Hi there!2028Feedback for MRTECMOSUPERBOWL

Total Net Feedback: 1211
Positive Feedback %: 98.02 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 158
Tecmoers who left a negative: 16
All positive feedback received: 1236
All negative feedback received: 25

Feedback Left by Opponents for MRTECMOSUPERBOWL
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Comment Opponent Box
gg keirre1981 Game 74200
gg War Machine Game 73583
gg War Machine Game 73582
No Comment duecel00se Game 73579
beaten by a guy who calls himself avg. duecel00se Game 73578
gg War Machine Game 73576
No Comment War Machine Game 73515
No Comment War Machine Game 73514
No Comment War Machine Game 73513
gg War Machine Game 73277
gg War Machine Game 73276
No Comment thomas2014 Game 72441
No Comment andrewislillingit Game 72302
No Comment Cubsfan5150 Game 70248
GG. Came up with the nicest nickname for me. hankthetank Game 69643
GG. hankthetank Game 69642
GG. Great Defense. hankthetank Game 69607
GG. hankthetank Game 69606
GG. QB Eagles TD on fumbled KR and late FG for a win. hankthetank Game 69605
10-7 and then got out of hand with a 21 point 4Q. Why were you toying with me? Gio Game 69600
GG. Beat me up good game had terrible lag. hankthetank Game 69486
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69206
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69205
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69202
No Comment SammieSmith33 Game 69096
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69032
No Comment moulds33 Game 68982
No Comment moulds33 Game 68981
great player fun to talk to as well…..funny guy dvaught2002 Game 68882
very helpful in getting me started definitely want another rematch lol dvaught2002 Game 68881
gg…championship game in 8bits grapple hack tourney.. red98sethuthut Game 67196
Jim Socks 13 Game 66779
Ryan11p Game 65686
Ryan11p Game 65685
Ryan11p Game 65684
Ryan11p Game 65683
“NTF Preseason 1976. MRT hit a wall kamphuna8 Game 65659
“NTF Preseason 1976 kamphuna8 Game 65658
NTF Preseason 1976. Pitt gets stops in 2nd half in Giant territory. GG kamphuna8 Game 65657
chino_pino Game 65569
gg…srry had sim the game…cuz my damn labtop didnt get the save state red98sethuthut Game 62240
gg….dont remember much…sure some online garbage sprinkled in lol…kidding gg red98sethuthut Game 62229
gg…my red zone offense needs work red98sethuthut Game 62228
gg…frusfrating red zone offense…comeback bid comes up just short red98sethuthut Game 62227
suicideking81 Game 62090
WTFR 1984 Preseason. RAMMIT! kamphuna8 Game 62051
WTFR 1984 Preseason. RAMMIT! kamphuna8 Game 62050
“WTFR 1984 Preseason kamphuna8 Game 62049
kamphuna8 Game 61990
kamphuna8 Game 61989
8-bit Game 61920
8-bit Game 61919
tecmodell42 Game 61868
tecmodell42 Game 61867
WTF 2013 Practice GG kamphuna8 Game 61780
WTF 2013 Practice GG kamphuna8 Game 61779
WTF 2013 Practice GG kamphuna8 Game 61778
WTF 2013 Practice GG kamphuna8 Game 61777
works for me. thanks man! tecmodell42 Game 61747
1983 RETRO scrim (W1 ROM)… gg manyo360 Game 61608
Great game great helper rbpd5015 Game 61561
Great game alot of fun to play with rbpd5015 Game 61560
moulds33 Game 61541
1983 RETRO (W1 ROM) scrim… GG manyo360 Game 61508
timbone666 Game 61430
moulds33 Game 61367
moulds33 Game 61366
8-bit Game 61304
8-bit Game 61302
gg 8-bit Game 61255
dynastydegeorge Game 61180
dynastydegeorge Game 61179
dynastydegeorge Game 61178
Excessive crap talk and terrible attitude Ryan11p Game 61175
“Excessive crap talk and terrible attitude Ryan11p Game 61174
Ryan11p Game 61159
Ryan11p Game 61158
2nd round of THUNDERDOME IV Tournament – GG MRT arncoem Game 60971
tecmodell42 Game 60934
“retro scrims tecmodell42 Game 60933
tecmodell42 Game 60924
solid attempt w/NE. 8-bit Game 60893
GoNickMontana5 Game 60882
GoNickMontana5 Game 60881
8-bit Game 60826
runs with the QB a lil too much :X 8-bit Game 60818
solid player 8-bit Game 60817
solid player 8-bit Game 60816
Wasn’t aware we were uploading these… TecMongrel Game 60785
When’s the last time someone scored 5 in a game? TecMongrel Game 60705
TecMongrel Game 60704
TecMongrel Game 60703
WTF Preseason 2011 GG Brady Turrible kamphuna8 Game 60682
WTF Preseason 2011 GG kamphuna8 Game 60681
WTF Preseason 2011 GG kamphuna8 Game 60680
kamphuna8 Game 60644
kamphuna8 Game 60643
kamphuna8 Game 60642
kamphuna8 Game 60623
kamphuna8 Game 60622
kamphuna8 Game 60621
kamphuna8 Game 60611
“Retro 1981 Preseason kamphuna8 Game 60607
Retro 1981 Rams get back at the G Men for the last game kamphuna8 Game 60606
“WTFR 1981 Rams n GMen kamphuna8 Game 60605
tecmodell42 Game 60584
dynastydegeorge Game 60574
dynastydegeorge Game 60573
dynastydegeorge Game 60572
dynastydegeorge Game 60571
dynastydegeorge Game 60570
one of a couple wins in WTF preseason. GGs. tecmodell42 Game 60455
johny_mx Game 60343
johny_mx Game 60244
Ones11fahzu Game 59915
“GG Cochise Blue Game 59869
2 turnovers both sides; could tell it wasn’t his A game tho Cochise Blue Game 59758
“GGs GoNickMontana5 Game 59617
mrtec wins best of 3 – wtf 2008 scrim (predraft) tecmodell42 Game 59538
goal line D prevails timbone666 Game 59526
“great games man tecmodell42 Game 59127
“Pure Tecmo: NCAA 2011 tecmodell42 Game 59126
I shouldn’t have gone for it on 4th & 3 @ my own 10 in 1st Q TECMOWNED Game 58658
I called all four of his plays @ end of 2nd Quarter. GG! TECMOWNED Game 58657
Got lucky. Fumble return for TD in 4th to take lead for good TECMOWNED Game 58627
Tackled at his 5 yd line last play. 5 sacks a piece! Wow! GG TECMOWNED Game 58626
LAST PLAY 60 yard bomb CC to 3 yd line outgrappled me for TD TECMOWNED Game 58619
The Lag Bowl replacement game. gg thetecmojunkie Game 58601
4 ints & blocked FG returned for TD by TB kicker. GG! TECMOWNED Game 58588
Was up 21-0 and he had to bail on me. Replacement game thetecmojunkie Game 58262
thetecmojunkie Game 58261
thetecmojunkie Game 58260
gg’s MRTECMO come back and play tpc more!!! thetecmojunkie Game 58212
gg’s MRTECMO i know you are rusty. ggs tho thetecmojunkie Game 58211
“He shut down my O JoeKool2Rice Game 58045
jj bombed to hell dean919929 Game 57828
jj bombed to hell dean919929 Game 57827
My first game online and im pleased how I played it. gg wiseguyAdam28 Game 57652
gg tecmodell42 Game 57641
gg’s MRTEC you played me tough as fuck!!!! thetecmojunkie Game 57609
everett goes bad and throws picks! yay. dean919929 Game 57484
