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Total Net Feedback: 622
Positive Feedback %: 98.44 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 149
Tecmoers who left a negative: 8
All positive feedback received: 632
All negative feedback received: 10

Feedback Left by Opponents for disastamasta142
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GG I got two fumbles, the 1st a shoestring tackle at the goal line, I got owned in game 1 kamphuna8 Game 77670
he should of won but instead of taking a goal line kick to go up 10 in 4th he goes for it GG joeygats Game 75486
GG joeygats Game 75432
he outplayed me here ugh GG joeygats Game 75422
GG joeygats Game 75421
GG joeygats Game 75420
very close game GG joeygats Game 75419
GG joeygats Game 75418
I suck balls…. rrrule32 Game 75400
Doomed by onside kick in the 4th rrrule32 Game 75399
smelly shoes give people blues. duecel00se Game 74358
No Comment Retro4Ever Game 73885
No Comment Retro4Ever Game 73884
gg u had me man duecel00se Game 73867
ggs like always duecel00se Game 73866
No Comment purplehaze Game 73769
No Comment purplehaze Game 73768
gg, another fun and close series War Machine Game 73740
gg, another fun and close series War Machine Game 73739
gg, another fun and close series War Machine Game 73738
OT, again. Coin toss plus gambling = lucky win for me. GG noonan Game 73539
GG! noonan Game 73538
OT…. nice game! noonan Game 73537
great series as War Machine Game 73500
great series as War Machine Game 73499
great series as War Machine Game 73493
great series as War Machine Game 73492
gg. classy guy scienceguy43 Game 73485
gg…OT thriller War Machine Game 73424
gg War Machine Game 73423
gg War Machine Game 73422
gg War Machine Game 73311
gg down to the wire..thx for playing War Machine Game 73310
No Comment War Machine Game 73281
gg War Machine Game 73265
gg War Machine Game 73264
No Comment purplehaze Game 73011
No Comment purplehaze Game 73010
HSTL S29 Proehl Bowl chino_pino Game 72039
Thunderdome 5… Terrible player all he did was back and B… Was not a fun game, but I won. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 71069
No Comment ryangatez Game 71038
No Comment ryangatez Game 71037
No Comment chino_pino Game 70802
No Comment chino_pino Game 70801
No Comment PJCStyle Game 70578
No Comment PJCStyle Game 70577
Not the real game. Game was NO 31 CLE 7. Saved over previous state keirre1981 Game 69633
gg keirre1981 Game 69625
gg keirre1981 Game 69624
gg keirre1981 Game 69623
No Comment Gio Game 69591
controller was crapping out at some key points, but isaac was running on all cylanders. gg. chino_pino Game 69507
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69187
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69186
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69185
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69148
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69147
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69146
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69144
masta had a few bad breaks but railied for an amazing jumping TD on the last play. GG hankthetank Game 69015
Nice guy let me pick a superior team to even playing field. GG hankthetank Game 69014
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69005
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69004
Ginge Man Game 68775
Ginge Man Game 68774
Ginge Man Game 68773
chino_pino Game 68372
chino_pino Game 68347
chino_pino Game 68345
GG bud tsbrmm1976 Game 68319
GG. Red zone D was too much to bare attica Game 68227
