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Total Net Feedback: 227
Positive Feedback %: 99.56 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 24
Tecmoers who left a negative: 1
All positive feedback received: 228
All negative feedback received: 1

Feedback Left by Opponents for oklahoma
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GG joeygats Game 75369
GG joeygats Game 75368
Fumble seals buf fate late GG joeygats Game 75257
Crazy back and fourth game GG joeygats Game 75256
GG joeygats Game 75255
GG joeygats Game 75254
gg War Machine Game 74378
gg War Machine Game 74377
Aikman heard you talking smack about him, so he served up 3 picks. GG drake Game 74365
GG drake Game 74364
gg War Machine Game 74334
gg jschuler89 Game 74247
couldn’t catch a break jschuler89 Game 74245
2015 March to Glory Semi-finals War Machine Game 74241
thank you for the clinic bo :) drake Game 74120
My lone score courtesy of a beautiful 100 yard return from Haddix…otherwise smoked! drake Game 74103
BHumph put it on the turf twice, though I got both back…couldve gone different. drake Game 74101
No Comment drake Game 74098
good close games all right down to the wire drake Game 74078
good close games all right down to the wire drake Game 74077
good close games all right down to the wire drake Game 74076
i blew it big time smh acl tear duecel00se Game 74026
a win had to happen “sooner” or later lol duecel00se Game 74025
bob the builder couldn’t put together my puzzles duecel00se Game 74024
No Comment purplehaze Game 73790
Hillard and the D was the story. SammieSmith33 Game 73714
Final Drive in OT Fulcher comes up big SammieSmith33 Game 73713
Defensive Battle Millard went roids for a moment SammieSmith33 Game 73712
No Comment Stalltalk Game 73694
No Comment Stalltalk Game 73693
Dildo thumb may have prevented him from winning a grapple. heardyasquash Game 73676
gg War Machine Game 73600
gg War Machine Game 73448
gg War Machine Game 73447
No Comment heardyasquash Game 73299
No Comment heardyasquash Game 73298
No Comment heardyasquash Game 73297
No Comment heardyasquash Game 73271
TB OL crumpled. GG man LuckyTool Game 73235
Tecmo kept GB to only 5 fumbles heardyasquash Game 73229
score says otherwise but a this was a moral victory here. elwayed heardyasquash Game 73228
field position game, int to ne for the victory heardyasquash Game 73227
Couple of picks helped big time. GG LuckyTool Game 73191
Good first drive, then got shut down. GG LuckyTool Game 73190
No Comment War Machine Game 72979
No Comment War Machine Game 72968
No Comment War Machine Game 72965
No Comment chino_pino Game 72944
No Comment chino_pino Game 72943
gg keirre1981 Game 72934
gg keirre1981 Game 72933
gg keirre1981 Game 72931
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72925
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72924
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72923
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72902
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72901
racks up the score. no class. heardyasquash Game 72868
his turbo must have been broken, cause he was getting tossed. heardyasquash Game 72863
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72862
gg heardyasquash Game 72849
jj blowout. heardyasquash Game 72848
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72847
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72846
21 pts on jj bombs. heardyasquash Game 72845
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72844
way to rack up the score you scumbag heardyasquash Game 72843
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72842
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72841
Im sure he was kicking his dog after this loss. heardyasquash Game 72840
He was requesting dic pics during half time show. heardyasquash Game 72839
I let my girlfriend play this game. heardyasquash Game 72838
Good player, he will tell you himself after every td. heardyasquash Game 72837
This dude wears yoga pants. heardyasquash Game 72836
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72835
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72834
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72833
No Comment chino_pino Game 72775
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72754
No Comment chino_pino Game 72753
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72752
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72751
No Comment heardyasquash Game 72750
No Comment chino_pino Game 72659
gg keirre1981 Game 72610
gg keirre1981 Game 72609
No Comment chino_pino Game 72552
No Comment chino_pino Game 72550
No Comment chino_pino Game 72511
No Comment chino_pino Game 72504
No Comment chino_pino Game 72503
No Comment purplehaze Game 72451
No Comment purplehaze Game 72450
No Comment purplehaze Game 72449
No Comment chino_pino Game 72265
No Comment chino_pino Game 72264
No Comment chino_pino Game 72263
No Comment chino_pino Game 72262
No Comment chino_pino Game 72245
No Comment chino_pino Game 72244
No Comment chino_pino Game 72243