I gave this game away. literally had it won. dean919929 Game 57483
jjo724 Game 57442
AuntSamWantsMe Game 57433
AuntSamWantsMe Game 57432
gg. blocked fg before half really hurt tecmoaddict Game 57410
Pitt D just too much kamphuna8 Game 57209
“Another Defensive Battle kamphuna8 Game 57208
Defense defense defense kamphuna8 Game 57207
gg kamphuna8 Game 57098
ggs man kamphuna8 Game 57097
TPC tourney. ggs bud. tecmodell42 Game 57095
TPC tourney. ggs bud. tecmodell42 Game 57092
TPC tourney. ggs bud. tecmodell42 Game 57091
“Cowboys hold O’Brien to 9/27 passing kamphuna8 Game 56971
“Whitewashed kamphuna8 Game 56969
“Tackled a Jet at the goal line as time expired kamphuna8 Game 56968
kamphuna8 Game 56738
Just got dominated kamphuna8 Game 56737
TecMongrel Game 56660
TecMongrel Game 56659
TecMongrel Game 56658
“GGs kamphuna8 Game 56310
GG kamphuna8 Game 56309
GG kamphuna8 Game 56308
“lost ot coin toss bgboud2 Game 53392
the second game of PIT/DAL…Aikmen missed but I had some D bgboud2 Game 53391
I lost with the 49’ers haha RudyNDGOLD Game 53174
How are the Browns so good? RudyNDGOLD Game 53173
Steel Curtain defense shuts out Vinny the Ginny RudyNDGOLD Game 53172
Things worked. dancingnunchakus Game 53063
Nothing worked. DancingNunchakus Game 53062
GoNickMontana5 Game 53003
GoNickMontana5 Game 53002
GoNickMontana5 Game 53001
tecmodell42 Game 52977
WTF:C scrims. good games man. tecmodell42 Game 52976
should be 4 uploads if he didnt quit. joeegats Game 52949
ggs bud. tecmodell42 Game 52750
tecmodell42 Game 52749
tecmodell42 Game 52748
gg bza3655 Game 52707
gg bza3655 Game 52706
gg invader star64 Game 52703
gg invader star64 Game 52701
gg invader star64 Game 52700
“rosenbach tecmodell42 Game 52694
pit qb play was real bad. tough to overcome. ggs man. tecmodell42 Game 52681
“mcgee fummies 3 times tecmodell42 Game 52680
“Not the actual box sconnieale Game 52644
gg… gayest game i have ever played in thx elway regulator088 Game 52638
gg in my playbook the whole game regulator088 Game 52637
gg regulator088 Game 52636
tecmodell42 Game 52600
tecmodell42 Game 52599
duecel00se Game 52577
regulator088 Game 52545
regulator088 Game 52544
Note to self: stop fumbling please GoNickMontana5 Game 52534
gg GoNickMontana5 Game 52533
“Butts fumbles at 17-14 GoNickMontana5 Game 52532
duecel00se Game 52455
duecel00se Game 52454
duecel00se Game 52453
“This is one I will “”enjoy””” duecel00se Game 52439
GG regulator088 Game 52426
GG but insulting that you pick JETS after i pick bears regulator088 Game 52425
GG regulator088 Game 52424
duecel00se Game 52415
duecel00se Game 52414
duecel00se Game 52413
duecel00se Game 52412
Some bad luck for MRTSB. Last attempt JJ too high to tie. DancingNunchakus Game 52293
duecel00se Game 52283
duecel00se Game 52282
GG tecmopsycho Game 52031
bpkcchiefs Game 51997
sun shines on a dogs ass every now and again… UNCLEGRIEVOUS1 Game 51900
Good games MRTECMO thanks! thetecmojunkie Game 51877
thetecmojunkie Game 51876
thetecmojunkie Game 51875
thetecmojunkie Game 51874
thetecmojunkie Game 51873
Another great defensive game from Mr T. and the SAINTS! GG thetecmojunkie Game 51865
Good game Mr. T! I wasn’t ready for the N.O. Swarm! gg thetecmojunkie Game 51864
ninjachessmaster Game 51861
ninjachessmaster Game 51655
GG tecmopsycho Game 51649
GG tecmopsycho Game 51648
ninjachessmaster Game 51538
ninjachessmaster Game 51537
ninjachessmaster Game 51536
GG tecmopsycho Game 51463
i got 2 fumbles in the 4th q bgboud2 Game 51438
3 down picked play bomb cc was the differnce in this one. gg joeegats Game 51311
2 fumbles and a safety gg. joeegats Game 51286
2 driving for the win and another fumble. gg. not joeegats Game 51285
loss 2 fumbles. down 14-0 still should of won still joeegats Game 51258
score makes game look closer. it wasn joeegats Game 51257
pulled the rabbit out of the hat. feast or famine for bubby bruddog Game 50930
pit could do nothing this game bruddog Game 50929
i think this was the 3 blocked fg game. gg bruddog Game 50928
gg kujjaquaq Game 50923
gg GoNickMontana5 Game 50919
destroyed me. this is why he’s called MRTECMOSUPERBOWL GoNickMontana5 Game 50918
“gg GoNickMontana5 Game 50915
brosty824 Game 50913
tecmodell42 Game 50719
gg man. tecmodell42 Game 50718
i bitched my way to a win bgboud2 Game 50147
“Good game here thetecmojunkie Game 50112
“game turned on a fumble keirre1981 Game 50102
Nail bitter good game SIR good game! thetecmojunkie Game 50010
thetecmojunkie Game 50009
GoNickMontana5 Game 49995
“we played 3 games GoNickMontana5 Game 49994
gg GoNickMontana5 Game 49993
“won just 1 of 5 v. mrtec. lost state tecmodell42 Game 49749
ggs bud. i did not play well (hold leads). sigh. tecmodell42 Game 49741
tecmodell42 Game 49740
tecmodell42 Game 49739
tecmodell42 Game 49738
ajarrells28 Game 49695
thetecmojunkie Game 49583
“This guy is a smart player thetecmojunkie Game 49582
“This was a great comback thetecmojunkie Game 49581
dynastydegeorge Game 49385
ha ha. did the old name switcharoo bruddog Game 49168
“Great game dynastydegeorge Game 48823
gg timbone666 Game 47824
jjo724 Game 47689
real gg man. enjoyed it. hit me up for more! tecmodell42 Game 47240
“gg tecmoesteban85 Game 47146
“gg tecmoesteban85 Game 47145
“great tapper tecmoesteban85 Game 47110
gg tecmoesteban85 Game 47109
gg tecmoesteban85 Game 47108
always a tough game allamerican1569 Game 46691
allamerican1569 Game 46604
allamerican1569 Game 46603
allamerican1569 Game 46602
i barely won tecmomig Game 46558
nice D tecmomig Game 46557
great tecmoer tecmomig Game 46556
tecmochrist Game 46286
tecmochrist Game 46283
ugly ugly game. bubby’s 3 picks led to 3 fg’s bruddog Game 46197
safety just before half was the difference bgboud2 Game 45410
great game. gonna finish my tall boy to celebrate the W mort1237 Game 45282
Medalist316 Game 43971
Overtime fumble ftw! bpkcchiefs Game 43957
mort1237 Game 43031
mort1237 Game 43030
was just a warm up for him cause he got me the next two mort1237 Game 43029
gg aquatix11 Game 42991
DancingNunchakus Game 42984
DancingNunchakus Game 42983
IamtecmoKING Game 42961
tecmofo Game 42953
tecmofo Game 42952
tecmofo Game 42950
nesticle is horrendous tecmofo Game 42929
I got screwed with fumbles djeanp7898 Game 42926
“Dude djeanp7898 Game 42925
Lucky my ass. He got his ass throttled from the start. djeanp7898 Game 42924
