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Total Net Feedback: 569
Positive Feedback %: 98.14 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 76
Tecmoers who left a negative: 7
All positive feedback received: 580
All negative feedback received: 11

Feedback Left by Opponents for ziurziur1
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March to Glory Round 1 (match 2). Tecmo Gods killed ziurziur1, and I was just along for the ride. noonan Game 74071
Came down to final drive. Great Player SammieSmith33 Game 73656
CULTS4 Scrim chino_pino Game 72073
No Comment chino_pino Game 71592
No Comment chino_pino Game 71591
ziurziur1 [JET] 35 – chino [CLE] 10. gg. chino_pino Game 71590
Thunder Dome Round 3 Ryan11p Game 71122
HSTL 28 Scrim. Great run game. chino_pino Game 70949
GG rdleifriaf Game 60229
gg BobNelson129 Game 60041
good games. good guy BobNelson129 Game 60016
tecmodell42 Game 60014
tecmodell42 Game 59999
tecmodell42 Game 59985
Streamed live at TecMongrel Game 59947
Streamed live at TecMongrel Game 59946
handle the randle Cochise Blue Game 59752
George Jeff Show Cochise Blue Game 59735
a what happen? Cochise Blue Game 59734
Bo don’t know CC’s Cochise Blue Game 59733
“last second heave tecmodell42 Game 59710
ggs ziur 😉 til next time. tecmodell42 Game 59655
horrible showing from coach modell today. tecmodell42 Game 59654
gg sir FRYPIE Game 59578
“ggs onedog31Hayden Game 59572
“ggs onedog31Hayden Game 59571
gg man FRYPIE Game 59569
“6 pts scored in 2nd half (2 games) tecmodell42 Game 59559
49 pts scored in 1st half (2 games) tecmodell42 Game 59558
gg man FRYPIE Game 59522
“ziur kills me 4 out of 5 gms tecmodell42 Game 59428
tecmodell42 Game 59364
horrible matchup ziur. C’MON MAN! tecmodell42 Game 59363
tecmodell42 Game 59290
tecmodell42 Game 59271
tecmodell42 Game 59270
“Never played this game. Please delete them ICE FROST Game 59269
“Never played this game. Please delete them ICE FROST Game 59268
bengals take two of 3 in this classic matchup. tecmodell42 Game 59222
first of our best of 3. ggs my man. tecmodell42 Game 59221
Cards shit some pigeon poop all over Heinz Field in Pitt! GG arncoem Game 59204
GG kujjaquaq Game 59038
GG kujjaquaq Game 59037
GG kujjaquaq Game 59036
“gg ChaosRison Game 59030
GG kujjaquaq Game 59025
gg Man FRYPIE Game 59007
“I seriously should have quit after the 1st game kamphuna8 Game 58922
“Definitely not my night kamphuna8 Game 58921
ggs kamphuna8 Game 58920
Yuck! kamphuna8 Game 58919
Your double welcome kamphuna8 Game 58918
Your welcmoe kamphuna8 Game 58917
ggs kamphuna8 Game 58916
“Should have quit after this one kamphuna8 Game 58915
No Joe for SF meathead198212 Game 58906
USFL Practice kamphuna8 Game 58905
gg meathead198212 Game 58904
USFL Practice GGs kamphuna8 Game 58903
TecMongrel Game 58887
TecMongrel Game 58886
kamphuna8 Game 58882
Typical Crazy USFL OT Thriller! GG Man! kamphuna8 Game 58874
ggs duder. tecmodell42 Game 58867
tecmodell42 Game 58866
tecmodell42 Game 58865
bad start again but i finally got some plays tecmodactyl Game 58864
USFL Practice kamphuna8 Game 58845
USFL Practice GGs kamphuna8 Game 58844
Fumble King gets 5 fumbles (3 lost); GG tecmopsycho Game 58827
GG tecmopsycho Game 58826
GG tecmopsycho Game 58825
kamphuna8 Game 58822
kamphuna8 Game 58821
not my afternoon. ggs ziur. tecmodell42 Game 58812
“2 costly fumbles by the Steelers tecmodell42 Game 58797
gg thetecmojunkie Game 58782