“great game SirTed Game 67160
“Caught some breaks SirTed Game 67159
chino_pino Game 67019
SirTed Game 67015
Very good game TSB GOD Game 67001
tecmodell42 Game 66942
“Isaac Razzle Dazzle Game 66932
Jim Socks 13 Game 66235
Chino [CHI]: 21 – DM142 [CIN]: 21. OT game. great game. chino_pino Game 66197
chino_pino Game 66169
chino_pino Game 66049
chino_pino Game 66048
chino_pino Game 66047
“Too much experience jeremy0203 Game 66033
jeremy0203 Game 66032
fumbles – i didn’t deserve to win. gg. chino_pino Game 65984
gg Ryan11p Game 65816
Ryan11p Game 65815
Ryan11p Game 65814
great player great guy gg Ryan11p Game 65800
great player great guy gg Ryan11p Game 65799
great player great guy gg Ryan11p Game 65798
“Lucky game against a better player Ryan11p Game 65797
jmorris32 Game 65742
GG…TTS Series First Round Game red98sethuthut Game 65739
chino_pino Game 65718
“gg disasta chino_pino Game 65713
went down quickly 7-28. smith had a field day against me. gg. chino_pino Game 65712
TTS-2 Western Finals… gg ( manyo360 Game 65543
i will never play this matchup again…haha. gg. chino_pino Game 65177
nice playing you again bro bigmv54 Game 64771
justinpeters51 Game 64590
“Madison Second Chance round 1 Kweh11 Game 64474
moulds33 Game 63080
moulds33 Game 63079
tecmodell42 Game 62981
moulds33 Game 62955
moulds33 Game 62954
moulds33 Game 62872
moulds33 Game 62871
moulds33 Game 62870
gg chekreyes Game 62862
gg chekreyes Game 62861
gg chekreyes Game 62860
gg… red98sethuthut Game 62842
chekreyes Game 62560
“Laggy chekreyes Game 62521
chekreyes Game 62456
Competitive games; easy to set up with matty3054 Game 62454
gg acward31 Game 47472
“gg acward31 Game 47471
DancingNunchakus Game 47281
An interception for a safety……….That’s a new one…… DancingNunchakus Game 47280
great game. down to the wire. gg invader star64 Game 47175
gg man. great defense by both sides. invader star64 Game 47174
another comeback this time victory 88 yrd td run in 4th kulseic Game 47163
tough battle down 21-0 made comeback fell short kulseic Game 47162
gg bruddog Game 43417
bgboud2 Game 42993
“he lost fum on last drive bgboud2 Game 42992
“and it continues bgboud2 Game 42844
“retarded bgboud2 Game 42843
drfeelgood4568 Game 42507
gg dean919929 Game 42388
gg dean919929 Game 42387
gg aquatix11 Game 42199
“great game.. coulda went either way StalkingButler05 Game 36100
“gg ChaosRison Game 36078
StalkingButler05 Game 35855
StalkingButler05 Game 35853
bad luck in the redzone with untimely picks for him bruddog Game 35584
tecmochrist Game 35513
FreddyBarnettFTW Game 35274
FreddyBarnettFTW Game 35266
FreddyBarnettFTW Game 35128
pitt dominance GG discdolo Game 35025
defensive struggle GG discdolo Game 35024
back and forth game GG discdolo Game 35023
coolpaparock Game 34906
coolpaparock Game 34905
AJFullam33 Game 34526
away with an unfamiliar team:suprised i won the first one:gg StalkingButler05 Game 34449
StalkingButler05 Game 34448
mort1237 Game 34426
mort1237 Game 34423
StalkingButler05 Game 34418
mesaarch79 Game 34221
StalkingButler05 Game 34143
“great opponent sois Game 33941
IamtecmoKING Game 33886
djeanp7898 Game 33805
djeanp7898 Game 33804
attica- disasta battle atticarun Game 33759
StalkingButler05 Game 33758
IamtecmoKING Game 33748
IamtecmoKING Game 33747
IamtecmoKING Game 33746
mort1237 Game 33729
Dave Krieg strikes again 1 Matlisab Game 33641
Dave Krieg becomes too predictable Matlisab Game 33640
CC anyone; GG brookstonfowler Game 33636
this game was a disasta a la tecmo; GG brookstonfowler Game 33635
i think a fumble was the diff in this one; GG brookstonfowler Game 33634
