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Total Net Feedback: 172
Positive Feedback %: 96.24 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 60
Tecmoers who left a negative: 4
All positive feedback received: 179
All negative feedback received: 7

Feedback Left by Opponents for Cubsfan5150
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GG purplehaze Game 74564
GG purplehaze Game 74563
July 2014 Gio Tourney, GG Cubs kamphuna8 Game 71720
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71544
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71543
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71318
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71316
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71315
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71041
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71040
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71039
No Comment Gio Game 70989
“Retro 1981 practice kamphuna8 Game 60651
“Retro 1981 Practice kamphuna8 Game 60650
“down 14-0 again kamphuna8 Game 60145
“1980 WTFR Preseason Scrim kamphuna8 Game 60144
“1980 Retro Scrimmage kamphuna8 Game 60143
tecmodell42 Game 60024
tecmodell42 Game 60023
TecMongrel Game 59782
TecMongrel Game 59781
Felt like the Colts beat the 49ers here…WTFC 1993 roster TecMongrel Game 59780
GG I couldn’t do anything right. kujjaquaq Game 58567
he got all the breaks tecmodell42 Game 54909
i got all the breaks tecmodell42 Game 54908
lost 2 fumbles but held on bgboud2 Game 54453
he lost a fumble and kevin green had a diving int bgboud2 Game 54452
DancingNunchakus Game 53215
dancingnunchakus Game 53214
dancingnunchakus Game 53213
WTF:C scrim. gg invader star64 Game 52934
“gg cubs GoNickMontana5 Game 52690
WTF scrimmage he fumbles I do not I win. sowa1291 Game 52595
gg IaMTecmoKING Game 52540
WTF preseason. Leaf was in BAD…GG ahake21 Game 52502
tecmodell42 Game 52480
TCS season 16 rom gg bro gl in the season! tadaos Game 52306
“led 14-0 bgboud2 Game 52089
Aikman and Babe. bpkcchiefs Game 51768
brosty824 Game 51566
all the luck in the world but good d brosty824 Game 51565
he lost 2 fumbles in 2nd quarter bgboud2 Game 51440
IamtecmoKING Game 51400
good game thetecmojunkie Game 49391
“I battled back from a KR TD down 14-0 dynastydegeorge Game 48848
wtfr games. real good games bud. see yah in season. tecmodell42 Game 48534
WTF:R 1972 rom gg squeeked one out in the end tadaos Game 48506
WTF 2001 ROM gg homie! tadaos Game 48504
bruddog Game 48235
bgboud2 Game 47970
my little offense didn’t work this time bgboud2 Game 47968
gg acward31 Game 47869
gg whooped me acward31 Game 47867
gg acward31 Game 47841
joshau99 Game 47838
FieldNomad Game 47814
FieldNomad Game 47813
gg timbone666 Game 47803
gg homie tadaos Game 47774
gg bza3655 Game 47773
“Tournament game. I deleted corrupt sta tecmodell42 Game 47385
“gg onedog31Hayden Game 45528
IamtecmoKING Game 45277
gg man. Everyone left their gloves at home. invader star64 Game 44431
circlethawagons Game 43725
circlethawagons Game 43724
TW 2009 tourny rd 1 GripsmokeTecmo Game 43640
IamtecmoKING Game 43400
DancingNunchakus Game 43399
DancingNunchakus Game 43398
IamtecmoKING Game 43042
gg he had 3 fumbles not his day tadaos Game 42210
IamtecmoKING Game 42189
bruddog Game 42188
bruddog Game 42187
djeanp7898 Game 42178
djeanp7898 Game 42177
gg IamtecmoKING Game 41645
ryanr33fulcher Game 41575
ryanr33fulcher Game 41574
ryanr33fulcher Game 41573
swampc1 Game 41568
i would like a rematch gg man ryanr33fulcher Game 41491
periodic lagginess hurt us…hopefully better next time bgboud2 Game 41018
IamtecmoKING Game 40617
IamtecmoKING Game 40616
Medalist316 Game 40600
Opponent respected all TPC rules. mrfredericwong Game 40495