And no i dont cheat. Control ur frustration buddy!! gg’s thetecmojunkie Game 58781
“Poor sportsmanship by Zir thetecmojunkie Game 58780
gg man played my ass off in this one you had bad breaks FRYPIE Game 58750
very good game FRYPIE Game 58749
tecmodell42 Game 58743
tecmodell42 Game 58742
tecmodell42 Game 58741
tecmodell42 Game 58740
tecmodell42 Game 58739
PIT loses to fums. great 5 game set. ggs man. tecmodell42 Game 58736
gg tecmodell42 Game 58735
“i really blew this one tecmodell42 Game 58734
gg tecmodell42 Game 58733
gg tecmodell42 Game 58732
ggs man FRYPIE Game 58730
very good game getting better FRYPIE Game 58729
gg man got outplayed FRYPIE Game 58728
gg man FRYPIE Game 58726
great game buddy i played my ass of u shoulda kick a goal gg FRYPIE Game 58711
Great D by zir!!! Good drive by zir in the 4th. gg thetecmojunkie Game 58652
“Thank’s 4 the gms zir thetecmojunkie Game 58651
gg man you are a very good player :) FRYPIE Game 58483
said brb in 5mins i waited for 20 like a idiot. joeegats Game 57548
tecmodell42 Game 57382
gg BobNelson129 Game 57362
gg BobNelson129 Game 57361
gg BobNelson129 Game 57360
DeeShine12 Game 57325
do you believe in miracles? 2 onside kicks.fumble.unreal joeegats Game 56945
dean919929 Game 56927
dean919929 Game 56926
tecmocowboys Game 56395
tecmocowboys Game 56394
tecmocowboys Game 56393
I had no answer for z’s O and 2 Aikman ints doomed me gg kamphuna8 Game 56323
“Tackledat 2 right b4 half and key 2nd half stop by z kamphuna8 Game 56322
“Kosar-Slaughter slaughtered me kamphuna8 Game 56321
gg man seems like you were in a hurry but gg none the less!! tecmocowboys Game 56249
rough series for both of us Mad cap Game 55601
Mad cap Game 55600
Mad cap Game 55599
Mad cap Game 55598
Mad cap Game 55595
Mad cap Game 55594
Mad cap Game 55591
gg Mad cap Game 55483
IamTecmoKing Game 55263
tecmodell42 Game 55055
ggs Mad cap Game 54968
Mad cap Game 54967
NTL S8 bgboud2 Game 54966
NTL S8 bgboud2 Game 54965
NTL S8 bgboud2 Game 54964
NTL S8 bgboud2 Game 54963
bgboud2 Game 54962
bgboud2 Game 54961
bgboud2 Game 54959
GG tecmopsycho Game 54857
GG tecmopsycho Game 54856
GG… 7 fumbles to 0 in 3 gms… fumble king = ziur tecmopsycho Game 54855
FRYPIE Game 54842
FRYPIE Game 54841
TecMongrel Game 54837
TecMongrel Game 54836
DeeShine12 Game 54572
DeeShine12 Game 54571
DeeShine12 Game 54570
DeeShine12 Game 54569
DeeShine12 Game 54568
DeeShine12 Game 54567
tecmodell42 Game 54541
“GG man Kevinjsmith Game 54523
man i got fucked in this series! ggs Z Mad cap Game 54462
Mad cap Game 54461
Mad cap Game 54460
Mad cap Game 54459
Mad cap Game 54458
DeeShine12 Game 54397
“GG Kevinjsmith Game 54347
Mad cap Game 54300
Mad cap Game 54299
Mad cap Game 54298
really got boned in some of these! ggs Z Mad cap Game 54297
Mad cap Game 54296
“crazy bl in this 1 Mad cap Game 54223
gg Mad cap Game 54222
qood qames! deshaun182 Game 54208
qood qames! deshaun182 Game 54207
qood qame =) deshaun182 Game 54206
Mad cap Game 54021
Fulcher is a 1 man wrecking crew Mad cap Game 53968
Mad cap Game 53964
Mad cap Game 53963
Mad cap Game 53962
Mad cap Game 53961
Mad cap Game 53960
IaMTecmoKING Game 53852
“couldnt keep up Mad cap Game 53827
Mad cap Game 53826
DeeShine12 Game 53825
DeeShine12 Game 53824
DeeShine12 Game 53823
good games Z Mad cap Game 53781
Mad cap Game 53780
Mad cap Game 53772
“Okoye goes off for 260 something Mad cap Game 53761
pick city Mad cap Game 53760
gg Z Mad cap Game 53709
dancingnunchakus Game 53595
DancingNunchakus Game 53594
