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Total Net Feedback: 29
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 6
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 29
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for rockman
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close one, got lucky fumble recovery in OT skills324 Game 76340
Random Match Rom GG kamphuna8 Game 75815
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 75733
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 75732
Heyward – unstoppable in return game rrrule32 Game 75476
No Comment rrrule32 Game 75475
fumbles, I love thee fightdogs321 Game 75450
Go for it at your own 10 and not convert, gg rock fightdogs321 Game 75449
phx dbs wouldnt let qb browns get his ugh GG joeygats Game 75448
he owned me in this series i should of took phx lol GG joeygats Game 75447
real tough game GG joeygats Game 75446
GG joeygats Game 75445
Got the jj to a bad sharpe but it was 5 yards shy and i was double teamed at the 3 ugh GG joeygats Game 75435
last second jj to sharpe for the win!!!! GG joeygats Game 75434
up 14-13 with 2 minutes left he fumbles on the kickoff phew GG joeygats Game 75433
so many wide open over throws just brutal luck for philly GG joeygats Game 75407
qb eagles was throwing picks and missing passes all game! GG joeygats Game 75406
GG joeygats Game 75396
GG joeygats Game 75395
GG joeygats Game 75394
GG joeygats Game 75393
GG joeygats Game 75326
this was all chicago GG joeygats Game 75291
one of the best comebacks i have had. down 17-0 at half and found a way to win vs a good opponent GG joeygats Game 75290
phx continues its unlucky ways with a fumbled punt down 7. GG joeygats Game 75289
phx is the unluckiest team from tip passes to dropped ones, i dont know why anyone likes them GG joeygats Game 75288
good play calling reason i lost. GG joeegats Game 75187
up 1 score with ball in 4th driving to end it 2 mins left and fumble. GG joeegats Game 75186
GG joeegats Game 75185