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Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 49
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Red98 is a good player. super-lucky cc by me to end regulation and get me to OT. ptitteri Game 76643
No Comment Elvis Game 76602
gg, Fulcher everywhere in 1st half, couldnt get O going til 2nd skills324 Game 76552
gg, hit lucky bomb at half, Bears D gets 9 sacks skills324 Game 76551
Oh yea! jschuler89 Game 74030
No Comment drake Game 74027
uploaded twice due to game 1 disconnecting duecel00se Game 73593
No Comment duecel00se Game 73592
No Comment johnnyrocker Game 73210
No Comment chino_pino Game 72859
GGs chino_pino Game 72858
GGs chino_pino Game 72857
GGs chino_pino Game 72856
GGs chino_pino Game 72855
GGs chino_pino Game 72854
ggs GRTecmo Game 72802
No Comment chino_pino Game 72797
No Comment chino_pino Game 72796
No Comment chino_pino Game 72795
No Comment chino_pino Game 72794
No Comment LuckyTool Game 72747
gg we’ll go again soon GRTecmo Game 72421
GG purplehaze Game 72310
No Comment rstgwerts Game 72306
No Comment rstgwerts Game 72305
random upload. was up 13-0 in 3rd when power outage ninjachessmaster Game 72296
ggs man thanks for playing! ninjachessmaster Game 72295
gg ninjachessmaster Game 72294
No Comment Gio Game 72171
No Comment Gio Game 72170
No Comment Gio Game 72169
oiler garbage diazmjd Game 72136
No Comment Ryan11p Game 72046
No Comment Ryan11p Game 72045
No Comment Ryan11p Game 72044
10-7 at half, then BUF fumbled on their next two drives. GG Lou LuckyTool Game 71996
Early CLE fumble set tone. Massey INT TD. GG Lou LuckyTool Game 71995
June Monthly Madison Tournament – Losers Round 4 Gio Game 71536
gia vs cards again…. this game was much closer and was won by gia in last 33 secs lft gg louis! ngunn421 Game 71434
gia vs cardinals… org rom.. weird matchup.. unfair by all means gg louis! ngunn421 Game 71433
No Comment Jim Socks 13 Game 71242
No Comment Jim Socks 13 Game 71241
No Comment Jim Socks 13 Game 71240
No Comment Jim Socks 13 Game 71239
No Comment ryangatez Game 71042
game 2: picked play INTs killed me, gg disastamasta142 Game 70809
game 1: I lose 2 fumbles disastamasta142 Game 70808
game 3. i love marino disastamasta142 Game 70806
No Comment player121xk Game 70557
No Comment player121xk Game 70556
No Comment player121xk Game 70555
No Comment player121xk Game 70554
No Comment player121xk Game 70553
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70541
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70540
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70539
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70538
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70537
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70501
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70500
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70499
No Comment Gio Game 70458
No Comment Gio Game 70457
GG. Incredible 4th quarter comeback I couldn’t do anything after the 1st. He had more bad luck. hankthetank Game 70311
GG. Lou has the worst Tecmo Luck i’ve ever seen. He should have won this one easy. hankthetank Game 70310
No Comment Gio Game 70291
Always good playing with you Lou Gio Game 70290
GG. One CC away from completing an amazing comeback picked by Woodson in the endzone. hankthetank Game 70260
GG. Got Dominated. hankthetank Game 70259
GG. QB Eagles played awesome and an early safety cost him big time. hankthetank Game 70258
gg keirre1981 Game 70238
gg keirre1981 Game 70237
3 second half fumble were the only reason I won keirre1981 Game 70236
gg keirre1981 Game 70235
No Comment Gio Game 70150
No Comment Gio Game 70149
No Comment Gio Game 70148
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 70023
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 70022
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 70021
