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Total Net Feedback: 420
Positive Feedback %: 99.53 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 93
Tecmoers who left a negative: 2
All positive feedback received: 422
All negative feedback received: 2

Feedback Left by Opponents for skills324
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Two fumbles inside my 30 and a pic-man o man sticking to original ROM instead of random lol. chris nichols Game 77611
Fantastic game with all the drama of a championship bout! chris nichols Game 77609
No Comment lonelyVoxel Game 77318
No Comment lonelyVoxel Game 77317
No Comment lonelyVoxel Game 77267
No Comment lonelyVoxel Game 77266
gg – I caught some breaks on 4th down prayers to Ellard and McGee in “Good” ptitteri Game 76438
Skills dominated this one! Schooling me on the inadequacies of the SeaChickens! ptitteri Game 76431
No Comment ptitteri Game 76317
No Comment ptitteri Game 76316
I love bad connections!! Ur awesome man AHake21 Game 25679
close one err cologne Game 25548
“3 fumbles (Mack coolpaparock Game 25511
Skills comes outta retirement for this one. GG! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 25279
sstruck2 Game 18139
sstruck2 Game 18138
sstruck2 Game 18137
gota be the paddle. lol. wierd fumble kept me in game bigmv54 Game 17883
dont score 1st on skills. he’ll role up 44 straight bigmv54 Game 17882
RAMs a notch slower in this one. GG! coolpaparock Game 17766
Randal INTs lead to unbalanced attack. GG! coolpaparock Game 17765
“Skills breaking in new controller! Nonetheless coolpaparock Game 17764
sstruck2 Game 17759
boomer ate me up….well played game by skills bigmv54 Game 17715
late rush td by anderson clinched it….gg bra bigmv54 Game 17714
good ole whoopin again… bigmv54 Game 17607
skills can play…. bigmv54 Game 17606
um….u know what i love these whoopins….i have nothin…. bigmv54 Game 17605
Skills takes advantage of a costly TO (INT) in OT: GG! coolpaparock Game 17536
WR help no where to be found in this drubbing! GG! coolpaparock Game 17508
Trudy put too much pressure on Pats OFF- GG! coolpaparock Game 17507
Pats OFF couldn’t get started; Bently runs wild! GG! coolpaparock Game 17506
A lesson in violence. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17492
GG- Turnovers and possession made the difference! coolpaparock Game 17440
“GG- took advantage of the turnovers coolpaparock Game 17439
“GG- Safety the difference; however coolpaparock Game 17438
“great game dajabec Game 17425
Skills just a better player. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17382
kissquantrill Game 17378
“GG nxbx582 Game 17317
Tomzak INT’d to thwart a tied afair in a close but GG! coolpaparock Game 17280
Game closer than score; good DEF battle until the end. GG! coolpaparock Game 17279
sstruck2 Game 17233
A lesson in violence. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17182
Heartbreaker: Tolliver back to pass and sacked in EZ! GG! coolpaparock Game 17169
MIN DEF is solid; holds Anderson in check. GG! coolpaparock Game 17168
AJFullam33 Game 17150
vogtcd11 Game 17135
vogtcd11 Game 17134
vogtcd11 Game 17132
kissquantrill Game 17120
sstruck2 Game 17110
sstruck2 Game 17109
“fumble brookstonfowler Game 17036
VGG; jets get a fumble and some breaks for the win brookstonfowler Game 17033
kissquantrill Game 16992
kissquantrill Game 16991
kissquantrill Game 16990
kissquantrill Game 16989
kissquantrill Game 16988
“Tough game with dropped passes tsbrules Game 16889
Fauxnetic Game 16847
Fauxnetic Game 16846
all my fumbles didnt help me at all LooevlSwany 17 Game 16841
thurman was hung over it wasn’t fair LooevlSwany 17 Game 16840
“EMMIT arncoem Game 16798
arse whoopin.. nyg had nothing going for them arncoem Game 16797
very clsoe game. nice runs! arncoem Game 16796
Bavarro with the clutch endzone catch with no time left. swampc1 Game 16380
Raiders had no D swampc1 Game 16379
A heartbreaker. swampc1 Game 16378
WAS passing too much. swampc1 Game 16377