pit O couldn’t get started; GG brookstonfowler Game 33633
streetlavallee Game 33563
ggs disasta fro30 Game 33531
lippett beast with 3 ints fro30 Game 33530
tough d man .. Gg discdolo Game 33458
fumble fest .. 6 dallas fumbles GG discdolo Game 33457
mort1237 Game 33420
gg disasty kcchiefs12983 Game 33119
“I actually had 4 ints he had 3 int StalkingButler05 Game 33098
1 mistake is all it took brookstonfowler Game 33097
It took everything I had not to leave bad feedback sucka foo atticarun Game 33070
Good guy to play with. Cheezemeister Game 33037
salembaseball7 Game 32930
salembaseball7 Game 32895
I have to learn to pass DancingNunchakus Game 32871
swampc1 Game 32870
swampc1 Game 32869
swarming pitt D discdolo Game 32831
gg salembaseball7 Game 32825
Good game DancingNunchakus Game 32803
joeegats Game 32763
StalkingButler05 Game 32678
StalkingButler05 Game 32677
joeegats Game 32608
altony14 Game 32593
altony14 Game 32592
StalkingButler05 Game 32480
OT thriller gets me my 1 win per 30 losses. yeah! gg! tecmopopinski Game 32303
cannot stop kevin greene i hate the rams shempske Game 32290
hawkfan6634 Game 32247
Emmit fumble and lohmiller td off of fg block kill me GG discdolo Game 32195
StalkingButler05 Game 32108
StalkingButler05 Game 32107
kcchiefs12983 Game 32059
kcchiefs12983 Game 32058
StalkingButler05 Game 32042
StalkingButler05 Game 32041
joeegats Game 31968
Ironhead makes big mistake. shempske Game 31965
too much hillard. shempske Game 31964
“rison dajabec Game 31937
“his qb in bad had some bad throws before replaced dajabec Game 31936
“lost fumretTD on my 5 dajabec Game 31935
A very strong opponent. I’ll avenge myself against him too! Lurid Scission Game 31868
mort1237 Game 31867
StalkingButler05 Game 31841
joeegats Game 31834
StalkingButler05 Game 31818
joeegats Game 31309
vogtcd11 Game 31096
he quit before I could save… no gg nothing but disconnnect Cubsfan5150 Game 31043
this is fucking bs… delete this game Cubsfan5150 Game 31042
streetlavallee Game 31030
IamtecmoKING Game 30979
“laptop ran out of power meatball53000 Game 30977
meatball53000 Game 30976
streetlavallee Game 30971
streetlavallee Game 30970
rough start for disasta. he almost came back. hamburgler2682 Game 30647
kcchiefs12983 Game 30563
kcchiefs12983 Game 30562
“-14 after1Q fmble hamburgler2682 Game 30545
gay JJ shit… thats why he won badinbball21 Game 30501
JJ CC master blew this one but lucky catches all day gay sowa1291 Game 30456
lost the third game…so uploaded this one twice bpkcchiefs Game 29758
gg bpkcchiefs Game 29757
gg bpkcchiefs Game 29756
GG arncoem Game 29487
gg bpkcchiefs Game 29238
coolpaparock Game 28195
coolpaparock Game 28194
Lucky my ass djeanp7898 Game 27746
gg Igal0008 Game 27443
gg Igal0008 Game 27442
coolpaparock Game 27426
coolpaparock Game 27425
gg Igal0008 Game 27406
gg Igal0008 Game 27405
gg Igal0008 Game 27404
mort1237 Game 27396
gg Igal0008 Game 27310
gg Igal0008 Game 27309
gg Igal0008 Game 27308
djeanp7898 Game 27233
Matlisab Game 27212
lillefty021 Game 27203
lillefty021 Game 27158
lillefty021 Game 27157
lillefty021 Game 27156
lillefty021 Game 27154
lillefty021 Game 27153
lillefty021 Game 27152
lillefty021 Game 27151
coolpaparock Game 26992
coolpaparock Game 26991
lillefty021 Game 26905
djeanp7898 Game 26814
Coward bolted with his ego intact….LOL djeanp7898 Game 26813
AJFullam33 Game 26812
mort1237 Game 26726
mort1237 Game 26725
mort1237 Game 26637
djeanp7898 Game 26542
Mayhew picks marino twice GG discdolo Game 26498
Tough OT game GG discdolo Game 26497
djeanp7898 Game 26136
djeanp7898 Game 26135
djeanp7898 Game 26133
