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Total Net Feedback: 336
Positive Feedback %: 99.41 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 105
Tecmoers who left a negative: 2
All positive feedback received: 338
All negative feedback received: 2

Feedback Left by Opponents for ryanr33fulcher
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No Comment ptitteri Game 76778
No Comment ptitteri Game 76777
GG joeygats Game 75571
GG joeygats Game 75570
great clean game. he wins OT toss and thats all she wrote GG joeygats Game 75309
weird choice – down 14-0 instead of going for a td goes for field goal, GG joeygats Game 75308
GG joeygats Game 75218
GG joeegats Game 75206
No Comment joeegats Game 75205
Cochise Blue Game 59910
timbone666 Game 59584
timbone666 Game 59583
speedkills1995 Game 59341
onedog31Hayden Game 59324
Whipped me again! GGs buddy :) ICE FROST Game 59301
Put the hurtin on me! ICE FROST Game 59300
gg ICE FROST Game 59278
GG man kamphuna8 Game 59078
Tolliver is the man! ggs man LuckyTool Game 58757
“Rico played great LuckyTool Game 58756
Couldn’t get anything going. GG tecmopsycho Game 58468
Lame CC to win it at buzzer. GG tecmopsycho Game 58467
tecmo can lick my ass dean919929 Game 57834
tecmo can lick my ass dean919929 Game 57833
“good game BobNelson129 Game 57352
“good game BobNelson129 Game 57351
ggs skidrow1501 Game 56699
gg. good guy. dean919929 Game 56676
gg. good guy. dean919929 Game 56675
“had fumblitis in this series Mad cap Game 55931
You had my number these 2 games… GG man! regulator088 Game 55730
You had my number these 2 games… GG man! regulator088 Game 55729
2 Majik Man Ints hurt the Pack. GG. keirre1981 Game 55723
Efficient offense led to a close win. GG keirre1981 Game 55722
TechMobile89 Game 55720
meathead198212 Game 55713
“started gm with safety on kickoff kamphuna8 Game 55634
“Great OT game kamphuna8 Game 55633
“last second td sealed it kamphuna8 Game 55632
Salchipapisimo Game 55455
Salchipapisimo Game 55454
DeepJaggedIce Game 55435
“Montana was unstoppable runninwithdabear Game 55355
“Only got FG’s in the RZ. Hes tough runninwithdabear Game 55354
gg Mad cap Game 55043
Mad cap Game 55042
Mad cap Game 55041
gg Mad cap Game 54823
Mad cap Game 54817
Mad cap Game 54816
Mad cap Game 54815
deshaun182 Game 54224
Great game – came down to fg kicking DeeShine12 Game 54158
DeeShine12 Game 54157
chiefssam Game 54134
chiefssam Game 54133
chiefssam Game 54106
chiefssam Game 54095
turboer chiefssam Game 54094
He kicked my ass. Good player and good sport FRYPIE Game 53939
gg invader star64 Game 53880
“good opponent FRYPIE Game 53878
DeeShine12 Game 53859
DeeShine12 Game 53858
tecmoaddict Game 53842
ggs Mad cap Game 53266
Mad cap Game 53265
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 53240
lol i accidently skipped the coin toss. I still got raped PforPanik Game 53168
ggs hope to play again PforPanik Game 53166
gg’s regulator088 Game 53000
gg’s regulator088 Game 52999
Way to kick my butt all nite. Good games Ryan thanks!!!!!!! thetecmojunkie Game 52928
sweetgeba Game 52598
sweetgeba Game 52597
sweetgeba Game 52596
A Power to the rescue! GG regulator088 Game 52404
tecmopsycho Game 52224
field goals are not enough vs this guy. thanks for playing. primetimetecmo Game 52205
down 24-7 middle of 3rd… crazy comeback. GG tecmopsycho Game 52185
GG… enjoyed playing you tecmopsycho Game 52184
tecmodell42 Game 52156
GG tecmopsycho Game 51309
joeegats Game 51307
GG tecmopsycho Game 51261
GG tecmopsycho Game 51260
tecmodell42 Game 51090
tecmodell42 Game 51089
GG… FUMBLES! tecmopsycho Game 50839
GG tecmopsycho Game 50838
ninjachessmaster Game 50366
ninjachessmaster Game 50365
ninjachessmaster Game 50364
ninjachessmaster Game 50363
ninjachessmaster Game 50358
AJFullam33 Game 50258
AJFullam33 Game 50257
gg kujjaquaq Game 50232
IamTecmoKING Game 50043
IamTecmoKING Game 50042
IamtecmoKING Game 50041
IamtecmoKING Game 50040
Mad cap Game 50032
Mad cap Game 50031
ggs Mad cap Game 50030
gg joegibbsclinic Game 49705
“good series man Mad cap Game 49703
gg joegibbsclinic Game 49540
