Hi there!2025Feedback for TravG23

Total Net Feedback: 27
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 8
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 27
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for TravG23
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Comment Opponent Box
No Comment the_shield Game 76207
No Comment the_shield Game 76206
No Comment the_shield Game 76175
great game, thanks for the help dude22 Game 73937
got a little unlucky or it would have been worse for me dude22 Game 73936
gg War Machine Game 73869
No Comment purplehaze Game 73826
No Comment purplehaze Game 73825
No Comment purplehaze Game 73793
No Comment purplehaze Game 73792
Coin toss determined it gg fightdogs321 Game 73697
INT’s are 1 thing, but 2 fumbles are another lol fightdogs321 Game 73696
Gritty defensive battle, lets go fix those dpads fightdogs321 Game 73695
gg War Machine Game 73647
gg..tough game War Machine Game 73589
gg purplehaze Game 73542
gg purplehaze Game 73541
gg War Machine Game 73457
gg War Machine Game 73456
gg War Machine Game 73455
hoffnasty9 Game 67668
hoffnasty9 Game 67667
hoffnasty9 Game 67666
jmorris32 Game 65868
jmorris32 Game 65867
jmorris32 Game 65866
“gg vikingmoe02 Game 65265