djeanp7898 Game 26132
djeanp7898 Game 26131
Byner was on fuego GG discdolo Game 26042
tight game . min comes back but falls GG discdolo Game 26041
defensive struggle .. fumbles put him out .. GG discdolo Game 25988
GG discdolo Game 25987
Uncharacteristic game djeanp7898 Game 25804
Whoever had the ball last was going to win this game. djeanp7898 Game 25803
Accidental onside KR as time expires. Heartbreaker. lordsummerisle64 Game 25623
Rison had his way but Saints prevail. lordsummerisle64 Game 25622
Steel Curtain is back . GG! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 25545
I led 14-0 into 3rd. I blew it. GG! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 25383
tight game GG discdolo Game 25005
Very Good Game! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 24431
“miss fg in ot dajabec Game 24406
“another really good game dajabec Game 24405
lillefty021 Game 24239
lillefty021 Game 24238
lillefty021 Game 24237
lillefty021 Game 24228
rough on both ends. i was the lucky one tecmocrusher Game 24212
another rough one. tecmocrusher Game 24211
Dropped pases and turnovers did him in djeanp7898 Game 24108
bigmv54 Game 24094
If I could hit the open WR…wow this woulda beena good game AHake21 Game 24084
Great battle AHake21 Game 24083
late saftey when my dude was wide open!!! gg AHake21 Game 24082
Good game man… AHake21 Game 24081
big comback here. 14 points in 1.5 minutes for tie. then int tecmocrusher Game 24069
djeanp7898 Game 24027
djeanp7898 Game 24026
djeanp7898 Game 24025
djeanp7898 Game 23982
djeanp7898 Game 23912
djeanp7898 Game 23911
lillefty021 Game 23890
lillefty021 Game 23889
lillefty021 Game 23888
lillefty021 Game 23887
turnovers doomed the vikings .. GG discdolo Game 23778
Close one .. Minn D was very tough GG discdolo Game 23777
definately HSTL quality here tecmocrusher Game 23775
gg bigmv54 Game 23773
gg bigmv54 Game 23772
gg bigmv54 Game 23692
gg bubster bigmv54 Game 23691
AJFullam33 Game 23352
gg lillefty021 Game 23322
fumblruski helped me win this game.. gg bro lillefty021 Game 23321
Just had to comment? LOL I told you I would! GG! AJFullam33 Game 23308
djeanp7898 Game 23233
djeanp7898 Game 23232
djeanp7898 Game 23191
djeanp7898 Game 23145
3 big tosses from CARDIAC KUBIAK leads to 3 touchdowns! djeanp7898 Game 23139
djeanp7898 Game 23138
djeanp7898 Game 23121
djeanp7898 Game 23120
Even a broken clock is right twice a day…. Tecmo Dummy Game 23083
shibby6634 Game 23081
“sry about the sta man shibby6634 Game 22723
bigmv54 Game 22722
Fulcher is all over and to’s killed ya…gg AHake21 Game 22629
He beat me….but we’ll be playing again soon…and I’ll win djeanp7898 Game 22584
djeanp7898 Game 22305
gg dleecubs Game 22295
A bullshit upload. mr djeanp7898 Game 22289
Game 2: Huge goal line stop iced it for MIN djeanp7898 Game 22171
Game 3…..DEN wins the series djeanp7898 Game 22170
Game 1…..Down to the wire djeanp7898 Game 22169
Another incognito exposed djeanp7898 Game 22070
Got saved in 4th with a CC with time expiring. Lost anyway! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 22024
djeanp7898 Game 21880
djeanp7898 Game 21878
“He finally won a game MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 21852
Scotty to Hotty Mitchell comes in and is El Fuego. LightsOut MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 21851
This noob put in Scotty Mitchell and beat him up. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 21850
djeanp7898 Game 21844
AJFullam33 Game 21717
AJFullam33 Game 21716
“I had my ====D so far up his ASS Tecmo Dummy Game 21439
