here. good fun. gg my man. tecmodell42 Game 47542
gave me a whoopin timbone666 Game 47491
keirre1981 Game 47482
I almost had that miracle win win the fumble at the end keirre1981 Game 47474
Cant believe I let time run out keirre1981 Game 47473
Finally got one keirre1981 Game 47466
4-0 since the comeback iceage380 Game 47463
I seem to be having some connectivity issues. lagged in 4th. tecmodell42 Game 47453
Don’t kick a man while he’s down and don’t act dumb. DancingNunchakus Game 47398
tecmoChrist Game 47343
tecmochrist Game 47342
xxcustservicexx Game 47180
Man o man this guy is good–Great game bud!!!! skrampion Game 47127
GG skraidas Game 47126
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 47106
AuntSamWantsMe Game 47096
AuntSamWantsMe Game 47095
AuntSamWantsMe Game 47090
onedog31Hayden Game 46974
great game from an awesome tecmoer! skrampion Game 46948
DancingNunchakus Game 46924
DancingNunchakus Game 46923
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 46917
allamerican1569 Game 46911
gg acward31 Game 46906
gg acward31 Game 46905
says i run with qb to much ryanr33fulcher Game 46904
ryanr33fulcher Game 46903
good game man Mad cap Game 46899
Mad cap Game 46898
lots of fumbles onedog31Hayden Game 46882
lots of fumbles onedog31Hayden Game 46881
gg acward31 Game 46776
Mad cap Game 46772
Mad cap Game 46771
gg acward31 Game 46770
gg acward31 Game 46769
gg acward31 Game 46768
gg ended on the 1 yrd line acward31 Game 46753
gg acward31 Game 46752
jgh7Hu Game 46747
jgh7Hu Game 46746
jgh7Hu Game 46743
DancingNunchakus Game 46740
jgh7Hu Game 46721
jgh7Hu Game 46720
gg man joeegats Game 46717
gg acward31 Game 46676
gg acward31 Game 46675
good tapper. g new player will be good. IamTecmoKING Game 46666
good tapper. g new player will be good. IamTecmoKING Game 46665
thealexsmiths Game 46658
“Good tapper thealexsmiths Game 46655
new player and plays fair but has some learning to do. GL tecmocrusher Game 46650
new player and plays fair but has some learning to do. GL tecmocrusher Game 46649
jgh7Hu Game 46643
jgh7Hu Game 46642
Mad cap Game 46641