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Positive Feedback %: 100 %
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Thunderdome Rd.1 diazmjd Game 75002
really bad breaks for the Jets in this one. Steelers had drone power gg man kamphuna8 Game 74471
GGs man. Nice meeting ya kamphuna8 Game 74451
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 74450
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 74449
really close gg jschuler89 Game 74421
gg, nice guy vikingmoe02 Game 74420
another tough one, but kept playing hard vikingmoe02 Game 74419
tough game, good sport vikingmoe02 Game 74418
gg vikingmoe02 Game 74417
gg purplehaze Game 73813
gg purplehaze Game 73810
gg War Machine Game 73737
gg War Machine Game 73736
gg! Welcome to TPC! War Machine Game 73735
gg.. late JJ to Mel Gray that was uncalled for.. i should have threw it to Clark.. :) tecmo_magnus28 Game 73730
Agonizing loss with 20 seconds left in OT. Bad fumble by QB Eagles! But GG! johnnyrocker Game 73723
GG johnnyrocker Game 73692
Six interceptions and a fumble?!?! GG johnnyrocker Game 73689