skills got the turnovers/ PIT D was awesome. swampc1 Game 16376
GG-slipped away. Skills made great plays down the stretch. coolpaparock Game 16367
I didn’t feel that great about this win. Not much to M2R GripsmokeTecmo Game 16323
ahorst5477 Game 16293
ahorst5477 Game 16292
ahorst5477 Game 16291
ahorst5477 Game 16290
Skills D ensures Skins can’t capitalize on three TO’s. GG. MattEatsSocks Game 16271
“Everything that could go wrong lordsummerisle64 Game 16266
Tight game. I made my FGs and got a couple key turnovers. lordsummerisle64 Game 16265
OUCH JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 16243
GG JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 16242
“VGG JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 16241
goblue287 Game 16232
goblue287 Game 16231
Last second TD by bears in 4th. Glad to not get destroyed.GG MattEatsSocks Game 16162
GG- but ugly; Skills D kept me from taking advantage of TOs coolpaparock Game 16157
“Not bad; some chances coolpaparock Game 16155
GG- got jump happy (me); resulted in big plays (Skills)! coolpaparock Game 16118
“Went to air; however coolpaparock Game 16117
Had some chances against a great player. I will be back . . coolpaparock Game 16113
“His O and D all went to Good. Nonetheless coolpaparock Game 16069
Turnovers on both sides. Randall too much a one trick pony. coolpaparock Game 16068
Great player! Really showed how much work I need to do. coolpaparock Game 16067
“Really good game jrthomas66 Game 16061
great game… down to the wire… arncoem Game 16011
close 1! great game!! arncoem Game 16010
gg… arncoem Game 16009
thx for the tips of desguising my runs with pass LooevlSwany 17 Game 15961
damn missed field goals gg LooevlSwany 17 Game 15960
thx for the tips LooevlSwany 17 Game 15959
thx for the tips LooevlSwany 17 Game 15958
thx for the tips LooevlSwany 17 Game 15957
I played like a big brown stinky one. JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 15948
Not the turnover ridden game it should have been. Spitgeist Game 15940
Tough D Spitgeist Game 15938
Closer than it looks….er…yeah….real tight…………. Spitgeist Game 15937
TecMongrel Game 15933
TecMongrel Game 15932
Lotsa turnovers…lots and lots… TecMongrel Game 15931
TecMongrel Game 15916
TecMongrel Game 15915
Good comeback not enough. GG JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 15885
0 pass yrds for him He ran all over me in the clutch OUCH GG JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 15866
I passed like a Pro oopse forgot to run INTSKILLEDME haha GG JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 15865
3 Int I should have won but thats y they call him Skillz DOH JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 15864
TE Holman w/ 2 TD Drops nxbx582 Game 15852
TecMongrel Game 15840
“GG..Missed Opportunities JT234523 Game 15772
sstruck2 Game 15768
sstruck2 Game 15767
had to leave early dajabec Game 15763
harbaugh = rex…. skills is tough vs run dajabec Game 15762
So close! Great game all the way to the end. Spitgeist Game 15711
Kept it a little closer…fun game Spitgeist Game 15710
“Ok Spitgeist Game 15709
“GG masondunnaway Game 15658
disinfectantd Game 15559
disinfectantd Game 15557
disinfectantd Game 15556
disinfectantd Game 15555
great games! close 1! arncoem Game 15546
fumbilitis!! lol. great player! arncoem Game 15545
disinfectantd Game 15524
disinfectantd Game 15523
disinfectantd Game 15519
disinfectantd Game 15518
disinfectantd Game 15517
My first touchdown! Spitgeist Game 15485
I was going for an accurate portrayal of the 2006 Raiders… Spitgeist Game 15484
“GG masondunnaway Game 15426
“GG masondunnaway Game 15425
“GG masondunnaway Game 15424
masondunnaway Game 15363
GG couldnt get anyting together in the 2nd half JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 15357
GG- Hey…at least this time I got some points on the board! Spitgeist Game 15351
masondunnaway Game 15348
masondunnaway Game 15347
“GG james tecmo Game 15225
Not a good outing for the Chiefs in this debacle james tecmo Game 15224
