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Total Net Feedback: 54
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 11
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 54
All negative feedback received: 0

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No Comment TheTPCGuy Game 75613
hard fault battle but kc de holds chi at the goal from tying it late in the 4th. GG joeygats Game 75543
GG joeygats Game 75542
No Comment ragu0012 Game 75527
No Comment ragu0012 Game 75526
No Comment ragu0012 Game 75525
GG joeygats Game 75488
crazy wild crazy back and fourth game GG joeygats Game 75487
ccs galore ugh GG joeygats Game 75455
Couple of fumbles helped on this one…. rockman Game 75450
Good Game. Good practice against T Formation rockman Game 75449
No Comment ngunn421 Game 75358
No Comment ngunn421 Game 75357
No Comment ngunn421 Game 75356
GG joeygats Game 75284
GG joeygats Game 75216
GG joeygats Game 75215
GG joeygats Game 75214
GG joeygats Game 75213
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 75169
GG. starcastler Game 74876
GG. starcastler Game 74874
GG. starcastler Game 74873
ggs gotsb kamphuna8 Game 74454
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 74453
Gg. Really bad fumble luck that time. starcastler Game 74416
Gg. Insane 7 ints by him. starcastler Game 74415
Gg. starcastler Game 74414
Gg. Some late ints saved it for me. starcastler Game 74413
Gg. starcastler Game 74412
okoye!! jschuler89 Game 74394
gg jschuler89 Game 74393
johnson!! jschuler89 Game 74392
gg jschuler89 Game 74391
My face hurts. gg. Valliac Game 74369
Suddenly i’m 8 again and my dad chose the Raiders. Fuckin Bo. Good game. Valliac Game 74368
Gg. Almost won with a Neal Anderson run on the last play of the game! starcastler Game 74317
Gg. starcastler Game 74315
Gg. starcastler Game 74314
Gg. starcastler Game 74313
Gg. What a blowout! starcastler Game 74312
Gg. starcastler Game 74311
gg jschuler89 Game 74273
gg jschuler89 Game 74272
close game jschuler89 Game 74139
couldn’t catch a break jschuler89 Game 74138
so close jschuler89 Game 74137
dang you darrell green jschuler89 Game 74136
too many turnovers jschuler89 Game 74135
No Comment michael Game 72996
No Comment michael Game 72995
No Comment michael Game 72994
No Comment michael Game 72993
No Comment michael Game 72992