gg shinybehiny2477 Game 42835
gg shinybehiny2477 Game 42834
tecmofo Game 42828
tecmofo Game 42820
tecmofo Game 42819
tecmofo Game 42818
gg tecmofo Game 42794
gg tecmofo Game 42793
djeanp7898 Game 42552
“Forgot to upload win Cotton Soy Game 42426
GG Cotton Soy Game 42423
GG Cotton Soy Game 42422
Goonie Goo Goo! :-) Hawks win big in this one. USFU! Cotton Soy Game 42331
spot hm 21 wilson sucking. ran my wy back.blew it in bruddog Game 42301
“as usual bigmv54 Game 42300
yawnnnnn…….FU bigmv54 Game 42299
GGG bigmv54 Game 42298
Goonie Goonie Goo! Cotton Soy Game 42193
Cotton Soy Game 42192
Air Atk too good. gg bro. JJTecmo Game 42134
vogtcd11 Game 42062
vogtcd11 Game 42061
Clean no turnvoer game. My d clamped down in the 4th bruddog Game 42021
PIT D was nasty generating 3 picks. GG bruddog Game 42020
bubby and strom had brutal picks. MR tecmo gets his due. GG bruddog Game 42019
GGG vogtcd11 Game 42017
Goonie Bad Goo Goo vogtcd11 Game 42016
gg jgbelche Game 41992
gg jgbelche Game 41991
gg with indy no less…embarrassing jgbelche Game 41990
gg jgbelche Game 41989
was fighting a little lag but you really put it to me gg’s jgbelche Game 41988
FU really you did indeed suck bigmv54 Game 41964
Spanky Spanky. FU lillefty021 Game 41926
fuck you (a lil joke we have) lillefty021 Game 41925
“You suck lillefty021 Game 41924
gg dean919929 Game 41902
gg dean919929 Game 41901
gg dean919929 Game 41900
gg dean919929 Game 41899
kulseic Game 41879
swampc1 Game 41743
swampc1 Game 41742
swampc1 Game 41741
swampc1 Game 41710
swampc1 Game 41709
swampc1 Game 41708
Took me awhile but the defense got to ya in the 4th AHake21 Game 41706
djeanp7898 Game 41660
“gg frigidevil Game 41611
“gg frigidevil Game 41610
Cubsfan5150 Game 41598
Cubsfan5150 Game 41597
swampc1 Game 41570
swampc1 Game 41567
swampc1 Game 41566
swampc1 Game 41565
“gg frigidevil Game 41523
kulseic Game 41522
swampc1 Game 41520
swampc1 Game 41519
swampc1 Game 41518
carrier fumbles way an INT for TD. bruddog Game 41510
singletary with the rare 30yd int TD bruddog Game 41509
“close game kissquantrill Game 41484
Cubsfan5150 Game 41479
gg frigidevil Game 41475
gg frigidevil Game 41474
“gg frigidevil Game 41473
KCNole95 Game 41312
KCNole95 Game 41311
KCNole95 Game 41310
sevenonesixgrafx Game 41237
sevenonesixgrafx Game 41236
sevenonesixgrafx Game 41212
sevenonesixgrafx Game 41211
bigmv54 Game 41188
bigmv54 Game 41187
bigmv54 Game 41186
I am just putting negative b/c he gave me negative; idiot mrfredericwong Game 41106
gg msuley12 Game 41040
AggieRangerFan00 Game 40925
AggieRangerFan00 Game 40924
i need some work! mky2883 Game 40794
i thought imight have a chance after the opening KO was ret. mky2883 Game 40793
gg Tecmo Spread HD Game 40305
gg Tecmo Spread HD Game 40304
“I got the condescending kissquantrill Game 39948
kissquantrill Game 39947
kissquantrill Game 39894
kissquantrill Game 39893
kissquantrill Game 39892
“fucking idiot iceage380 Game 39891
lol..lay off the meth buddy.. iceage380 Game 39890
“GG thunderhawktsb Game 39759
“GG thunderhawktsb Game 39758
gg. awesome player badinbball21 Game 39622
iceage380 Game 39524
djeanp7898 Game 39511
tecmoG0NG Game 39206
tecmoG0NG Game 39205
wow iceage380 Game 38732
Cubsfan5150 Game 38508
Cubsfan5150 Game 38507
DAMFNDRZA Game 38505
Youre a fluke AHake21 Game 38440
TCS #1 is a fluke AHake21 Game 38439
GG th3texastornado Game 38404
DAMFNDRZA Game 38293
DAMFNDRZA Game 38273
DAMFNDRZA Game 38272
th3texastornado Game 38261
th3texastornado Game 38260
spanky spanky like the good old days gg sir bigmv54 Game 38187
do not play…he is a quitter drfeelgood4568 Game 38038
“botched save iceage380 Game 38010
gg iceage380 Game 38009
no problems! GG! tecmocowboys Game 38004
thunder clatter rattle battle boom boom boom!!!! bigmv54 Game 37987
like the old days bigmv54 Game 37986
bigmv54 Game 37985
bigmv54 Game 37984
bigmv54 Game 37983
Sharpe fumble on 1yardline next poss over his head-int by LB arncoem Game 37980
“Much better game primarch25 Game 37908
“Practiced running a bit primarch25 Game 37907
Crazy Tough! streetlavallee Game 37861
Crazy Tough! streetlavallee Game 37860
djeanp7898 Game 37826
quiter drfeelgood4568 Game 37795
fumble was bullcrap!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh@!1!!!!! joegatez Game 35492
gg badinbball21 Game 35337
FreddyBarnettFTW Game 35311
he quit on me awesome!!!!!!! joegatez Game 35282
finally broke my losin streak!!!!!! tecmochrist Game 35197
streetlavallee Game 35087
TSB GOD Game 35044
TSB GOD Game 35043
TSB GOD Game 35042
bigmv54 Game 34701
hes a sickling…u could tell by the way he played. yikes gg bigmv54 Game 34603
streetlavallee Game 34600
“gg StalkingButler05 Game 34472
2-12 passing. Pretty good. DancingNunchakus Game 34446
djeanp7898 Game 34345
djeanp7898 Game 34344
djeanp7898 Game 34343
Sweet 16 = W for the Kid. On to Elite 8. can we do it??? Tecmo Dummy Game 34334
mort1237 Game 34033
mort1237 Game 34032
mort1237 Game 34031
mort1237 Game 34030
MV wins bubster bowl 5 bigmv54 Game 33899
MV goes up 4-1 in the series bigmv54 Game 33898
well played sir… bigmv54 Game 33897
Your balls were on my chin … GG’s vogtcd11 Game 33859
MBYC Bowl II was a good’n … Meester! Meester! vogtcd11 Game 33858
mort1237 Game 33779
mort1237 Game 33778
mort1237 Game 33777
mort1237 Game 33776
mort1237 Game 33775
lillefty021 Game 33663
lillefty021 Game 33662
lillefty021 Game 33658
gg’ sir bigmv54 Game 33632
bigmv wins bubsters bowl 4 bigmv54 Game 33631
“well played brah bigmv54 Game 33630
mort1237 Game 33629
mort1237 Game 33628
fumbles hurt cle GG discdolo Game 33572
at least i got one big win in… bigmv54 Game 33547
“yikes bigmv54 Game 33542
“shit man bigmv54 Game 33541
i gave up 295 on the ground. AverageTSBPlayer Game 33439
lost sta i win watever gg joeegats Game 33381
“It’s Dejavu. Same score Tecmo Dummy Game 33233
“Tough Tecmo. In hindsight Tecmo Dummy Game 33232
“””bubstersbowl 2″” goes to MV 2-1 (bad luck for him)” bigmv54 Game 33203
“MV leads “”bubstersbowl series”” 2-0 over the one and only” bigmv54 Game 33202
nice W EvilBeast Tecmo Dummy Game 33169
StalkingButler05 Game 33154
StalkingButler05 Game 33153
“went back and finished a partial here StalkingButler05 Game 33152
win streak still alive…boyeee bigmv54 Game 33146
another win…yikes close yur eyes on this score… bigmv54 Game 33145
BREAKING NEWS!! the streak ends here!!! bigmv54 Game 33144