Birds eat at the flesh and make the Skins show Red. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 21352
Cards ate up the Falcons and made them look like Pigueons. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 21351
Cards ate up the Falcons and made them look like Pigueons. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 21350
2 picks 2 fumbles equals disasta sowa1291 Game 21306
He beat me good. Then he ran away. djeanp7898 Game 21205
“Leading 24-21 djeanp7898 Game 21034
gg bpkcchiefs Game 20962
gg bpkcchiefs Game 20960
Need to upload 35-0 lesson in violence witness of a killin! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 20753
Purple eaters tears at the Skins and exposes Red. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 20744
Purple eaters show Skins a pure lesson in violence! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 20743
“The Moyle is in Tecmo Dummy Game 20735
djeanp7898 Game 20574
gg man ill give u that rematch sometime bpkcchiefs Game 20451
djeanp7898 Game 20306
djeanp7898 Game 20305
“the planets aligned Tecmo Dummy Game 20284
Spanky spanky Tecmo Dummy Game 20227
djeanp7898 Game 19400
djeanp7898 Game 19396
GG. Marino sick on the cc’s. He fumbled which helped. hamburgler2682 Game 19096
Thats 4 in a row Tecmo Dummy Game 18953
Damn i’m in the NTL. Man of my word! Good D! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 18400
djeanp7898 Game 17750
djeanp7898 Game 17590
ahorst5477 Game 17435
ahorst5477 Game 17434
disasta’s controlled player twitches his way to the loss Tecmo Dummy Game 17417
“disasta’s player has multiple seizures Tecmo Dummy Game 17416
djeanp7898 Game 17406
djeanp7898 Game 17405
Hard to stop his offense djeanp7898 Game 17316
djeanp7898 Game 17315
djeanp7898 Game 17314
i think i had 37 turnovers this game marshallonium Game 17299
Couldn’t stop HOU offense… all djeanp7898 Game 17266
Couldn’t stop HOU offense… all djeanp7898 Game 17265
Browns defense couldn’t hold djeanp7898 Game 17213
AJFullam33 Game 17115
MIN had 4 fumbles…What happened in that second game? JT234523 Game 17076
djeanp7898 Game 16980
djeanp7898 Game 16979
tough loss as i had the ball with the lead with 2 min left marshallonium Game 16971
Fumble deep in my territory took him out of the game djeanp7898 Game 16746
I got really lucky on a fumble late in 4th. lordsummerisle64 Game 16692
“Ummm yeah remind me never to use PHX again lordsummerisle64 Game 16691
marshallonium Game 16690
djeanp7898 Game 16689
djeanp7898 Game 16682
djeanp7898 Game 16677
A big fumble swings momentum in Dallas favor. lordsummerisle64 Game 16620
djeanp7898 Game 16485
Couldn’t stop the pass djeanp7898 Game 16410
Couldn’t stop the pass djeanp7898 Game 16408
djeanp7898 Game 16360
djeanp7898 Game 16358
djeanp7898 Game 16316
djeanp7898 Game 16315
PoundtheRock30 Game 16314
Thurman’s fumble was the difference djeanp7898 Game 16205
djeanp7898 Game 16203
djeanp7898 Game 16148
djeanp7898 Game 16146
djeanp7898 Game 16144
“Lag filled 1st half. Clears up in 2nd half lordsummerisle64 Game 16054
good sport punted my opening fumble back BigHock4You18 Game 16050
“Pretty pleased with my defense in this one. Offense lordsummerisle64 Game 15997
TecMongrel Game 15995
GG; Got JJ’d by Rison all game and 3 TOs killed my chances. GoldMedalGraddy Game 15850
“gg; Game was actually 7-14 GoldMedalGraddy Game 15849
Two crucial Herschel fumbles the difference. thetecmothumb Game 15828
“Barry’s rushing line….11 carries lordsummerisle64 Game 15770
NE misses FG to tie as time expires. Sloppy game all around. lordsummerisle64 Game 15769
Bears get some help from turnovers. Neal takes care of biz. lordsummerisle64 Game 15753
