Hi there!2027Feedback for Rozy

Total Net Feedback: 13
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 3
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 13
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for Rozy
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gg War Machine Game 73883
gg War Machine Game 73882
gg War Machine Game 73703
gg War Machine Game 73702
No Comment noonan Game 73599
No Comment noonan Game 73598
No Comment War Machine Game 73291
No Comment War Machine Game 73289
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 73280
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 73279
Kept it close.. GG! noonan Game 73193
GG man… nearly OT with his comeback… noonan Game 73192
Newer to TPC, but will vouch for him. Good guy noonan Game 73189