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 72052
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 72051
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 72017
No Comment chino_pino Game 71999
No Comment chino_pino Game 71998
No Comment chino_pino Game 71977
No Comment chino_pino Game 71866
No Comment chino_pino Game 71862
No Comment chino_pino Game 71861
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71680
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71678
No Comment purplehaze Game 71466
No Comment purplehaze Game 71465
No Comment Gio Game 71365
No Comment Ryan11p Game 71270
No Comment Ryan11p Game 71269
No Comment Ryan11p Game 71268
No Comment Ryan11p Game 71267
No Comment chino_pino Game 71204
No Comment chino_pino Game 71203
No Comment chino_pino Game 71202
No Comment chino_pino Game 71201
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71061
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71060
No Comment chino_pino Game 70978
No Comment chino_pino Game 70976
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 70920
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 70900
No Comment chino_pino Game 70855
No Comment PJCStyle Game 70510
A Fumble i picked up for a TD made the difference GG. hankthetank Game 70509
GG. Butts long TD run with under a minute left got me the win. hankthetank Game 70508
No Comment Gio Game 70391
No Comment Gio Game 70390
No Comment Gio Game 70389
No Comment Ginge Man Game 70381
No Comment Ginge Man Game 70380
Only got 1 yard on the 4th and 2 trying to tie the game in the 4th hankthetank Game 70379
No Comment hankthetank Game 70378
No Comment hankthetank Game 70377
No Comment Ginge Man Game 70376
No Comment Ginge Man Game 70375
No Comment Ginge Man Game 70374
No Comment Gio Game 70289
gg keirre1981 Game 70196
Qb Eagles was deadly SammieSmith33 Game 70159
Whats up with Vinny getting the best of me this week. Yikes SammieSmith33 Game 70158
GG. hankthetank Game 70140
GG. hankthetank Game 70139
GG. Drunken JJ’s in the 4th for the win. hankthetank Game 70138
gg keirre1981 Game 70136
No Comment 513Boy4Life Game 69993
No Comment 513Boy4Life Game 69992
No Comment 513Boy4Life Game 69991
No Comment 513Boy4Life Game 69990
No Comment 513Boy4Life Game 69989
Was a good game. Then you thought the 3rd Q was the 4th…. Gio Game 69904
We both take about 4 minutes per drive. So frustrating on D. Gio Game 69903
No Comment Gio Game 69876
No Comment Gio Game 69875
GG. Sammie Smith was a beast all game. Won on late FG hankthetank Game 69856
GG. Seesaw battle the bounces went his way at the end. hankthetank Game 69855
No Comment Gio Game 69749
No Comment Gio Game 69748
No Comment Gio Game 69699
No Comment Gio Game 69698
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69697
Jump ball at the half by me. Always tough to overcome that crap. Gio Game 69696
Defensive battle. Long drives. good game Gio Game 69695
GG. hankthetank Game 69651
No Comment chino_pino Game 69626
KC fumbled a ton I couldn’t believe it Gio Game 69541
Got off to a good start with Barry but Randall rocked me back to reality SammieSmith33 Game 69531
Bernie took the rabbit out of the Majik Mans hat SammieSmith33 Game 69529
No Comment Gio Game 69520
No Comment Gio Game 69519
No Comment Gio Game 69518
gg keirre1981 Game 69468
gg keirre1981 Game 69467
No Comment noonan Game 69392
No Comment noonan Game 69391
No Comment noonan Game 69390
No Comment chino_pino Game 69389
No Comment chino_pino Game 69388
Mike Merriweather had super speed and blocked an extra point. It was faster than D. Thomas or LT. SammieSmith33 Game 69376
Red zone stand as time expired. I was getting a good load of Who’s Johnny by El Debarge SammieSmith33 Game 69375
GG if only PIT had an offense hankthetank Game 69282
Nice comeback GG hankthetank Game 69281
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 69248
No Comment chino_pino Game 69222
No Comment chino_pino Game 69221
No Comment chino_pino Game 69123
No Comment Isaak Game 69100
No Comment Ryan11p Game 69013
No Comment Ryan11p Game 69012
No Comment Ryan11p Game 69011
No Comment Ryan11p Game 69010
No Comment Ryan11p Game 69006
Clevland Gary blew it. Running the clock out with the wily old vet. SammieSmith33 Game 68992
Philly got Elway’d SammieSmith33 Game 68991
Mia no match for Cincy SammieSmith33 Game 68989
Blew It SammieSmith33 Game 68988
No Comment Bucsfan8328 Game 68962
No Comment Bucsfan8328 Game 68961
gg Ryan11p Game 68923
gg Ryan11p Game 68922
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 68909
Ginge Man Game 68718
Ginge Man Game 68717
Ginge Man Game 68710
Ginge Man Game 68709
hoffnasty9 Game 68706
erictmcmahon Game 68686
erictmcmahon Game 68685
chino_pino Game 68653
“gg Ryan11p Game 68640
“gg Ryan11p Game 68639
ninjachessmaster Game 68529
erictmcmahon Game 68498
chino[bucs] @ oklahoma[rams]. gg chino_pino Game 68484
hoffnasty9 Game 68429
hoffnasty9 Game 68428
hoffnasty9 Game 68409
congrats on your first win! Bucsfan8328 Game 68400
gg Bucsfan8328 Game 68399
hoffnasty9 Game 68387
hoffnasty9 Game 68383
GG sir…welcome to TPC! hoffnasty9 Game 68258