Indy defense studly. Chuck8303 Game 15222
sstruck2 Game 15123
sstruck2 Game 15122
sstruck2 Game 15121
“Colts marshallonium Game 15080
“Good game al5195 Game 15068
jwfriday3 Game 15032
jwfriday3 Game 15031
VGG. Bears’ secondary too much to overcome in the end lordsummerisle64 Game 15028
jwfriday3 Game 15026
“Great player jwfriday3 Game 14971
“ol fashion ass whippin Tecmo Dummy Game 14953
“Damn Tecmo Dummy Game 14952
“Battle of the blow me teams Tecmo Dummy Game 14951
JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14941
JT234523 Game 14915
JT234523 Game 14914
JT234523 Game 14913
JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14907
great player JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14829
great player JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14828
Good mix of run and pass for Colts. My run D was horrid! lordsummerisle64 Game 14790
GB Defense too slow to handle Anderson/Bailey combo. GG lordsummerisle64 Game 14789
Couple of JJ’s to Marv Cook the difference here lordsummerisle64 Game 14788
“EPIC game Tecmo Dummy Game 14737
JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14663
JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14662
close but no cigar would hav smokd my own with this nice guy JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14639
positive butt wooping haha lol JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14634
good guy JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14631
Great teacher nice guy JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14628
Coin flip helps decide this one. Neal destroyed me as usual! lordsummerisle64 Game 14620
Safety in 2nd swung momentum. Baker with huge game. lordsummerisle64 Game 14618
“GIA up 14-0 lordsummerisle64 Game 14617
“good game marshallonium Game 14581
fun to play with EARLdaBEAR Game 14476
fun to play with EARLdaBEAR Game 14474
fun to play with EARLdaBEAR Game 14473
Buffalo D slows the Raiders while Thomas runs wild. GG icjason13 Game 14387
TedCawkwell Game 14364
TedCawkwell Game 14363
tough rubber match against opponent who has beaten me most marshallonium Game 14355
odds are i gotta win sometimes marshallonium Game 14354
i couldn’t capitalize on 2 turnovers marshallonium Game 14353
TedCawkwell Game 14349
a true NFC classic TedCawkwell Game 14348
gg Nostalgia47 Game 14342
“GG. GIA 4 fumbles icjason13 Game 14340
GG. Carrier catches everything thrown ending three drives. icjason13 Game 14339
“GG.Skills controls the game icjason13 Game 14338
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 14325
“GG lordsummerisle64 Game 14286
very nice person cubs01908 Game 14248
This gave me a good wakeup @$$wooping haha JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14245
Another fun game against skills324 marshallonium Game 14242
Tough game against a tough player marshallonium Game 14241
Early TO proves costly. ‘Boys score a cosmetic TD at end.GG icjason13 Game 14160
EARLdaBEAR Game 14128
Close game Happy new year sowa1291 Game 14120
Bear D tough Can’t stop Bear O sowa1291 Game 14088
“chi D forces the fumbles brookstonfowler Game 14074
bear’s D shuts down rams brookstonfowler Game 14070
Two fumbles and an int for the Colts = loss sowa1291 Game 14058
Went for a 4th & 1 instead of FG. Play called. All Min after augieno2 Game 14055
Never milk the clock w/ your punter against Chicago. Ever! augieno2 Game 14054
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 14047
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 14046
big interception by haddix stopped the chicago drive in 4th PoundtheRock30 Game 14037
i stupidly passed up a fg oppurtunity to win at end of reg marshallonium Game 14033
3 or 4 turnovers against a good player is tough to overcome marshallonium Game 14032
2 TD lead early for ATL but chicago scores 4 TD’s quickly PoundtheRock30 Game 14020
good all around game. Humphrey got the ground game going PoundtheRock30 Game 14019
Good ole shit bowl game here Canes R Fo Real Game 14018