Ran away with this one thetecmojunkie Game 49428
Good tough battle Ryan thanks great game!!!!! thetecmojunkie Game 49427
Defensive struggle thetecmojunkie Game 49425
john91799 Game 49093
GG tecmob4272 Game 49089
GG tecmob4272 Game 49088
GoNickMontana5 Game 49079
“gg gonickmontana5 Game 49075
“gg gonickmontana5 Game 49074
gg AuntSamWantsMe Game 49037
gg AuntSamWantsMe Game 49036
DancingNunchakus Game 48923
DancingNunchakus Game 48922
DancingNunchakus Game 48921
great games ryan Mad cap Game 48822
breaks and made a few. also made a couple big 4th down plays Mad cap Game 48821
“great series Mad cap Game 48820
“GG to ryan dynastydegeorge Game 48817
“Fumbles killed him dynastydegeorge Game 48815
“Good Game dynastydegeorge Game 48789
Liked the match-up in this one. GG! allamerican1569 Game 48493
Ryan said BJ looked like Montana and he did. GG! allamerican1569 Game 48492
Mad cap Game 48431
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 48430
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 48429
jjo724 Game 48424
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 48382
jjo724 Game 48364
jjo724 Game 48363
gg AtomicQBbrowns Game 48263
gg AtomicQBbrowns Game 48262
gg AtomicQBbrowns Game 48261
You got sweet revenge in this one allamerican1569 Game 47978
allamerican1569 Game 47977
Super Battle. Made me break a sweat. allamerican1569 Game 47964
Couldn’t be stopped offensively. GG! allamerican1569 Game 47963
sixforchix Game 47957
sixforchix Game 47956
dude lost 3 fumbles…i felt bad. sixforchix Game 47902
sixforchix Game 47901
gg bza3655 Game 47564
his d was pretty dominant acward31 Game 47526
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 47447
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 47446
gg acward31 Game 47349
Great game ericthegreat18 Game 46883
xxcustservicexx Game 46863
gg Mad cap Game 46855
gg allamerican1569 Game 46695
score is worse than it was allamerican1569 Game 46694
gg allamerican1569 Game 46693
you are becoming one of the best. great game. joeegats Game 46679
gg acward31 Game 46678
jgh7Hu Game 46608
jgh7Hu Game 46607
allamerican1569 Game 46606
allamerican1569 Game 46605
IamtecmoKING Game 46600
IamtecmoKING Game 46599
“gg allamerican1569 Game 46508
gg allamerican1569 Game 46507
GG TheAlexSmiths Game 46477
Got destroyed. Ouch. TheAlexSmiths Game 46476
couldn’t stop the Rams passing game allamerican1569 Game 46418
“gg allamerican1569 Game 46417
onedog31Hayden Game 46297
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 45299
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 45298
thanks for the beating baxterbear12 Game 45294
wow it feels good to beat the best. dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 45083
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 45082
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 45081
tecmochrist Game 44992
tecmochrist Game 44991
Thanks For All The Help TecmoAL Game 44853
OtecmoG Game 44801
OtecmoG Game 44800
OtecmoG Game 44799
OtecmoG Game 44793
thanks for showing me the TPC ropes forbidden fjords Game 44730
overcame lost fumble and covered jj on last play of reg bgboud2 Game 44634
Coach Faqs Game 44531
stopped everything. gg tecmochrist Game 44507
reverse got him tecmochrist Game 44503
stopped reverse tecmochrist Game 44502
rison on the reverse got him. tecmochrist Game 44501
gg jshaw5442 Game 44072
gg got the run game going shinybehiny2477 Game 44008
gg dominated the ball on the ground shinybehiny2477 Game 44007
Varsity0924 Game 43570
DancingNunchakus Game 43244
DancingNunchakus Game 43243
bigmv54 Game 42792
bigmv54 Game 42791
i fumble on the 1 with 50 sec to go. Good times. bruddog Game 42695
ram cc with 2 sec left for OT. zdjas 50yd fg wins it. unreal bruddog Game 42694
gg tecmofo Game 42693
i really gave up 424 passing yards? wow i suck tecmofo Game 42692
gg dean919929 Game 42351
gg dean919929 Game 42350
“GG. Got fucked early but somehow held on Cotton Soy Game 42319
GGG my man bigmv54 Game 42286
swampc1 Game 42213
swampc1 Game 42212
vogtcd11 Game 42068
vogtcd11 Game 42067
gg dean919929 Game 41954
gg dean919929 Game 41953
gg dean919929 Game 41875