swampc1 Game 33058
swampc1 Game 33057
bubstersbowl I mv wins 2-0 gg Mrtec bigmv54 Game 33049
bubstersbowl I mv wins 2-0 gg brah bigmv54 Game 33048
mort1237 Game 32965
mort1237 Game 32964
mort1237 Game 32963
mort1237 Game 32962
mort1237 Game 32961
mort1237 Game 32908
mort1237 Game 32907
mort1237 Game 32906
EvilBeast is tamed. Steel workers unleash the girth Tecmo Dummy Game 32842
TecSystem has been corrupted! and molested Tecmo Dummy Game 32841
joeegats Game 32733
joeegats Game 32732
joeegats Game 32664
“gg ChaosRison Game 32659
“gg ChaosRison Game 32658
very good game…i worked for my yards… bigmv54 Game 32612
gg sir bubster…i wanted to use phx…he called out barry bigmv54 Game 32611
he asked for barry…um he got him bigmv54 Game 32610
matty V wins bubster bowl… GG sir and cheer up! :) bigmv54 Game 32595
gg sir bubster… bigmv54 Game 32594
“That was prob the best I can play hawkfan6634 Game 32478
Only one game did him in! lillefty021 Game 32328
quit in the midst of getting thrashed again. gi *GG* les! rdleifriaf Game 32235
“thrashed this n00b terribly… two safeties rdleifriaf Game 32234
yeppers…adds on to the ownage…yikes bigmv54 Game 32048
yikes…another win?!?!?!?! bigmv54 Game 32047
bigmv54 takes once again another bubster bowl bigmv54 Game 32046
damn u barry…sick ass runs…fumbles in OT bigmv54 Game 32045
ugh…outplayed…very good game sir bigmv54 Game 32044
WTF Scrimmage arncoem Game 32034
“Good Game arncoem Game 32032
very few guys I don’t like you made that list asshole. tecmochrist Game 32031
joeegats Game 32026
phx should never beat philly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!spank spank joeegats Game 32024
joeegats Game 32023
I dont know why MrTecmo left me negative feedback… jordancjones Game 31876
I dont know why MrTecmo left me negative feeback… jordancjones Game 31875
“A good lesson learned: Phoenix can be played well Lurid Scission Game 31870
joeegats Game 31869
tecmochrist Game 31844
tecmochrist Game 31843
still got the ownage….once again bigmv54 Game 31791
yikes bigmv54 Game 31790
dumbass elway missed 5 yd dumper to irvin…time exp.. bigmv54 Game 31789
“lost to MRTECMOSUPER””JJ”” thats all hes got…” bigmv54 Game 31788
yikes.. not used to losing to him.. lost 3-2 in bubtser bowl bigmv54 Game 31787
vogtcd11 Game 31719
vogtcd11 Game 31718
vogtcd11 Game 31717
vogtcd11 Game 31716
um…yikes!! MV wins bubster bowl 3-2 good series bro bigmv54 Game 31710
he won the second half big time… bigmv54 Game 31709
“wins cant be bought with “”buckeyes”” sorry bro” bigmv54 Game 31708
old dude can play…gg’s bub bigmv54 Game 31707
very good games…bubster bowl goes to MV bigmv54 Game 31706
tecmochrist Game 31663
“yikes…well bigmv54 Game 31609
DarkEclipse28 Game 30310
DarkEclipse28 Game 30285
bigmv takes another bubster bowl… bigmv54 Game 29974
um…sick ass moves in the running game…cnt stop me.. bigmv54 Game 29973
once again mv is back on top… bigmv54 Game 29972
swampc1 Game 29851
swampc1 Game 29850
coreyudsl Game 29836
“GG PoundtheRock30 Game 29527
thrumanator led the way. gg man. mort1237 Game 29392
gg badinbball21 Game 29384
wash vs. phx really wasnt fair.. gg buddy u r good@! badinbball21 Game 29383
Eamons34 Game 29310
owned me some more just for good measure tadaos Game 29211
owned me again tadaos Game 29209
owned me tadaos Game 29208
1st two drives result in turnovers. Couldn’t stop him enough Matlisab Game 29203
mort1237 Game 29074
mort1237 Game 29048
Dave Kreig strikes again Matlisab Game 28800
“After all that hard work coolpaparock Game 28768
Ate my playbook up . . . .GG! coolpaparock Game 28767
2 big fumbles sealed my fate Matlisab Game 28534
Couldn’t stay consistant on offense and Johnson ran all over Matlisab Game 28533
bigmv54 Game 27294
bigmv54 Game 27293
bigmv54 Game 27292
He thought Chicago was a pass offense … Didn’t catch on vogtcd11 Game 27265
“He didn’t wrap my present vogtcd11 Game 27264
bigmv54 Game 27260
bigmv54 Game 27259
i wanna be in the vets league like lefty bigmv54 Game 27258
lefty is better bigmv54 Game 27257
not as good as lefty..tryin to work my way up there bigmv54 Game 27256
runnin up the score liek a true dickface… badinbball21 Game 27252
djeanp7898 Game 27196
djeanp7898 Game 27195
djeanp7898 Game 27194
lillefty021 Game 27059
Butts fumbles twice to put SD on the ropes . . .GG! coolpaparock Game 26995
Matlisab Game 26959
Matlisab Game 26958
Matlisab Game 26957
“MRTSB and cards fondle Jets “”cockpit””.” swampc1 Game 26902
swampc1 Game 26901
swampc1 Game 26900
mort1237 Game 26800
mort1237 Game 26781
mort1237 Game 26780
20 yd rom yet still no defense to be had. bruddog Game 26699
“Wow daboy8821 Game 26698
Do U cry this much in real life? daboy8821 Game 26652
my jj try on the other hand 1 on 1 jj intercepted by Taylor dajabec Game 26629
“last second jj td for him dajabec Game 26628
game went out with little time left..NO won by 7 over CLE bigmv54 Game 26527
ugh…needed to prove i didnt suck…ggs bubster bigmv54 Game 26526
Matlisab Game 26334
chrisdaniel3651 Game 26243
djeanp7898 Game 26227
djeanp7898 Game 26226
Gg .. discdolo Game 26224
a couple big plays by wash put me out early gg discdolo Game 26222
cle stopped by playbook gg discdolo Game 26221
mpags33 Game 26148
mpags33 Game 26147
mpags33 Game 26146
Barry’s baaaad ass. GhstDg273 Game 26145
mpags33 Game 26141
mpags33 Game 26122
mpags33 Game 26121
mpags33 Game 26120
mpags33 Game 26119
mpags33 Game 26118
mpags33 Game 26117
mpags33 Game 26116
mpags33 Game 26094
shakey Pete gets the third to go thru. MadmanZackThomas Game 26093
MadmanZackThomas Game 26092
MadmanZackThomas Game 26091
tragicistruth Game 26088
good guy…. i got dc somehow tragicistruth Game 26087
Saints couldn’t stop the run djeanp7898 Game 26074
Super Broncos held off Saints rally djeanp7898 Game 26073
MadmanZackThomas Game 26055
“Stargell w/ the INT=6 on D! Almost came back arncoem Game 26028
I lost. Period. djeanp7898 Game 26026
djeanp7898 Game 26005
djeanp7898 Game 26004
Super Broncos true to form. djeanp7898 Game 25983
Ill-timed blitzes cost me djeanp7898 Game 25982
swampc1 Game 25950
swampc1 Game 25949
swampc1 Game 25948
Jets kept it close at first- then it fell apart- GG! coolpaparock Game 25939
swampc1 Game 25920
swampc1 Game 25919
swampc1 Game 25918
swampc1 Game 25917
“You know augieno2 Game 25888
Only ATL completion: 73 yard CC td to Rison in OT for win :( augieno2 Game 25828