Lashur14 Game 13993
AWESOME!!! WONDERFUL!!! TUBULAR!!! GREAT!!! silviatarmack Game 13990
“Seattle Tecmo Dummy Game 13982
“Good game marshallonium Game 13981
Bears and skills324 smoked me marshallonium Game 13980
“Buffalo’s linemen weren’t drug-tested marshallonium Game 13979
This was my 2nd online game marshallonium Game 13978
brookstonfowler Game 13950
Sea WR runs out of bounds @ end of 4th. NE gets OT cointoss. augieno2 Game 13948
“GG. Fumble led to great 2nd icjason13 Game 13906
Chuck8303 Game 13887
Chuck8303 Game 13886
Tecmo Dummy Game 13872
Tecmo Dummy Game 13871
Tecmo Dummy Game 13870
Tecmo Dummy Game 13853
laughingazelle Game 13828
laughingazelle Game 13827
Chuck8303 Game 13782
Chuck8303 Game 13781
Chuck8303 Game 13736
Play for play all the way. Late 1st half turnover the diff. nxbx582 Game 13695
Just couldn’t get any O going. kain6b Game 13631
still learning kain6b Game 13630
learning process kain6b Game 13629
GG. Two lost fumbles created the spread in this one. icjason13 Game 13628
“a good EARLdaBEAR Game 13627
great help for a first timer newtonmonroe80 Game 13625
great fun and a good sport newtonmonroe80 Game 13624
brookstonfowler Game 13585
brookstonfowler Game 13584
Tecmo Dummy Game 13401
Lots of turnovers in this affair. Huge game for Singletary. lordsummerisle64 Game 13394
“GG lordsummerisle64 Game 13393
“Great offense djeanp7898 Game 13392
I want Kevin Greene tested for steroids djeanp7898 Game 13391
Igal0008 Game 13340
Igal0008 Game 13339
Just how far can a Tecmo kicker kick? lol icjason13 Game 13206
jbags81 Game 13155
QBsBane Game 13007
QBsBane Game 13006
“VGG mrsdzruy65 Game 12970
“gg mrsdzruy65 Game 12969
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 12945
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 12944
“Great player mrsdzruy65 Game 12942
Neal Still killed me Canes R Fo Real Game 12805
Neal was teh real deal Canes R Fo Real Game 12795
farmerfran81 Game 12746
farmerfran81 Game 12745
Not checking my roster 1st in 3rd Q = Bad Cond Barry fumble augieno2 Game 12513
Butler misses game tying FG as time expires. Bounced out. augieno2 Game 12512
Chi in FG range but couldn’t get out of bounds to stop clock augieno2 Game 12421
Bad Cond Boomer = 2 ints. Last drive Chi converts on 4th Dwn augieno2 Game 12403
Brooks fumbled on 1 in 4th. Woulda tied it 14-14. Oh well. augieno2 Game 12402
Great Game derrickbopp Game 12007
molinos54 Game 12005
Waster away a game mightymexican11 Game 11928
Hang on to the ball Okoye!!!! mightymexican11 Game 11927
Demolished mightymexican11 Game 11926
9 mightymexican11 Game 11900
7 mightymexican11 Game 11899
8 GooseEgg53 Game 11828
8 GooseEgg53 Game 11827
8 GooseEgg53 Game 11826
GooseEgg53 Game 11787
GG! I need to find me a defense jimme999 Game 11705
GooseEgg53 Game 11669
GooseEgg53 Game 11668
GooseEgg53 Game 11665
GooseEgg53 Game 11664
“GG jimme999 Game 11660
jimme999 Game 11656
jimme999 Game 11655
GooseEgg53 Game 11654
Very close. Lucky KO fumble made a big difference. dooolos Game 9578
Tough to stop. couldn’t get much offense goin. gg jdub328605 Game 9577
Good Def Battle: colstly turnovers could have changed game marq1529 Game 9515
“Costly INT each. diff was with :10 1st half AvoidGregLloyd Game 9506
tied at 14 picked off a pass and then fumbled on the return jdub328605 Game 9461
SEA defense blitzed early+often;GB fought valiantly to end Laudrup35 Game 9350
“Last Play: 80 yd hail mary bomb augieno2 Game 9326
“He fumbled at my 5 on 3rd down AvoidGregLloyd Game 9185
last chance foiled when after an auto dive I was drone tckld AvoidGregLloyd Game 9184
“Drove against my prevent AvoidGregLloyd Game 9183
“gg ChaosRison Game 9173
Slimey67 Game 9015
“Sorry man MP133 Game 8923
“gg MP133 Game 8922
gg jurikobeski Game 8461
gg jurikobeski Game 8460
“he recovered an onside kick AvoidGregLloyd Game 8431
kcchiefs12983 Game 8313
GG al5195 Game 8240
CalifMike2 Game 8154
CalifMike2 Game 8153
so many fumbles and ints. CRAZY! Phil da Skill Game 8134