Opponent broke rule to access player changes (3 times) mrfredericwong Game 40494
goaline fumble and he returned and INT fumble for TD. Blah. AdobeRy76 Game 40479
AdobeRy76 Game 40478
Awesome games AdobeRy76 Game 40139
GG Could have gone either way AdobeRy76 Game 40136
gg IamtecmoKING Game 39610
IamtecmoKING Game 39442
forgot to change play book IamtecmoKING Game 39441 streetlavallee Game 38949 streetlavallee Game 38948
aside from being cubs fan hes pretty cool gg ryanr33fulcher Game 38616
kerry wood likes litle boys alot!!!!!!!!!!! gg man ryanr33fulcher Game 38615
ggs tecmocowboys Game 38385
ggs tecmocowboys Game 38384
ggs tecmocowboys Game 38383
Quiter drfeelgood4568 Game 38316
Thinks everyone turbos drfeelgood4568 Game 38315
lmao fun game again bro! tecmocowboys Game 38215
always fun playing you! tecmocowboys Game 38214
no problems! GG! tecmocowboys Game 38213
always fun playnig you! tecmocowboys Game 38144
always fun playnig you! tecmocowboys Game 38143
“no problems! GG! thanks for advice tecmocowboys Game 38142
no problems! GG! tecmocowboys Game 38116
great game onside kick in 3rd quarter gave him huge advantag tecmojam Game 37993
coolpaparock Game 31273
tuff win gg joeegats Game 31056
djeanp7898 Game 31054
i think i still had a shot that saftey was mines! gg joeegats Game 31053
quitter. i was min he was qb eagles. up 7-0 he quit disastamasta142 Game 31042
streetlavallee Game 31038
mort1237 Game 31037
mort1237 Game 31036
Bad day for Bubby . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 31013
dawg defense sparks 14pt. comeback!!!!!!!! shempske Game 30942
supermanc2135 Game 30925
mort1237 Game 30918
mort1237 Game 30917
gg i couldn’t get anything going in the first half tadaos Game 30826
tecmocrusher Game 30818
coolpaparock Game 30812
gg 2 early fumbles put me way ahead he never caught up tadaos Game 30796
tecmocrusher Game 30795
joeegats Game 30785
joeegats Game 30784
joeegats Game 30783
AJFullam33 Game 30739
AJFullam33 Game 30738
tomczack cc’ing byrd for td killed me more than my fumbles dajabec Game 30679
kcchiefs12983 Game 30665
kcchiefs12983 Game 30664
wow gg he had the ball first and 2 with time running out! joeegats Game 30586
bonehead play by me lol GG discdolo Game 30570
fumbles doom rams GG discdolo Game 30569
OT thriller GG discdolo Game 30568
joeegats Game 30482
joeegats Game 30481
joeegats Game 30426
joeegats Game 30424
Stop talking crap. Your offense is a joke. djeanp7898 Game 30401
This guy taks too much crap and got destroyed. djeanp7898 Game 30400
3 fumbles killed me tadaos Game 30346
…chicago tadaos Game 30345
chicago defense… tadaos Game 30344
He complained about my tapping ability. djeanp7898 Game 30306
Relies on CCs and JJs. djeanp7898 Game 30305
Never seen a player whose D is good but offense is a joke. djeanp7898 Game 30304
coolpaparock Game 30300
coolpaparock Game 30299
mort1237 Game 30295
joeegats Game 30289
hawkfan6634 Game 30253
hawkfan6634 Game 30252
“gg salembaseball7 Game 30177
gg salembaseball7 Game 30176
NE holds tight; SD fumble proves costly- GG! coolpaparock Game 30165
NE fumbles (at least 3) game away coolpaparock Game 30164
Canes R Fo Real Game 30160
Canes R Fo Real Game 30159
joeegats Game 30094
joeegats Game 30093
“Bad when Watters int’d me dajabec Game 30025
“His fum helped me but my 3 almost lost it dajabec Game 30024
nothing exciting in this one AverageTSBPlayer Game 11613
waterhead1977 Game 9089
waterhead1977 Game 9088
“first+1 malferds Game 8996
“sacked marino AvoidGregLloyd Game 8911
“rice/montana in good soad1612 Game 8893
“gg ChaosRison Game 8892
“i couldn’t have asked for a worse ending AverageTSBPlayer Game 8848
Cobrafitz Game 8843
gg cap10crunch2 Game 8716
“gg iliketec Game 8555
AvoidGregLloyd Game 8375