Eamons34 Game 25826
closer than score .. got a few breaks GG discdolo Game 25802
2 fumbles and JJ . tecmo gods blessing GG discdolo Game 25801
NTL Season 2 Championship lordsummerisle64 Game 25797
I’m surprised i won this one..most games he gets lucky…lol lillefty021 Game 25782
djeanp7898 Game 25779
djeanp7898 Game 25778
lillefty021 Game 25741
DAL not up to task . . . GG MRTSB! coolpaparock Game 25738
AHake21 Game 25670
AHake21 Game 25669
lillefty021 Game 25665
lol not a comeback..seriously.. lucky shit happend for him.. lillefty021 Game 25664
gg BamaTecmo Game 25631
“Best game I’ve had in ages. 4th and 7 TSBWonder Game 25602
Somehow won this FG battle with ZERO rushing yards. GG! augieno2 Game 25585
MadmanZackThomas Game 25566
MadmanZackThomas Game 25565
MadmanZackThomas Game 25564
gg err cologne Game 25559
GB no match discdolo Game 25477
GB give me trouble GG discdolo Game 25476
Pitt shuts me down discdolo Game 25475
lillefty021 Game 25461
lillefty021 Game 25460
Al toon is against help him in the gam lillefty021 Game 25459
“gg ChaosRison Game 25447
so what..its sf err cologne Game 25386
Fumble inside the 10 and end zone overthrow fucked me lordsummerisle64 Game 25375
Dalton was a beast. He scored only pts on fumbled punt lordsummerisle64 Game 25374
“””I have snatched the pebble from your hand””” swampc1 Game 25365
ouch!! swampc1 Game 25364
ouch swampc1 Game 25363
damn lillefty021 Game 25332
Ouch… too much of haddix lillefty021 Game 25331
aww… lillefty021 Game 25330
ouch lillefty021 Game 25329
altony14 Game 25290
altony14 Game 25289
“GG skills324 Game 25279
swampc1 Game 25237
swampc1 Game 25236
swampc1 Game 25235
tecmocrusher Game 25175
lillefty021 Game 25173
lillefty021 Game 25172
CLE in RARE form- GG! coolpaparock Game 25168
CHI takes care o’ biz in OT- GG MRTSB! coolpaparock Game 25167
plyd much better thn he..nd he popcorned me.suspicion! Turbo lillefty021 Game 25144
bigmv54 Game 25143
bigmv54 Game 25142
bigmv54 Game 25141
bigmv54 Game 25138
bigmv54 Game 25137
QBsBane Game 25103
AHake21 Game 25077
AHake21 Game 25050
AHake21 Game 25049
lillefty021 Game 25033
lillefty021 Game 25032
lillefty021 Game 25019
finally i can pul a win off . GG discdolo Game 24975
GG .. discdolo Game 24974
TB shut me down. .GG discdolo Game 24973
djeanp7898 Game 24969
djeanp7898 Game 24967
great D battle; opening play safety comes to naught brookstonfowler Game 24966
down to the wire; toon JJ makes winning score brookstonfowler Game 24965
JJER Eamons34 Game 24927
Eamons34 Game 24919
djeanp7898 Game 24882
djeanp7898 Game 24872
djeanp7898 Game 24871
8 fummies and a crazy pick in 11 off. Plays & 1 KOR. swampc1 Game 24865
missed some open passes and became frustrated dajabec Game 24855
he didn’t miss a pass and got the kickoff in ot = my loss dajabec Game 24854
Bo dont know purple MadmanZackThomas Game 24842
JPG Justy Game 24729
Sorry I had to Bail JPG Justy Game 24728
Just lobbed blind JJ’s. Boring/Stupid/Weak. Waste of time. dooolos Game 24671
MRTSB plays clutch against JET DEF- awesome game! coolpaparock Game 24629
Good game; Rosie not on target for much of game! coolpaparock Game 24628
CLE loves to turn the ball over . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 24627
tecmocrusher Game 24582
Saved over original game (10-9); Thanks MRSTSB . . . . coolpaparock Game 24519
A lesson in tea bagging . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 24518
Always fun with my favorite bitch- MRSTB- GG! coolpaparock Game 24517
Best guy in the world at everything jakomull Game 24492
Close . . GG! coolpaparock Game 24485
Not nice . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 24484
Fumbles got a hold of MRTSB- GG! coolpaparock Game 24483
“GG JPG Justy Game 24460
swampc1 Game 24358
swampc1 Game 24357
“Turnovers . . Nonetheless coolpaparock Game 24348
Close battle- GG MRSTSB! coolpaparock Game 24347
JPG Justy Game 24346
“GG JPG Justy Game 24345
JPG Justy Game 24307
“Scored TD with kicker of blocked FG JPG Justy Game 24306
JPG Justy Game 24305
“JJ’s couldn’t get MRTEC in the zone vogtcd11 Game 24278
not a bad game. he routed me though. tecmocrusher Game 24260
lillefty021 Game 24224
lillefty021 Game 24223
djeanp7898 Game 24183
What’s the point of putting this back on top? LOL djeanp7898 Game 24182
One fumble return for a TD was the difference djeanp7898 Game 24180
lol everything about this game was bad.. lillefty021 Game 24173
swampc1 Game 24162
swampc1 Game 24161
swampc1 Game 24160
swampc1 Game 24159
you boys like mexico?!?! the birds got me … vogtcd11 Game 24135
djeanp7898 Game 24134
djeanp7898 Game 24133
“When I’m not turning the football over djeanp7898 Game 24107
He blocks the game-winning FG in OT and wins djeanp7898 Game 24106
I accept my defeat djeanp7898 Game 24090
I accept my defeat djeanp7898 Game 24089
Eamons34 Game 24074
tecmo fucked him bruddog Game 23907
tecmo fucked him bruddog Game 23906
Run defense bends but doesn’t break for Lions. lordsummerisle64 Game 23886
swampc1 Game 23812
MRTSB is nasty good with the NYG. swampc1 Game 23811
First time I have ever beaten TB! swampc1 Game 23810
Dan the Man throwin buttah MadmanZackThomas Game 23788
ouch MadmanZackThomas Game 23787
MadmanZackThomas Game 23786
Eamons34 Game 23784
MadmanZackThomas Game 23781
lillefty021 Game 23731
lillefty021 Game 23730
hmm.. what do I say. was jammin good time meng tecmocrusher Game 23725
learn howto talk in english. heh 😉 tecmocrusher Game 23724
“Joe Namath got drunk arncoem Game 23698
start of 2nd half pissed me off…lol gg AHake21 Game 23681
MRTEC sent me $50 paypal to lose this game. tnx for 50 spot arncoem Game 23654
Mr Tecmo runnin wild with Metcalf hamburgler2682 Game 23644
hamburgler2682 Game 23629
couldn’t get you this game! lillefty021 Game 23605
extemely tired…gg bubster bigmv54 Game 23550
good game. well played tecmocrusher Game 23506
djeanp7898 Game 23499
djeanp7898 Game 23498
gg BamaTecmo Game 23445
“gg bubowski bigmv54 Game 23439
gg bubster bigmv54 Game 23438
my man easily one of the best players…always gg’s bigmv54 Game 23437
not a fun laggy game :( dleecubs Game 23435
djeanp7898 Game 23410
djeanp7898 Game 23408
Wanted the challenge of SF- GG nonetheless! coolpaparock Game 23324
Sought a challenge- GG! coolpaparock Game 23323
awesome game that came down to the last second. GripsmokeTecmo Game 23316
lillefty021 Game 23211