Horrible offense on both sides. Teams combine for 7 INT… lordsummerisle64 Game 15750
gg kcchiefs12983 Game 15722
“Lucky my ass. If he won djeanp7898 Game 15706
“Great game. I miss FG in OT lordsummerisle64 Game 15595
Marino was just too much after halftime. Chuck8303 Game 15588
I don’t know what the hell happened here djeanp7898 Game 15521
INT with 10 sec left. Tackled in bounds. No FG Lost in OT. djeanp7898 Game 15497
Couldn’t stop his offense djeanp7898 Game 15495
disastamasta is the best runner I have faced thetecmothumb Game 15492
“Heyward KO return for TD not enough..ATL gets toss lordsummerisle64 Game 15476
“Damn Tecmo Dummy Game 14923
good overtime game derrick thomas was in excellent marshallonium Game 14908
anthony miller fumbled huge in the 1st half brookstonfowler Game 14543
I win 1 of 3. No need to be a jerk. Its just a game. TYFGs icjason13 Game 14380
GG. Miami O too much. Offerdahl plays awesome on D. icjason13 Game 14373
Lagged through this one. Well played disasta. icjason13 Game 14370
“GG skills324 Game 14369
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 14336
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 14335
Haddix picks off two and the bucks score late to seal it. GG icjason13 Game 14152
“Wow icjason13 Game 14151
Late KC Christmas gift is enough for OT. disasta good OT. icjason13 Game 14150
“GG skills324 Game 13949
brookstonfowler Game 13687
“GG skills324 Game 13342
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 13213
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 13212
GG offense couldn’t put it together mrsdzruy65 Game 12988
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 12984
“gg ChaosRison Game 12974
T sowa1291 Game 12953
sowa1291 Game 12951
sowa1291 Game 12950
“GG skills324 Game 12892
“GG skills324 Game 12891
“GG skills324 Game 12815
“GG skills324 Game 12814
“GG skills324 Game 12776
“GG skills324 Game 12775
“GG skills324 Game 12505
Runs with 38ms back. Even on 4th down! Phil da Skill Game 12420
scottroland24 Game 12407
gg rdleifriaf Game 12188
“gg ChaosRison Game 12156
GG waterhead1977 Game 12151
Some of the worst luck I’ve ever seen. waterhead1977 Game 12150
“gg ChaosRison Game 12147
“gg ChaosRison Game 12146
“GG skills324 Game 12145
“GG skills324 Game 12143
Keep playing good games molinos54 Game 12107
molinos54 Game 12089
molinos54 Game 12015
gee gee rdleifriaf Game 12011
molinos54 Game 12010
7 molinos54 Game 11925
“GG skills324 Game 11903
“GG skills324 Game 11772
“GG skills324 Game 11726
“GG skills324 Game 11725
LaxCoachB30 Game 11644
gg my controller sucks! TecmoBrowns Game 11643
geegles rdleifriaf Game 11506
gee gee rdleifriaf Game 11505
gg rdleifriaf Game 11504
gg bro my dogpound defense smothered you! TecmoBrowns Game 11244
n00b rdleifriaf Game 11238
urLocalTecmoGuy Game 11149
“scored everytime i had ball Laudrup35 Game 10972
gg BamaTecmo Game 10914
i got about 11 fumbles and won but just a touchdown. DiscoDisco Game 10892
Last time I ever punt a fumble back. GripsmokeTecmo Game 10788
rmauriceg3784 Game 10670
rmauriceg3784 Game 10669
“gg ChaosRison Game 10422
“4Q 21-21 augieno2 Game 10152
Slimey67 Game 8951
“TPC players rom malferds Game 8939
Cubsfan5150 Game 8880
“gg ChaosRison Game 8879
gg iliketec Game 8518
“GG skills324 Game 8459
gg Igal0008 Game 8421
augieno2 Game 8377
augieno2 Game 8376
gg iliketec Game 8021
“GG skills324 Game 7976
“GG skills324 Game 7975
Accidental safety in OT. AvoidGregLloyd Game 7959
AvoidGregLloyd Game 7942
AvoidGregLloyd Game 7941
Wow wow wow patsavestheday22 Game 7936
good guy waterhead1977 Game 7845
