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Total Net Feedback: 37
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 3
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 37
All negative feedback received: 0

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No Comment ptitteri Game 76864
No Comment Elvis Game 76767
No Comment Elvis Game 76766
No Comment Elvis Game 76761
No Comment skills324 Game 76715
No Comment skills324 Game 76713
No Comment Elvis Game 76700
No Comment Elvis Game 76699
No Comment ptitteri Game 76683
No Comment ptitteri Game 76682
No Comment Elvis Game 76663
gg – Mack went into excellent. Shal housed a nice kickoff for TD ptitteri Game 76626
gg – an end of half safety was the difference in this one ptitteri Game 76625
No Comment Elvis Game 76615
No Comment Elvis Game 76614
No Comment Elvis Game 76613
No Comment Elvis Game 76612
No Comment Elvis Game 76611
No Comment Elvis Game 76610
No Comment Elvis Game 76609
No Comment skills324 Game 76596
No Comment skills324 Game 76595
No Comment ptitteri Game 76539
No Comment ptitteri Game 76538
gg – his run defence was too good for me in this one. ptitteri Game 76480
gg – Shallahbey is really tough with the Bears. In the end, a Gill Byrd int turned this one. ptitteri Game 76479
gg, ball at end but could mount a comeback skills324 Game 76462
gg, Bears D destroyed Boomer and Boys skills324 Game 76461
gg, Don went bad and had no “magic” in this one skills324 Game 76460
No Comment ptitteri Game 76444
No Comment ptitteri Game 76443
gg, NO gets the key fumbles, D scores skills324 Game 76384
gg, Neon Deion steals the show with pick 6. skills324 Game 76383
gg, Marino shows the RAI his quick release skills324 Game 76382
gg, close norse div battle skills324 Game 76381
gg skills324 Game 76370
gg, tough D by both teams, INT 2 a piece skills324 Game 76368