hmm…gg jj’s werent for td’s though lillefty021 Game 23210
close game til the end… lillefty021 Game 23209
MR JJ at his finest..this game was fun…………not! lillefty021 Game 23207
gg man..i can’t beat you lillefty021 Game 23206
the unfortunate result of the outcome of my previous loss dleecubs Game 23204
with the hail mary for the win.. oh well it happens! dleecubs Game 23203
a game that went my way dleecubs Game 23202
bubster overwrote my file so i sim’d one…gg bro lillefty021 Game 23178
lillefty021 Game 23176
lillefty021 Game 23175
AHake21 Game 23154
I almost had more pass yards than rush for a change dajabec Game 23150
Hendrix puts Jets in a purple haze dajabec Game 23149
“Emmitt goes off dajabec Game 23148
fumbles plagued all 4 games we played dajabec Game 23147
bigmv54 Game 23142
bigmv54 Game 23141
bigmv54 Game 23140
see the previous game marshallonium Game 23109
“he insisted on this matchup marshallonium Game 23108
bigmv54 Game 23047
bigmv54 Game 23046
AHake21 Game 23003
crazy game. gg EscapePlan9 Game 22925
Destroyed my play book need to change sowa1291 Game 22921
2 fumbles by the bolts too much to overcome! sowa1291 Game 22920
“Timely ints jupie k 83 Game 22835
another great game….great player bigmv54 Game 22832
“had me freaked out in the first half EscapePlan9 Game 22774
damn close game EscapePlan9 Game 22773
started off with a little ass whoopin EscapePlan9 Game 22772
Blew 11-pt lead in 4th. 65-yd FG to tie bounces off upright. augieno2 Game 22767
steel curtain was no match shibby6634 Game 22752
same story different game shibby6634 Game 22751
“got some meds for the motion sickness shibby6634 Game 22750
“Dumbfounded i was lillefty021 Game 22745
“4th Q fumble in redzone dleecubs Game 22703
“last 4 minute drive lillefty021 Game 22692
BOBO+JJ’s= Victory….always… gg bro lillefty021 Game 22691
gg bro lillefty021 Game 22690
“2 headed monster Canes R Fo Real Game 22599
“Hoge looked like Thurman Thomas Canes R Fo Real Game 22598
GG Canes R Fo Real Game 22597
GhstDg273 Game 22549
i couldn’t beat my meat right now marshallonium Game 22547
hamburgler2682 Game 22532
hamburgler2682 Game 22531
hamburgler2682 Game 22530
hamburgler2682 Game 22529
“good player shibby6634 Game 22487
i started out real bad not knowing how to use my playbook malferds Game 22443
gg………this guy is hard to beat! BamaTecmo Game 22395
“I already beat you without Bills or Broncos djeanp7898 Game 22392
He said I couldn’t win without Broncos or Bills. djeanp7898 Game 22389
“MR. T beat me djeanp7898 Game 22388
I apologize for talking to much crap..but I did what I must djeanp7898 Game 22387
“The “”IM at the wrong time”” game” djeanp7898 Game 22385
“hmm..he’s just not good with his fingers lillefty021 Game 22344
nice game lillefty021 Game 22343
took me this game lillefty021 Game 22342
gg man lillefty021 Game 22341
Blocked extra point gives barry the win! lillefty021 Game 22340
“rolled him up again lillefty021 Game 22309
“rolled him up lillefty021 Game 22308
gg -I almost blew it but defensive stand at the end saved me BamaTecmo Game 22266
GG Canes R Fo Real Game 22257
GG Canes R Fo Real Game 22256
I think you should retire. Kidding man. GG! AJFullam33 Game 22235
too many pass attempts for tolliver proves costly brookstonfowler Game 22197
gg jupie k 83 Game 22195
marshallonium Game 22157
marshallonium Game 22156
marshallonium Game 22155
marshallonium Game 22150
marshallonium Game 22149
djeanp7898 Game 22141
“GG mrPerfectSpiral Game 22137
Tough win mrPerfectSpiral Game 22136
djeanp7898 Game 22066
Elway under massive pressure delivers dumpoff for the TD! djeanp7898 Game 22047
djeanp7898 Game 22046
MRTSB is Evil. swampc1 Game 22044
that keeps recurring swampc1 Game 22043
this is like a nightmare swampc1 Game 22042
a comedy of errors swampc1 Game 22041
a horror tale swampc1 Game 22040
djeanp7898 Game 22027
swampc1 Game 22021
he played mitchell. bad idea.mitchell thrws game losing pick bruddog Game 21998
bad day for schroedy and company. 6 turnovers bruddog Game 21997
got lucky yano182 Game 21989
good win yano182 Game 21988
yano182 Game 21987
got all the breaks yano182 Game 21986
Determined to make a statement. djeanp7898 Game 21928
djeanp7898 Game 21925
djeanp7898 Game 21924
djeanp7898 Game 21918
swampc1 Game 21861
swampc1 Game 21860
swampc1 Game 21859
gg bro lillefty021 Game 21834
“Damn lillefty021 Game 21833
gg buddy lillefty021 Game 21832
I’m starting to doubt Hoge’s ball control stat EscapePlan9 Game 21768
close game EscapePlan9 Game 21756
“B. Humphrey: 214 rush yds altony14 Game 21755
“Elway: 4/11 altony14 Game 21754
“Elway: 249 pass yds altony14 Game 21753
Eamons34 Game 21723
Eamons34 Game 21722
Eamons34 Game 21721
“Long TD pass to Jordan wins it for Min. altony14 Game 21688
Pit: 2 KR TD; Miami not enough to recover altony14 Game 21687
Miami Offense: 4 TO’s key defensive game altony14 Game 21686
2 Steeler safeties shut down Marino altony14 Game 21685
altony14 Game 21684
altony14 Game 21683
Miami wins defensive battle altony14 Game 21682
x try 3… lillefty021 Game 21667
x try 2… lillefty021 Game 21666
x try 1.. lillefty021 Game 21665
Elway the buck toothed bastage… 5 ints! Gross!! swampc1 Game 21623
fg with 2 secs left… heartbroken. swampc1 Game 21622
lillefty021 Game 21540
lillefty021 Game 21539
gg bigmv54 Game 21520
gg bigmv54 Game 21519
gg bigmv54 Game 21518
gg bigmv54 Game 21517
just look at the other 4 games….. bigmv54 Game 21516
he owned me today…. bigmv54 Game 21515
Colts D comes up big w/ 3 ints. Indy got OT cointoss. GG! augieno2 Game 21491
swampc1 Game 21482
EscapePlan9 Game 21476
EscapePlan9 Game 21475
djeanp7898 Game 21471
djeanp7898 Game 21470
got lucky fumble recoveries in this one. swampc1 Game 21422
lillefty021 Game 21421
lillefty021 Game 21420
lillefty021 Game 21419
lillefty021 Game 21418
talk about an effing nail biter! GG man.. lillefty021 Game 21417
from one bub to another….gg bub bigmv54 Game 21406
gg tough loss bub bigmv54 Game 21405
“gg ChaosRison Game 21376
swampc1 Game 21372
AHake21 Game 21328
“””I can flyyyyyyyyyy””” tecmozebo Game 21314
gg tecmozebo Game 21313
what a beatdown gg bpkcchiefs Game 21278
Didn’t realize my rushing yardage was that high… GG augieno2 Game 21275
ugh…he got me ….good player bigmv54 Game 21248
gg homie… bigmv54 Game 21247
close game…always close with us… bigmv54 Game 21246
“Tupa got a little too cocky dajabec Game 21209
