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Total Net Feedback: 77
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 30
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 77
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for suicideking81
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No Comment michael Game 73055
No Comment michael Game 73054
i was too drunk to win grapples but i won this battle :) bgboud2 Game 72335
No Comment Gio Game 71817
No Comment Jim Socks 13 Game 71312
gg timbone666 Game 71079
close gm won by many fumbles due to white and duncan, gg suicide ngunn421 Game 70640
No Comment ngunn421 Game 70353
gg…1st round game in TPC MARCH MADNESS TOURNEY red98sethuthut Game 70174
moulds33 Game 67877
hoffnasty9 Game 67728
hoffnasty9 Game 67727
Thanks for showing me the ropes sir! hoffnasty9 Game 67648
“Great to play eagskerfan Game 66969
“Great to play eagskerfan Game 66967
adversity Game 66694
gg ninjachessmaster Game 65337
gg ninjachessmaster Game 65336
hawkeye98 Game 64550
hawkeye98 Game 64492
ya i just got spanked here ngunn421 Game 64438
Good game. jeremy0203 Game 64390
Good game. jeremy0203 Game 64389
i cant seem to get over hump vs suicide. hawkeye98 Game 64339
hawkeye98 Game 64338
dallas vs. washington iowaboy781 Game 64108
iowaboy781 Game 64103
iowaboy781 Game 64102
moulds33 Game 63891
moulds33 Game 63890
adversity Game 63861
adversity Game 63860
adversity Game 63859
adversity Game 63858
BDG scrim. GG bud. tecmodell42 Game 63763
6 turnovers for the Rams. keirre1981 Game 63742
moulds33 Game 63706
adversity Game 63610
adversity Game 63370
ETC preseason game: GG man 8-bit Game 62823
ETC preseason game: GG man 8-bit Game 62822
Carrier was just too much for this defense. chekreyes Game 62821
good game. that pitt offense is soooo bad. diazmjd Game 62766
gg that playaction is a real pain. diazmjd Game 62743
Fast exit almost didn’t get me the save. Then didnt even apologize. Typically very nice though. chekreyes Game 62628
chekreyes Game 62626
gg welcome to the hstl rdleifriaf Game 62611
Very helpful to newcomers. chekreyes Game 62511
chris nichols Game 62498
chris nichols Game 62497
Thanks for the game buddy bradbears81 Game 62493
Thanks for the game buddy bradbears81 Game 62492
matty3054 Game 62478
Byner was king in this one. Wash D too much as well. GG coconuts622 Game 62289
“Good comeback coconuts622 Game 62288
“GG coconuts622 Game 62287
gg chicken- Game 62245
gg chicken- Game 62243
gg chicken- Game 62242
gg chicken- Game 62241
“good games with Suicide Agent 25 Cent Game 62234
Nice to meet you! GG bradbears81 Game 62233
GG kamphuna8 Game 62111
GG kamphuna8 Game 62110
Crazy bad luck for Da Bears in this one. GGs kamphuna8 Game 62109
PutThatCoffeeDwn Game 62022
PutThatCoffeeDwn Game 62021
PutThatCoffeeDwn Game 62004
Agent 25 Cent Game 61961
GG! PutThatCoffeeDwn Game 61945
Good Games PutThatCoffeeDwn Game 61944
PutThatCoffeeDwn Game 61943
MrButtersworth Game 61926
i got lucky with the come back. gg. MrButtersworth Game 61918
MrButtersworth Game 61913
MrButtersworth Game 61912
MrButtersworth Game 61908