great series Z Mad cap Game 53560
Mad cap Game 53559
Mad cap Game 53558
Mad cap Game 53557
Mad cap Game 53556
Mad cap Game 53547
Mad cap Game 53546
Mad cap Game 53545
Mad cap Game 53544
Mad cap Game 53543
GoNickMontana5 Game 53488
GoNickMontana5 Game 53487
tecmodell42 Game 53271
tecmodell42 Game 53270
tecmoaddic Game 53140
too many turnovers cost both of us. gg and great player tecmoaddic Game 53132
tecmoaddic Game 53131
“qb browns had a nice couple games here tecmodell42 Game 52983
tecmodell42 Game 52982
WTF:C scrims. ggs man. tecmodell42 Game 52981
tecmodell42 Game 52980
tecmodell42 Game 52979
“Good game deshaun182 Game 52927
“Good game deshaun182 Game 52926
“Good game deshaun182 Game 52925
tecmodell42 Game 52917
regulator088 Game 52896
gg regulator088 Game 52766
regulator088 Game 52524
gd game dude.. last second win :/ duecel00se Game 52467
duecel00se Game 52466
duecel00se Game 52465
gg invader star64 Game 52420
gg invader star64 Game 52420
gg invader star64 Game 52419
Yikes.. I’d rather be lucky than good. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 52397
“modell takes 3 game set tecmodell42 Game 52378
tecmodell42 Game 52377
tecmodell42 Game 52376
“Defensive game. GG man DancingNunchakus Game 52374
DancingNunchakus Game 52275
DancingNunchakus Game 52274
DancingNunchakus Game 52273
gg sir bigmv54 Game 52219
DancingNunchakus Game 52187
DancingNunchakus Game 52186
GG… fumble city tecmopsycho Game 52162
Good battle Zir. FG in the 4th sealed the deal for us! thetecmojunkie Game 51797
Tight game. ziurziur1 always brings it. GG thetecmojunkie Game 51770
GG tecmopsycho Game 51658
IamTecmoKING Game 51482
IamTecmoKING Game 51481
“Good Game FiveStarMaster16 Game 51480
“Good Game FiveStarMaster16 Game 51479
IamTecmoKING Game 51264
good games Z Mad cap Game 51152
Went 4-2 today vs. Ziur. GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 51132
Mad cap Game 51131
TOs got z here Mad cap Game 51130
“~game doesn’t really mean squat macksmore770 Game 51129
I went 4-2 versus Ziur past 2 days. GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 51061
I went 4-2 versus Ziur past 2 days. GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 51060
DancingNunchakus Game 50961
Whined about me beating him bad. I own him bottom line. GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50960
He played with better team all 3 games I went 2-1. GG’s baby MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50959
good come from behind win for Pitt. GG thetecmojunkie Game 50943
gg sir bigmv54 Game 50859
gg my man bigmv54 Game 50858
I’ll decide when I’m done owning this guy. Not happening now MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50847
Victim of my skill. I like owning other tecmobowlers. GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50846
gg Mad cap Game 50831
Steelers dominate on both sides of ball. Steel Curtain baby! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50425
Steelers pull off the big win for the x-factor.. GG MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50424
ggs Mad cap Game 50423
Mad cap Game 50422
Mad cap Game 50421
Mad cap Game 50420
GoNickMontana5 Game 50195
GoNickMontana5 Game 50194
GoNickMontana5 Game 50193
he had the last possesion. was the difference bruddog Game 50192
“Getting beat lately MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50022
DancingNunchakus Game 49972
DancingNunchakus Game 49971
DancingNunchakus Game 49970