gg dean919929 Game 41874
gg dean919929 Game 41873
gg dean919929 Game 41872
mexicanbandito8 Game 41869
kulseic Game 41867
mrfredericwong Game 41842
Gray made made big catches in front of Humpheries for 165 y mrfredericwong Game 41794
“Gray caught for 112 yards mrfredericwong Game 41793
“Fumble ret for TD gave me a 2TD lead mrfredericwong Game 41791
drommiglevande Game 41747
kulseic Game 41712
“Good guy drommiglevande Game 41583
Cubsfan5150 Game 41575
Cubsfan5150 Game 41574
Cubsfan5150 Game 41573
gg frigidevil Game 41515
gg frigidevil Game 41514
gg tadaos Game 41486
gg fumbles all over the place tadaos Game 41472
gg tadaos Game 41471
gg aquatix11 Game 41410
blocked fg as time expired doomed me! gg aquatix11 Game 41293
“gg mrfredericwong Game 41134
“good guy aquatix11 Game 41002
“gg bgboud2 Game 40853
he lost a fumble in first half at my 2 yard lijne bgboud2 Game 40852
“good game aquatix11 Game 40835
waaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! jzzzyankee Game 39646
IamtecmoKING Game 39477
IamtecmoKING Game 39313
iceage380 Game 38879
iceage380 Game 38878
iceage380 Game 38841
iceage380 Game 38840
“GG arncoem Game 38789
he’s tough with CINN. GG! plamodo1 Game 38633
GG plamodo1 Game 38632
GG th3texastornado Game 38485
Cubsfan5150 Game 38481
Cubsfan5150 Game 38479
Cubsfan5150 Game 38478
DAMFNDRZA Game 38350
GG th3texastornado Game 38283
GG dinner369 Game 38088
tecmoG0NG Game 38085
tecmoG0NG Game 38084
tecmoG0NG Game 38083
tecmoG0NG Game 38060
tecmoG0NG Game 38059
tecmoG0NG Game 38047
“gg ChaosRison Game 38029
best of 3 series great game 2-12 on passing 2 int kill him tecmojam Game 37948
tecmojam Game 37947
gg IndyBuckeye08 Game 37923
2 off fmbles ret. for 2 td’s by u were costly…gg IndyBuckeye08 Game 37922
great defensive stands by both……great game IndyBuckeye08 Game 37921
“Better showing than my first game with him primarch25 Game 37920
GG – Haddix w/ big interception 1st NYJ drive arncoem Game 37645
GG – too many fumbles to overcome arncoem Game 37644
djeanp7898 Game 37332
djeanp7898 Game 37331
djeanp7898 Game 37308
djeanp7898 Game 37306
Wow what a crazy ass game. Nail biter. DancingNunchakus Game 37296
Great game. DancingNunchakus Game 37295
Excellent game. The other two were really good. DancingNunchakus Game 37294
gg akatheepidemic Game 37291
gg iceage380 Game 37250
gg jimmy8720 Game 37214
gg jimmy8720 Game 37214
great opponent had alot of things go my way tecmojam Game 37197
great defensive game!!!!!!!! tecmojam Game 37196
pleasure to play nice guy tecmojam Game 37195
“Solid player with good defense lordsummerisle64 Game 37187
Fumble ret for TD in 2nd Q leads to Saints’ rout lordsummerisle64 Game 37186
gg jimmy8720 Game 37185
gg iceage380 Game 37182
good game iceage380 Game 37122
bigmv54 Game 37084
bigmv54 Game 37083
good game. close till the 4th esperwarlord Game 37030
streetlavallee Game 37029
streetlavallee Game 37028
streetlavallee Game 37027
mrsuperbabybarry Game 36990
Good game. I had the better team. weg4469 Game 36950
GG weg4469 Game 36790
GG (you had an awesome D in your win) weg4469 Game 36789
HendrixsLives14 Game 36785
HendrixsLives14 Game 36784
bad connection tecmochrist Game 36778
“Good player primarch25 Game 36777
streetlavallee Game 36774
streetlavallee Game 36773
streetlavallee Game 36772
esperwarlord Game 36768
esperwarlord Game 36767
“A button wasn’t working dajabec Game 36715
HendrixsLives14 Game 36697
HendrixsLives14 Game 36696
HendrixsLives14 Game 36695
I got completely lucky. HendrixsLives14 Game 36694
close IamtecmoKING Game 36664
close IamtecmoKING Game 36663
Elway41177 Game 36594
“Bigtime defensive battle dajabec Game 36593
ggs man Elway41177 Game 36559
Elway41177 Game 36556
mort1237 Game 36501
mort1237 Game 36500
mort1237 Game 36499
AHHH that safety lost the game for me JPG Justy Game 36146
raidahx Game 36002
raidahx Game 36001
cpu screwed him with 3 fumbles from Butts bgboud2 Game 35948
raidahx Game 35943
raidahx Game 35939
laggy ass choppy game i’m glad it’s over. gg. tadaos Game 35910
He beat me. djeanp7898 Game 35899
gg he’s pretty good for being a new player tadaos Game 35694