just wasnt your day fhcsc58 Game 7758
Great Game…Came Down to the last play in 4th Qtr skills324 Game 7654
out of my element..didn’t matter he ate my lunch. gg! AvoidGregLloyd Game 7514
Kearsedtitan Game 7319
Great player… TPC needs more like this guy waterhead1977 Game 7192
“GG skills324 Game 7148
ViolentDre14 Game 7142
gg JockyNerd32 Game 6642
“gg AutzenNoise14 Game 6381
“gg AutzenNoise14 Game 6379
gg Superfan85 Game 6268
Chess8518 Game 5645
thx 4 games TSuperbrowns Game 5360
Igal0008 Game 5347
GG man. Your cool and I had a blast. GLNT kimrari Game 5315
GG kimrari Game 5312
“gg iliketec Game 5305
“pulled it out in ot after losing 3 fumble fro30 Game 5245
copper34m Game 5139
DomAltieri Game 4820
“al noga fumble rec. for td sconnieale Game 4787
the tecmo gods just hate you sometimes rdleifriaf Game 4731
getting better bro — gg rdleifriaf Game 4719
great player; good game Edisaurusrex Game 4718
gg Igal0008 Game 4709
Okoye makes too much popcorn! GG jurikobeski Game 4707
“good guy silviatarmack Game 4698
patsavestheday22 Game 4635
gg kcchiefs12983 Game 4592
patsavestheday22 Game 4589
All over me sconnieale Game 4583
GG FatBstrd731 Game 4572
gg. costly fumble Joe22Doc Game 4567
gg Igal0008 Game 4562
gg rdleifriaf Game 4561
gg man tsbrmm1976 Game 4528
gg rdleifriaf Game 4519
gg. he had couple fumbles Joe22Doc Game 4493
ickey shuffled his way over me AverageTSBPlayer Game 4492
gg Igal0008 Game 4485
gg noob rdleifriaf Game 4478
gg no re THE Mikiac Game 4477
my favorite n00b in the tpc rdleifriaf Game 4475
quit with a minute left ChaosRison Game 4435
my favorite n00b in the tpc rdleifriaf Game 4422
gg kcchiefs12983 Game 4405
“OT Phil da Skill Game 4376
gg FloIsMyName Game 4366
GG lm34862 Game 4333
gg. little even team romage Joe22Doc Game 4330
gg Igal0008 Game 4295
Great Game lm34862 Game 4291
i love fumbles and bo Joe22Doc Game 4186
“GG sois Game 4167
“gg AverageTSBPlayer Game 4124
“GG AverageTSBPlayer Game 4119
gg Igal0008 Game 4104
Fun to play against. dooolos Game 4103
bo is retarded THE Mikiac Game 4071
gg Cobrafitz Game 3981
“Had to leave a during play tecmochamp2008 Game 3946
Edisaurusrex Game 3923
Turning it over 2x in red zone killed me GripsmokeTecmo Game 3910
gg a close one Igal0008 Game 3902
Tough D waterhead1977 Game 3898
Tough D waterhead1977 Game 3897
“Fun to play jurikobeski Game 3879
no gg?? whats up? Edisaurusrex Game 3850
GG man i just plain suck tonight Ddr575 Game 3849
gg. dont no why ur passin at the end? Joe22Doc Game 3847
down 21-0 and had 1 play. thats tecmo Joe22Doc Game 3813
really good player Edisaurusrex Game 3808
gg-but dont showboat when it is 7-7 cap10crunch2 Game 3806
very close game. I love Deion. GripsmokeTecmo Game 3802
game was closer than score indicated GripsmokeTecmo Game 3801
close one Cobrafitz Game 3648
gg man real cool guy Joe22Doc Game 3566
good NUMB3RTW3NTY Game 3511
very good player Canes R Fo Real Game 3483
“ugly game jikker84 Game 3442
GG man i look forward to playing again Ddr575 Game 3399
close game all the way GG Ddr575 Game 3383
gg DomAltieri Game 3349
“Duplicate dooolos Game 3332
Bo had the flu. dooolos Game 3331
GG iMacNes Game 3313
Edisaurusrex Game 3292
Nice game bro Okoyes Army Game 3260
Okoyes Army Game 3256
Good player. Fun to play against. dooolos Game 3237
“OT silviatarmack Game 3218
gg man Joe22Doc Game 3208
“GG Okoyes Army Game 3206
Tom Cruise killed oprah silviatarmack Game 3193
very good player Canes R Fo Real Game 3150
DomAltieri Game 3149
Dreams Hall and Oates 3 way tecmochamp2008 Game 3144
gg n00b welcome to the big show rdleifriaf Game 3109