Hi there!2026Feedback for Nostalgia47

Total Net Feedback: 89
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 48
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 89
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for Nostalgia47
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nice second half comeback by nos GG joeygats Game 75524
2016 Thunderdome Round 2. GG Nos. fumble right before half was big. LuckyTool Game 75076
love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!1 BigHock4You18 Game 73976
No Comment suicideking81 Game 72103
No Comment suicideking81 Game 72102
No Comment suicideking81 Game 72101
Thunderdome 2014 Rd 2 GG Nos kamphuna8 Game 71091
No Comment diazmjd Game 70369
Ggs chekreyes Game 63158
chekreyes Game 63157
swampc1 Game 34254
StalkingButler05 Game 32645
Don’t get much more down to the wire than this one- GG! coolpaparock Game 32636
GG! Well played for someone who just got married. LOL MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 32635
tecmochrist Game 32569
mort1237 Game 27398
mort1237 Game 27397
Down 21-0 and I should’ve won. Bratton fumbled in OT. djeanp7898 Game 26906
lillefty021 Game 26856
bigmv54 Game 23549
“chalk it up to the “”my most unlucky day ever”” day” dleecubs Game 22989
Flat out disgusting … nice game nostalgia vogtcd11 Game 22882
Good Game! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 22656
3 Fummies cost him game. Great Game! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 22655
couldn’t hit the field goal inside the 10…good game man. lillefty021 Game 21131
Ass beating djeanp7898 Game 21099
I wasn’t gonna let him beat me with the run djeanp7898 Game 21096
“””But sensei djeanp7898 Game 20926
djeanp7898 Game 20924
The legend lives and comes back to knock me flat on my ass! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 20480
“PIT gets big yards Tecmo Dummy Game 20346
“Damn you lordsummerisle64 Game 16566
Fourcade ate me alive. Superbly played by a great player. lordsummerisle64 Game 16563
last oen w ball was going t owin.. no defense. arncoem Game 16013
I finally got a win against Nostalgia marshallonium Game 15971
He is just that Tecmo Dummy Game 15733
DAMN Tecmo Dummy Game 15732
GOOD Tecmo Dummy Game 15731
Nostalgia has beaten me pretty soundly 3 times now i think marshallonium Game 15667
First play from scrimmage in OT got tackled for a safety djeanp7898 Game 15655
“Last time vs. Nos: 21-7 lordsummerisle64 Game 15530
Im getting better. Last time was me on ass side of 0-44 Tecmo Dummy Game 15341
Crushed in Tourney NE O and D Breakdown sowa1291 Game 14705
Great guy gave me some pointers after my beatdown haha. JESUSLuvsME4ever Game 14442
1st H turnover etc puts Giants out of game. Well played Nos icjason13 Game 14359
GG. I never realized DAL’s CB’s were that good! lordsummerisle64 Game 14352
“GG skills324 Game 14342
“GG mrsdzruy65 Game 14328
TedCawkwell Game 14291
“Always a pleasure Nos Canes R Fo Real Game 14220
He would be NOTHING without his O and his Defense Tecmo Dummy Game 14210
I can’t get used to online play and am getting killed marshallonium Game 14176
“GG skills324 Game 14025
gg mhlandrydotnet Game 6923
fumble! mhlandrydotnet Game 6919
tecmo mhlandrydotnet Game 6693
turnovers mhlandrydotnet Game 6691
freak safety mhlandrydotnet Game 6689
gg mhlandrydotnet Game 6688
i almost won! against a legend!!! i had a little bad luck malferds Game 6432
GG AutzenNoise14 Game 6410
gg iliketec Game 6405
very good player. fast as all get out !! tecmocrusher Game 6244
kreedblu Game 6176
ouch snatchmaster100 Game 5655
elgrandestimpo Game 5653
JockyNerd32 Game 5629
vlgg — very leaggy good game rdleifriaf Game 5223
very quick tecmochamp2008 Game 5007
great game– could gone either way rdleifriaf Game 4629
great game– could gone either way rdleifriaf Game 4627
YAY I beat NOS. GG man. You scared me! BoloMcWet Game 3651
Great player. dooolos Game 3281
mhlandrydotnet Game 3113
waterhead1977 Game 3072
I recovered two of his fumbles mhlandrydotnet Game 3059
“gg bigmcgun Game 2978
Tough to beat. dooolos Game 2951
mhlandrydotnet Game 2944
good player dooolos Game 2828
FatBstrd731 Game 2718
good guy BamaTecmo Game 2636
this dude can play silviatarmack Game 2556
gg JonM80 Game 2446