for some reason bears pass game was on…idk what happnd bigmv54 Game 21202
ahh…jj at the end…stupid way to win…my bad bigmv54 Game 21201
close games the whole way…gg bro bigmv54 Game 21200
too good for me…tough games…bub bigmv54 Game 21199
this bub rightcheer is good…always good time with mrtecmo bigmv54 Game 21198
djeanp7898 Game 21186
djeanp7898 Game 21185
CPU tried HARD to fuck me. No Vikings = No win vs. me. djeanp7898 Game 21184
swampc1 Game 21171
swampc1 Game 21170
WR’s dropped 10+ passes . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 21162
1 catch for 0 yards is a landmark performance in futility. augieno2 Game 21147
& to think I almost put in McMahon ‘cuz Randall was in Bad. augieno2 Game 21142
lillefty021 Game 21125
smashcoast Game 21109
WHOOO- Obrien to Toon with coolpaparock Game 21106
PIT DEF off the chain- GG and always fun against MRTSB! coolpaparock Game 21105
gg bub bigmv54 Game 21098
he owned me this game…gg bub bigmv54 Game 21097
He shut down my entire run playbook. Very frustrating game. EscapePlan9 Game 21033
djeanp7898 Game 21028
3 long CCs for touchdowns. Enough said. djeanp7898 Game 21026
FUMBLES!!!!! djeanp7898 Game 21025
“my modem went out towards the end marshallonium Game 20988
i lost fumble… i dropped wide open passes… i comeback!! malferds Game 20987
LooevlSwany 17 Game 20985
huge comeback…my man makes me sweat…lol gg bigmv54 Game 20968
control of this game….gg homie bigmv54 Game 20967
he got me here…fell behind early….late fg 4 the atl lol bigmv54 Game 20966
had to rally to get the W here Canes R Fo Real Game 20943
A thorough ass whoopin’ djeanp7898 Game 20921
ints aren’t the same as fmbs- f-ing suck more! GG MRTECMOSUP arncoem Game 20889
call me FUMBLE! arncoem Game 20888
fumble is my f-ing name today!!! arncoem Game 20887
swampc1 Game 20864
Browner is a machine. swampc1 Game 20863
Getting beat this badly ain’t fun anymore. I need help. elmsleycount Game 20859
djeanp7898 Game 20837
I go down 21-0 but somehow battle back and win 27-21 in OT. bruddog Game 20836
OT game number 1. Fumbles fucked him. bruddog Game 20835
djeanp7898 Game 20812
djeanp7898 Game 20811
djeanp7898 Game 20810
EscapePlan9 Game 20801
EscapePlan9 Game 20800
EscapePlan9 Game 20799
Okoye and Thurminator. EscapePlan9 Game 20798
gg bub… bigmv54 Game 20758
he had some bad breaks…i got some pts off of them…gg bigmv54 Game 20750
solid D against a top player gave me just enough…gg bro bigmv54 Game 20749
elmsleycount Game 20734
elmsleycount Game 20733
elmsleycount Game 20732
elmsleycount Game 20731
smashcoast Game 20712
It was competitive till the end there. elmsleycount Game 20709
bpkcchiefs Game 20707
saweet bpkcchiefs Game 20687
swampc1 Game 20605
swampc1 Game 20604
“Woodson roamed the field Canes R Fo Real Game 20601
“GG Canes R Fo Real Game 20600
Got the weird Safety/pass inc. glitch at the end Canes R Fo Real Game 20599
djeanp7898 Game 20581
djeanp7898 Game 20577
djeanp7898 Game 20575
21-0 first quarter defecit proved too much. Nostalgia47 Game 20480
Turnovers force PIT’s OFF hand- GG! coolpaparock Game 20469
i played well this game disastamasta142 Game 20456
Merril Hoge smacked Tupa in the ass w/ a hickory stick! arncoem Game 20450
closer than score.. Tupa provided a serious spark on O! arncoem Game 20443
almost put my fist through my monitor… malferds Game 20436
“long jj by 81ps… wow malferds Game 20435
A lesson in violence. lordsummerisle64 Game 20411
Seven points is not enough against MR vogtcd11 Game 20354
“”” “”” vogtcd11 Game 20353
“Woodson is the man Canes R Fo Real Game 20350
the white man leads an 8 min drive i hate hoge bpkcchiefs Game 20333
sstruck2 Game 20307
he had KR for TD malferds Game 20292
2 great one yard stops for him. and one lost fumble=W for Mr malferds Game 20291
lillefty021 Game 20271
lillefty021 Game 20270
lillefty021 Game 20269
hes got me in the series..but gettin better evrytime i lose. bigmv54 Game 20251
gg homie…. bigmv54 Game 20250
Okoye too much for the Steel Curtain D.. 1 JJ for 1st dwn.. CHIEFSJR83 Game 20249
Only one lesson in violence would not teach again Fumble Wol sowa1291 Game 20186
Good DEF by MRTSB; My OFF ineffective- GG! coolpaparock Game 20163
“game ending field goal gives lillefty da win lillefty021 Game 20145
played like garbage…again lillefty021 Game 20144
played like garbage lillefty021 Game 20143
gg tecmozebo Game 20136
ntl rom gg disastamasta142 Game 20047
“NTL preseason NEngland “”D”” WAS ON FIRE! RICE WAS NICE” arncoem Game 19883
djeanp7898 Game 19882
MIN offense too predictable. GG. djeanp7898 Game 19812
Comeback win for the Broncos. GG. djeanp7898 Game 19811
Bad Moon :( Canes R Fo Real Game 19786
JJ had enuff in the tank to finish him off Canes R Fo Real Game 19784
djeanp7898 Game 19782
JT234523 Game 19751
JT234523 Game 19750
Total Def. struggle. swampc1 Game 19728
Pit D awesome swampc1 Game 19727
what a nice guy —- LooevlSwany 17 Game 19676
he killed me 49-0 but i lost my connection in anthr game LooevlSwany 17 Game 19675
close! damn i was close couldn’t stop him last 4th LooevlSwany 17 Game 19673
1st 4 poss…fumbles…last 2 poss…fumbles….one bigmv54 Game 19641
Johnny went hog wild 2nd half Canes R Fo Real Game 19628
“VGG…It was close throughout JT234523 Game 19603
djeanp7898 Game 19542
djeanp7898 Game 19541
GG brookstonfowler Game 19479
pit D smothered the birds force many a TO brookstonfowler Game 19478
dal offered more not throwing int or fumbling brookstonfowler Game 19477
class act washingtonGM Game 19373
swampc1 Game 19338
swampc1 Game 19337
swampc1 Game 19330
“Quit? Down 7 jackmovedaily Game 19327
Contemptible play. Drops backs constantly for CCs and JJs. TecmoTron Game 19326
TecmoTron Game 19325
TecmoTron Game 19324
waits until next day 2 submit sta didn’t want 0-42 on top 10 arncoem Game 19263
“caught arncoem Game 19260
Rich Gannon came in and got the job done! arncoem Game 19258
sstruck2 Game 19193
sstruck2 Game 19192
sstruck2 Game 19191
flyawayandy Game 19171
flyawayandy Game 19170
TecmoTron Game 19155
TecmoTron Game 19151
Thanks for the help… AHake21 Game 18977
“closer than score arncoem Game 18942
GG CHIEFSJR83 Game 18886
GG CHIEFSJR83 Game 18885
GG CHIEFSJR83 Game 18884
no comment…… bigmv54 Game 18777
GhstDg273 Game 18761
GhstDg273 Game 18760
MIA Missed FG with 1:00 left gives DET win; Peete (DET) 2 TD altony14 Game 18738
“B. Sanders (DET): 127 rysh yds altony14 Game 18737