DancingNunchakus Game 49969
DancingNunchakus Game 49968
DancingNunchakus Game 49967
Mad cap Game 49837
“tough series GoNickMontana5 Game 49834
GoNickMontana5 Game 49833
GoNickMontana5 Game 49832
GoNickMontana5 Game 49829
well played z Mad cap Game 49801
K.C. too much for the cards Mad cap Game 49700
ggs z Mad cap Game 49699
GoNickMontana5 Game 49629
“gg GoNickMontana5 Game 49628
“gg GoNickMontana5 Game 49627
GoNickMontana5 Game 49573
GoNickMontana5 Game 49572
This guy is good gg bud nickgriffith9001 Game 49571
IamtecmoKING Game 49538
IaMTecmoKing Game 49501
Way to control Payton!!! the D brought this home for us!!!!! thetecmojunkie Game 49498
good battle thetecmojunkie Game 49497
john91799 Game 49453
john91799 Game 49452
“not actual file iceage380 Game 49404
IamtecmoKING Game 49397
IamtecmoKING Game 49396
john91799 Game 49361
DancingNunchakus Game 49357
gg tadaos Game 49356
gg tadaos Game 49355
gg 2-2 rubber game in the near future! tadaos Game 49354
gg tadaos Game 49353
gg timbone666 Game 49242
gg timbone666 Game 49240
gg timbone666 Game 49239
GoNickMontana5 Game 49207
GoNickMontana5 Game 49206
GoNickMontana5 Game 49187
GoNickMontana5 Game 49186
GoNickMontana5 Game 49185
thetecmojunkie Game 49175
overtime thriller! thetecmojunkie Game 49174
thetecmojunkie Game 49173
tight struggle great defensive game thetecmojunkie Game 49172
“lag induced safety tecmodell42 Game 49071
“3 tecmodell42 Game 49070
TecmoCHICK Game 48947
TecmoCHICK Game 48945
tecmochick Game 48944
tecmochick Game 48942
bad day. ggs ziur. tecmodell42 Game 48893
got me in OT. I was outplayed here. nice job. tecmodell42 Game 48892
outplayed him. alot of cheeze for ziur in this one. tecmodell42 Game 48891
TSL scrim. gg invader star64 Game 48870
GoNickMontana5 Game 48864
“Z handed me my ass in this series Mad cap Game 48786
never ran a run play and i couldnt touch him. Mad cap Game 48785
great games Z Mad cap Game 48784
i wanna punch some japs for making tecmo right now Mad cap Game 48783
gg timbone666 Game 48782
TSL scrim. gg man tecmodell42 Game 48758
“in best of 3 tecmodell42 Game 48757
gg man. tecmodell42 Game 48756
“gg gonickmontana5 Game 48708
gg Z Mad cap Game 48688
I got owned Mad cap Game 48585
Mad cap Game 48584
Mad cap Game 48583
Mad cap Game 48582
“good game Mad cap Game 48581
got me Mad cap Game 48580
“gg gonickmontana5 Game 48576
“gg gonickmontana5 Game 48575
“Z tied w/10 yard run in last sec Mad cap Game 48558
gg Mad cap Game 48557
gg Mad cap Game 48556
kc too much for pitt in this 1 Mad cap Game 48555
jjo724 Game 48484
jjo724 Game 48483
jjo724 Game 48482
gg GoNickMontana5 Game 48481
gg GoNickMontana5 Game 48480
horrible lag…and i played bad. NOT a good combo AtomicQBbrowns Game 48461
jjo724 Game 48356
jjo724 Game 48355
jjo724 Game 48354
jjo724 Game 48353
jjo724 Game 48352
onedog31Hayden Game 48333
ryanr33fulcher Game 48284
nice def tuff to score ryanr33fulcher Game 48283
AtomicQBbrowns Game 48110
NTL scrimmage. Our lag is unbearable. tecmodell42 Game 48105
jjo724 Game 48046
“NTL scrim. Ed Reed dominated tecmodell42 Game 47917
sixforchix Game 47887
fantastic game. zuir can play some tecmo. sixforchix Game 47834
tecmodell42 Game 47785
turnover the difference in this1 Mad cap Game 47636
ggs z Mad cap Game 47635
g HAIL MARY!!!! timbone666 Game 47633
gg crappy lag timbone666 Game 47618
GGs bro. I know you’re going to pummel me next time. heh tecmodell42 Game 47561
“Jason Campbell was awful for him tecmodell42 Game 47560