“Peete came through were Sanders didn’t TecMongrel Game 8131
Call me the fumble master…great run D too TecMongrel Game 8130
elgrandestimpo Game 8128
Rice stole the show and SF defense dominated gg Bradly91277 Game 8080
Last second TD was the difference.. TecMongrel Game 8068
Game winning field goal was the difference… TecMongrel Game 8067
TecMongrel Game 8063
TecMongrel Game 8062
TecMongrel Game 8028
TecMongrel Game 8027
TecMongrel Game 8026
TecMongrel Game 8025
“tough game. after EZ int in 4th AvoidGregLloyd Game 8005
“gg ChaosRison Game 7968
“Pick deep in his territory AvoidGregLloyd Game 7933
“He beat me with Woodside AvoidGregLloyd Game 7932
D from Greene and 2 td’s to Flipper got it done. AvoidGregLloyd Game 7931
OT thriller between 2 also-rans. AvoidGregLloyd Game 7930
“I was on acid or something AvoidGregLloyd Game 7929
Another close one CalifMike2 Game 7744
GripsmokeTecmo Game 7737
GripsmokeTecmo Game 7736
Clutch FG GripsmokeTecmo Game 7735
“ugh AvoidGregLloyd Game 7717
Minnesota..a team I want to like but keep getting killed. AvoidGregLloyd Game 7716
good game fhcsc58 Game 7699
CalifMike2 Game 7688
fhcsc58 Game 7656
i got 2 kr return td’s in one game.. ouch soad1612 Game 7649
“another defensive effort by SF Bradly91277 Game 7648
“SF played good D Bradly91277 Game 7647
“GIA played execllent D but just wasnt enough to stop rice Bradly91277 Game 7646
“Chicago native JacenLockheart Game 7611
skills + lloyd = 10-7 AvoidGregLloyd Game 7610
Over/Under 20 every game. AvoidGregLloyd Game 7607
For the first time here I felt unbeatable. AvoidGregLloyd Game 7605
GripsmokeTecmo Game 7581
Good player. Fun to play against. dooolos Game 7556
good game……super laggy tho rmauriceg3784 Game 7537
smashcoast Game 7535
D-FENSE. I missed FG at final gun. AvoidGregLloyd Game 7533
schooled by skills. AvoidGregLloyd Game 7531
D-FENSE once again. made FG this time. AvoidGregLloyd Game 7525
Great sport….a pleasure to play against MP133 Game 7519
Thanks a bunch for the game MP133 Game 7518
I shoulda played the colts. silviatarmack Game 7472
gg. Closer than the score indicates. jurikobeski Game 7467
sf defense dominated and rice played good as usual Bradly91277 Game 7353
“defensive game Bradly91277 Game 7352
“intense battle Bradly91277 Game 7351
gg Bradly91277 Game 7302
gg Bradly91277 Game 7301
amazing game. a few key ints’ won this. tecmocrusher Game 7297
gg jshaw5442 Game 7291
gg Bradly91277 Game 7287
gg Bradly91277 Game 7286
gg Bradly91277 Game 7267
gg Bradly91277 Game 7266
Heckuva button masher… Blazin’ fast on the A button waterhead1977 Game 7257
gg Bradly91277 Game 7255
gg Bradly91277 Game 7253
good new guy to play silviatarmack Game 7217
“1 fumble and 1 int put you down but you played hard Bradly91277 Game 7150
fun ViolentDre14 Game 7144
Bradly91277 Game 7141
I finally gotcha! donsupertecmo Game 7108
Gotta Love the Fumbles donsupertecmo Game 7086
Enjoyed the game – donsupertecmo Game 7080
Tough game! donsupertecmo Game 7079
Nice finish! donsupertecmo Game 7078
Great Game donsupertecmo Game 7077
Wow donsupertecmo Game 7010
gg Bradly91277 Game 6857
ChaosRison Game 6848
gg Bradly91277 Game 6844
gg FloIsMyName Game 6842
gg JockyNerd32 Game 6835
GG….2 fumbles on kickoffs always helps tecmodan Game 6826
“2 Bo Jackson fumbles…ouch MP133 Game 6817
“good game MP133 Game 6816
gg Bradly91277 Game 6815
gg Bradly91277 Game 6814
gg Bradly91277 Game 6813
Finally took me down…. went to the wire again AutzenNoise14 Game 6787
went to the wire. Defensive game. Nice guy. AutzenNoise14 Game 6781
ggod game man Bradly91277 Game 6776
i got owned gg man Bradly91277 Game 6773
ggs AutzenNoise14 Game 6768
ggs AutzenNoise14 Game 6762
keep trying to learn the way of the online tecmo tecmocrusher Game 6742
onside kicks and marion butts won this one for me. tecmocrusher Game 6740
Good player. Fun to play against. dooolos Game 6088
Good TPCr. dooolos Game 6087
Close game. GG. dooolos Game 6086
“GG TeamPIP1 Game 6078
“GG He will be a great player soon LittleMac0000 Game 6075
gg tecmodan Game 6071