I got my ass kicked djeanp7898 Game 18701
djeanp7898 Game 18700
djeanp7898 Game 18699
“98 yards total offense Tecmo Dummy Game 18675
“His TD’s 1. roided 98yard fummy return Tecmo Dummy Game 18674
everything went right for the bears…even passing!!! gg bigmv54 Game 18637
A Lesson in Lionlence. DET D holds EvilBeast to 39 yards Tecmo Dummy Game 18630
“GG here Tecmo Dummy Game 18629
Ball control and a walk off FG is the tale here Tecmo Dummy Game 18628
D-Town=Defense Town. Min held to 120 yards on 1/9 passin Tecmo Dummy Game 18627
MRTSB showed me who was boss with GIA- GG! coolpaparock Game 18562
MRTSB kept it close; always fun against him- GG! coolpaparock Game 18560
Butts and Tolliver pace Bolts; MRTSB not himself- GG! coolpaparock Game 18559
He beat me fair and square djeanp7898 Game 18533
djeanp7898 Game 18532
blew a 10 pt lead…lose in ot….i love that bigmv54 Game 18528
GhstDg273 Game 18503
tough Def for the giants….couldnt get anything goin bigmv54 Game 18485
contained LT….passing game did well for once.. bigmv54 Game 18477
“GG … Played consistant vogtcd11 Game 18433
bigmv54 Game 18395
eeegad!!! good ole butt whoopin bigmv54 Game 18394
“I didn’t want to use the Bills djeanp7898 Game 18366
“GG Canes R Fo Real Game 18363
Emmitt and Cowboyz D 2 much 2 handle Opus12 Game 18361
Good DEF battle; FG wins it- GG! coolpaparock Game 18355
Mrino was on the ground all game. Fish was Squished! arncoem Game 18347
Woodson vs Randall battle. Randy too much arncoem Game 18346
GB just doesn’t have the team speed to slow down BUF djeanp7898 Game 18342
mack truck looked like a ford ranger at best marshallonium Game 18340
“he’s a machine that has no feelings marshallonium Game 18339
sstruck2 Game 18308
“GG Canes R Fo Real Game 18287
djeanp7898 Game 18286
djeanp7898 Game 18285
djeanp7898 Game 18284
djeanp7898 Game 18283
More domination bruddog Game 18157
Domination. bruddog Game 18156
he had his chances but I won toss. bruddog Game 18155
I got my ass whooped djeanp7898 Game 18133
Fortuitous djeanp7898 Game 18132
Thrashing djeanp7898 Game 18128
He got lucky djeanp7898 Game 18116
You got your tail kicked. Who’s cryin’ now? LOL! djeanp7898 Game 18115
AJFullam33 Game 18112
Had to resort to SF to take some frustration out foxmulder724 Game 18097
Early TD and 4th down stop the difference for MIA altony14 Game 18049
“GGame altony14 Game 18048
“gg ChaosRison Game 18040
beatdown #2 bruddog Game 18032
beatdown#1 bruddog Game 18031
a lesson in pacifism marshallonium Game 18027
Gary fumbles twice when in the lead; violence followed- GG! coolpaparock Game 17986
Serious lag may have kept me from violence- GG! coolpaparock Game 17980
“Yay foxmulder724 Game 17961
sstruck2 Game 17895
sstruck2 Game 17894
sstruck2 Game 17893
sstruck2 Game 17892
Good game. Held me to 3 field goals. djeanp7898 Game 17858
Greene trips on a blitz and gives up the winning TD djeanp7898 Game 17847
“Tight game Canes R Fo Real Game 17839
Bunch of CCs for buffalo but great redzone D gets the W 4 me Canes R Fo Real Game 17838
94 PC QB pretty much unstoppable Canes R Fo Real Game 17837
QB Bills and a plethora of CCs Canes R Fo Real Game 17836
Sloppy game. Tons of turnovers. Pats hit a couple big passes lordsummerisle64 Game 17817
2 fumbles saved your ass and you know it. djeanp7898 Game 17792
limoboy484 Game 17748
limoboy484 Game 17747
limoboy484 Game 17746
djeanp7898 Game 17743
The cripple can’t live without the crutch djeanp7898 Game 17741
limoboy484 Game 17730
Had my chance to win this game in the end but choked limoboy484 Game 17729
limoboy484 Game 17728
“he had a deep dropped pass wide open malferds Game 17611
Sorry dooolos Game 17593
Bad vs. Ugly dooolos Game 17592
JT234523 Game 17564
GG…Thurman was solid JT234523 Game 17563
made LTcry… malferds Game 17562
djeanp7898 Game 17534
“GG skills324 Game 17492
JT234523 Game 17486
JT234523 Game 17485
Tolliver in BAD almost blew it. Bolts hang on. lordsummerisle64 Game 17482
Cincinnati O falls apart too many drops tough Lions D sowa1291 Game 17454
Watch Barry run CIN O falls apart can score against tough DD sowa1291 Game 17453
Tough match up watch Barry run watch Coffer Sack sowa1291 Game 17452
Tough match up watch Barry run watch Coffer Sack sowa1291 Game 17451
Bad day for pete can’t stop Berry sowa1291 Game 17450
Didn’t know he picked the Hawks djeanp7898 Game 17394
“GG skills324 Game 17382
djeanp7898 Game 17367
djeanp7898 Game 17361
djeanp7898 Game 17343
Neal tames the Beast. lordsummerisle64 Game 17284
He just dropped back and threw bombs almost the whole game djeanp7898 Game 17277
djeanp7898 Game 17232
djeanp7898 Game 17227
djeanp7898 Game 17226
Bailey with 2 tds dajabec Game 17224
Good defense after first play wide open bomb dajabec Game 17223
“GG skills324 Game 17182
A lesson in REVENGE!!! mrsdzruy65 Game 17173
AJFullam33 Game 17139
Next time I’ll be a team that’s at least close in rank marshallonium Game 17075
A hard-earned victory for EVILBEAST djeanp7898 Game 17004
djeanp7898 Game 17002
djeanp7898 Game 17001
I suck lordsummerisle64 Game 16948
I suck lordsummerisle64 Game 16947
I suck lordsummerisle64 Game 16946
djeanp7898 Game 16921
djeanp7898 Game 16919
djeanp7898 Game 16918
djeanp7898 Game 16917
djeanp7898 Game 16916
ahorst5477 Game 16805
ahorst5477 Game 16782
ahorst5477 Game 16781
ahorst5477 Game 16780
ahorst5477 Game 16779
ahorst5477 Game 16749
ahorst5477 Game 16748
ahorst5477 Game 16747
Never punted or stopped djeanp7898 Game 16740
“An INT djeanp7898 Game 16726
Bears start slow but onslaught in 2nd half buries Giants. lordsummerisle64 Game 16705
PIT defense up to the task of handling the G-Men. lordsummerisle64 Game 16704
marshallonium Game 16679
marshallonium Game 16678
djeanp7898 Game 16651
Saints can’t stop Gmen passing attack sowa1291 Game 16523
Morton Anderson fg the difference in tight match up sowa1291 Game 16522
Metcalf Fumbles too many times against a tough GmanD sowa1291 Game 16518
Big stops by the dog pound at the right times gg beasts sowa1291 Game 16517
djeanp7898 Game 16489
djeanp7898 Game 16486
the Beasts just werent that evil. Maybe untamed animals Tecmo Dummy Game 16440
The evil beast is tamed and neutered Tecmo Dummy Game 16383
“GG skills324 Game 16366
“GG skills324 Game 16365
“GG skills324 Game 16364
“GG skills324 Game 16363
Nice guy. 1st TPC game. Good luck on TPC! lordsummerisle64 Game 16339