gg acward31 Game 47467
All Great game I need to get better bza3655 Game 47461
bza3655 Game 47460
bza3655 Game 47456
bza3655 Game 47455
behind come back to win!!! TecmoChrist Game 47364
behind come back to win!!! TecmoChrist Game 47363
gg. I look forward to the opportunity for a rematch. :-) coerciblegerm Game 47284
DancingNunchakus Game 47267
AuntSamWantsMe Game 47215
AuntSamWantsMe Game 47214
Good game.. hard to defend against at times skraidas Game 47120
Good game skraidas Game 47119
GG… damn lag cost me the game Eamons34 Game 47003
onedog31Hayden Game 47002
onedog31Hayden Game 47001
this game never happened sixforchix Game 46929
sixforchix Game 46928
sixforchix Game 46927
gg. couldn’t handle the haddix. TheAlexSmiths Game 46926
gg acward31 Game 46848
gg acward31 Game 46847
gg finally beat him acward31 Game 46846
great game!!!! OT I got It threw A int he scored. OtecmoG Game 46829
Just can’t get a break good game allamerican1569 Game 46815
“fumble city allamerican1569 Game 46806
Mad cap Game 46802
Mad cap Game 46801
your too good haha xxcustservicexx Game 46793
xxcustservicexx Game 46792
OtecmoG Game 46787
OtecmoG Game 46786
OtecmoG Game 46785
Mad cap Game 46775
gg acward31 Game 46767
gg acward31 Game 46766
thanks for the help ziur. Mad cap Game 46729
this man is harder then nails. well palyed. gg joeegats Game 46728
had me off balance since the first play. gg man joeegats Game 46727
Mad cap Game 46726
“serious competition here joeegats Game 46718
allamerican1569 Game 46700
“This game made me furious allamerican1569 Game 46699
This was an absolute heartbreaker allamerican1569 Game 46682
allamerican1569 Game 46681
gg acward31 Game 46680
defense won this 1. gg Mad cap Game 46664
“i tied with last sec fg in 4th Mad cap Game 46663
gg emptecmo Game 46639
gg emptecmo Game 46638
ryanr33fulcher Game 46636
ryanr33fulcher Game 46635
gg emptecmo Game 46615
gg as always ryanr33fulcher Game 46591
i got very lucky sorry for bs fumbles and onsides ryanr33fulcher Game 46590
takes forever to pick plays mexicanbandito8 Game 46311
Mad cap Game 46310
Mad cap Game 46309
allamerican1569 Game 46308
allamerican1569 Game 46307
allamerican1569 Game 46306
DancingNunchakus Game 46276
DancingNunchakus Game 46269
GG tecmob4272 Game 46176
baxterbear12 Game 46163
baxterbear12 Game 46162
baxterbear12 Game 46154
lost to jj at end again! more good times baxterbear12 Game 46067
baxterbear12 Game 46066
skyycam Game 46059
OtecmoG Game 46036
gg TheAlexSmiths Game 46017
gg TheAlexSmiths Game 46010
gg TheAlexSmiths Game 45994
Too much D TheAlexSmiths Game 45993
DancingNunchakus Game 45953
baxterbear12 Game 45931
tecmochrist Game 45930
baxterbear12 Game 45908
gonna be a fun rivalry in the HSTL! onedog31Hayden Game 45892
onedog31Hayden Game 45888
baxterbear12 Game 45887
onedog31Hayden Game 45886
baxterbear12 Game 45885
baxterbear12 Game 45884
gg mexicanbandito8 Game 45797
iceage380 Game 45747
iceage380 Game 45746
tecmokoby Game 45745
tecmokoby Game 45744
“good game baxterbear12 Game 45743
fumble city baxterbear12 Game 45742
lag iceage380 Game 45738
tecmochrist Game 45737
tecmochrist Game 45736
“good game baxterbear12 Game 45730
“good action baxterbear12 Game 45729
“gg onedog31Hayden Game 45717
IamtecmoKING Game 45704
IamtecmoKING Game 45703
DancingNunchakus Game 45692
DancingNunchakus Game 45691
DancingNunchakus Game 45690
“gg onedog31Hayden Game 45688
“overtime baxterbear12 Game 45643
DancingNunchakus Game 45596
