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Total Net Feedback: 27
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 8
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 27
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Feedback Left by Opponents for MadTownSpliffStars
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No Comment skills324 Game 77578
No Comment skills324 Game 77544
No Comment skills324 Game 77543
No Comment louiethe20th Game 77096
No Comment skills324 Game 76867
No Comment Elvis Game 76840
No Comment ptitteri Game 76820
No Comment ptitteri Game 76819
No Comment skills324 Game 76765
No Comment skills324 Game 76764
No Comment skills324 Game 76763
No Comment skills324 Game 76762
No Comment Elvis Game 76659
No Comment ptitteri Game 76630
No Comment Elvis Game 76601
No Comment Elvis Game 76600
No Comment Mr.Roboto737 Game 76579
No Comment ptitteri Game 76475
gg, 6 Tds and 321 Passing Yds for Kosar skills324 Game 76453
some unlucky fumbles for MTSS in this one – he was moving the ball really well. ptitteri Game 76426
gg, 2 Ints by SD helped keep elway in check skills324 Game 76423
gg, had td saving tackle at half skills324 Game 76319
4th quarter 1 second left at Minn 1 yard line = Boomer fumble, Vikings scoop up & go 99 yard TD arncoem Game 76307
fumble punt for TD, blocked FG picked up by kicker & 1 long JJ = scores for Dall. PHX played great. arncoem Game 76306
GG Down 0-14 Schroeder comes off the bench in the 2nd plays like Marino to win the game. hankthetank Game 75902
good all around player ngunn421 Game 75774
No Comment ngunn421 Game 75773