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Total Net Feedback: 62
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 16
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 62
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for AuntSamWantsMe
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wild affair! ggs my man. tecmodell42 Game 57378
gg auntsam. good to have you back. tecmodell42 Game 57377
tecmodell42 Game 50739
tecmodell42 Game 50738
tecmodell42 Game 50737
we decynced IaMTecmoKING Game 50080
gg timbone666 Game 49601
gg timbone666 Game 49600
“Great game dynastydegeorge Game 49305
gg man. tecmodell42 Game 49058
bza3655 Game 49052
“lost a fumble early tecmodell42 Game 49050
tecmodell42 Game 49049
tecmodell42 Game 49048
tecmodell42 Game 49045
ggs man. tecmodell42 Game 49039
“zach played some great D tecmodell42 Game 49038
adobery76 Game 48952
“TOs both ways adobery76 Game 48951
gg timbone666 Game 48777
ggs man. TSL scrims. tecmodell42 Game 48775
“gg man tecmodell42 Game 48774
gg homie. TSL scrim. tecmodell42 Game 48770
gg Mad cap Game 48738
gg acward31 Game 47441
Jim Kelly for the win!!! allamerican1569 Game 47438
game desyched with 40sec left but this was the score acward31 Game 47437
gg acward31 Game 47436
emptecmo Game 47234
“gg game emptecmo Game 47233
gg acward31 Game 47217
gg acward31 Game 47216
gg acward31 Game 47200
gg acward31 Game 47199
has a lot of learning to do. future tecmoer here tecmocrusher Game 47192
has a lot of learning to do. future tecmoer here tecmocrusher Game 47191
GG!! skraidas Game 47187
our rivalry continues skrampion Game 47081
Fumbled one too many times. Eamons34 Game 47074
Mad cap Game 47027
Mad cap Game 47026
Mad cap Game 47025
great game man Mad cap Game 47024
Mad cap Game 47013
awesome tecmoer skrampion Game 47007
good game bro skrampion Game 47006
great guy-record does not state how good he is skrampion Game 46980
THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME!! skrampion Game 46978
Fulcher was a no show skrampion Game 46973
Defense until the end-good game bro skrampion Game 46971
welcome back bro great defensive games! skrampion Game 46968
welcome back bro great defensive games! skrampion Game 46967
welcome back bro great defensive games! skrampion Game 46966
Eamons34 Game 29535
couldn’t get the passing game on track tadaos Game 29175
put up one of my better defensive efforts tadaos Game 29174
gg overtime win tadaos Game 29171
snakebit. he got 21 points off of turnovers tadaos Game 29169
“Welcome to the TPC Eamons34 Game 28982
“Welcome to the TPC Eamons34 Game 28981