iceage380 Game 45595
DancingNunchakus Game 45586
DancingNunchakus Game 45585
lots of turnovers went my way baxterbear12 Game 45582
i got a lucky fumble at the end baxterbear12 Game 45561
good game baxterbear12 Game 45560
good action baxterbear12 Game 45559
Ouch. TheAlexSmiths Game 45522
gg invader star64 Game 45509
From last night. Evened out the last second jj’s between us. TheAlexSmiths Game 45483
Too much D. A great game. TheAlexSmiths Game 45471
Medalist316 Game 45468
“Zman IAmWindego Game 45434
“Cool guy IAmWindego Game 45433
Ziuziur1 applied the beatdown TheAlexSmiths Game 45418
OtecmoG Game 45024
OtecmoG Game 45022
IamtecmoKING Game 45020
but now im gunnin for his ass! slaves0fliberty Game 44968
“fun ass games slaves0fliberty Game 44967
“i originally won this game slaves0fliberty Game 44966
OtecmoG Game 44947
OtecmoG Game 44946
GG TecmoAL Game 44936
OtecmoG Game 44926
OtecmoG Game 44925
OtecmoG Game 44924
OtecmoG Game 44923
OtecmoG Game 44922
lag OtecmoG Game 44890
lag OtecmoG Game 44888
OtecmoG Game 44837
OtecmoG Game 44833
OtecmoG Game 44832
“Great game onedog31Hayden Game 44755
had fun using top teams. Hill and Rice were unstoppable onedog31Hayden Game 44754
great sportsmanship onedog31Hayden Game 44736
onedog31Hayden Game 44735
onedog31Hayden Game 44723
onedog31Hayden Game 44712
djeanp7898 Game 44711
gg circlethawagons Game 44710
ryanr33fulcher Game 44694
Bout to stop going easy on these dudes. Taking over TPC. phasefellany Game 44689
Good shootout but i gave u that game. phasefellany Game 44665
“gg circlethawagons Game 44663
really laggy though IamtecmoKING Game 44633
Great game. phasefellany Game 44559
IamtecmoKING Game 44478
IamtecmoKING Game 44477
gg man invader star64 Game 44398
gg man invader star64 Game 44394
always close games man gg ryanr33fulcher Game 44389
bruddog Game 44386
gg man invader star64 Game 44385
gg man invader star64 Game 44384
gg bgboud2 Game 44379
“down 21-7 start of 4th qtr circlethawagons Game 44365
all D/ circlethawagons Game 44364
breaks didnt go my way circlethawagons Game 44363
Vast improvements. DancingNunchakus Game 44355
Good game. DancingNunchakus Game 44354
He lost alot of fumbles in this game and it cost him gg shinybehiny2477 Game 44350
instead of the tie he makes catch and stopped at the 1 gg shinybehiny2477 Game 44349
circlethawagons Game 44285
great game! circlethawagons Game 44283
circlethawagons Game 44282
vick/50yd fg was diff circlethawagons Game 44281
circlethawagons Game 44280
circlethawagons Game 44279
“great game bud circlethawagons Game 44267
ryanr33fulcher Game 44266
ryanr33fulcher Game 44265
gg circlethawagons Game 44264
nice catches circlethawagons Game 44263
gg circlethawagons Game 44262
gg circlethawagons Game 44261
gg circlethawagons Game 44260
gg circlethawagons Game 44259
gg circlethawagons Game 44258
gg circlethawagons Game 44257
circlethawagons Game 44251
good ole defsive battle ryanr33fulcher Game 44224
gg my man bigmv54 Game 44211
no joke fulcher picked off a tipped pass to end the game.. bigmv54 Game 44210
ANDRE RISON!!! jschuler89 Game 44208
Butts is very fast LOL jschuler89 Game 44207
he got me the second time jschuler89 Game 44206
bruddog Game 44177
Game was DEN (me) vs. CHI (him). Actual final 30-0. GG. lordsummerisle64 Game 44160
DancingNunchakus Game 44155
DancingNunchakus Game 44154
gg lost focus at the end and got sacked for the loss shinybehiny2477 Game 44153
gg a rushing attack shinybehiny2477 Game 44058