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 70020
GG. Beat me up good. hankthetank Game 69771
No Comment ngunn421 Game 69770
No Comment ngunn421 Game 69766
No Comment ngunn421 Game 69765
No Comment Ryan11p Game 69425
No Comment chino_pino Game 69338
No Comment chino_pino Game 69331
gg keirre1981 Game 69120
gg keirre1981 Game 69119
Kweh11 Game 68702
Kweh11 Game 68699
Kweh11 Game 68697
chino_pino Game 68375
chino_pino Game 68374
chino_pino Game 68373
chino_pino Game 68359
dynastydegeorge Game 68290
dynastydegeorge Game 68289
dynastydegeorge Game 68288
bruddog Game 68266
bruddog Game 68265
ragu0012 Game 68260
ragu0012 Game 68259
chino_pino Game 68256
chino_pino Game 68255
GG tecmopsycho Game 68110
GG tecmopsycho Game 68109
GG tecmopsycho Game 68108
hoffnasty9 Game 68046
hoffnasty9 Game 68044
hoffnasty9 Game 68043
chino_pino Game 67956
chino_pino Game 67955
chino_pino Game 67954
chino_pino Game 67953
gg Ryan11p Game 67866
gg Ryan11p Game 67865
waterloo prep thanks bud Ryan11p Game 67864
moulds33 Game 67863
moulds33 Game 67862
moulds33 Game 67861
moulds33 Game 67853
chino_pino Game 67646
chino_pino Game 67645
chino_pino Game 67601
chino_pino Game 67600
chino_pino Game 67599
chino_pino Game 67468
chino_pino Game 67467
chino_pino Game 67466
chino_pino Game 67465
chino_pino Game 67211
chino_pino Game 67210
Great game. Broke off a couple runs when Harvey got caught up. Out tapped me consistantly. SirTed Game 67195
“Same story. Harvey was eating my run game up SirTed Game 67194
Always good games sir. TSB GOD Game 67039
chino_pino Game 67009
chino_pino Game 67008
chino_pino Game 66914
chino_pino Game 66913
chino_pino Game 66709
chino_pino Game 66708
good run buddy chino_pino Game 66698
gg chino_pino Game 66697
classy player…enjoyed running a set with you chino_pino Game 66696
sloppy. was playing from behind all game. gg Lou! isukorean21 Game 66600
not nearly as close as the final score indicates. Lou dominated from start to finish. isukorean21 Game 66599
Got my ass handed to me all night. Got lucky w/ picking plays in this one. isukorean21 Game 66598
chino_pino Game 66429
chino_pino Game 66428
chino_pino Game 66427
moulds33 Game 66297
moulds33 Game 66296
chino_pino Game 66160
chino_pino Game 66146
gg keirre1981 Game 65939
Jim Socks 13 Game 65759
gg keirre1981 Game 65748
gg keirre1981 Game 65745
Ryan11p Game 65738
Ryan11p Game 65737
Ryan11p Game 65717
Ryan11p Game 65702
Ryan11p Game 65701
Ryan11p Game 65700
chino_pino Game 65695
chino_pino Game 65694
always ggs against Louis!! bradbears81 Game 65280
always ggs against Louis!! bradbears81 Game 65279
ragu0012 Game 65213
ragu0012 Game 65212
ragu0012 Game 65210
ragu0012 Game 65209
our battles are getting real competitive ragu0012 Game 65208
“gg vikingmoe02 Game 65124
gg vikingmoe02 Game 65123
Great OT game vikingmoe02 Game 65122
“GG! This actually our 1st game PhivKC. Crazy fumble game jfagundes04 Game 65085
“GG! This was real gm3 of our series…all had fum TDs jfagundes04 Game 65084
jfagundes04 Game 65083
Jim Socks 13 Game 65056
Jim Socks 13 Game 65009
Jim Socks 13 Game 65008
diazmjd Game 64952
diazmjd Game 64930
gg keirre1981 Game 64884
gg keirre1981 Game 64883
Jim Socks 13 Game 64879
Jim Socks 13 Game 64878
Jim Socks 13 Game 64742
Jim Socks 13 Game 64741
diazmjd Game 64533
diazmjd Game 64530
diazmjd Game 64529
tecmodell42 Game 64238
tecmodell42 Game 64237
tecmodell42 Game 64236
U bring out the best in me. Prob my best game yet. Thanks for playing. chekreyes Game 64182
gg Louis bradbears81 Game 64136
ggs chekreyes Game 64125
chekreyes Game 64124
diazmjd Game 64038
diazmjd Game 64037
diazmjd Game 64036
pre-madison prep. GGs lou! tecmodell42 Game 63943
tecmodell42 Game 63942
“Great games chekreyes Game 63889
chekreyes Game 63888
chekreyes Game 63887
moulds33 Game 63709
“Great games chekreyes Game 63609
chekreyes Game 63608
chekreyes Game 63607
chekreyes Game 63606
chekreyes Game 63605
adversity Game 63578
adversity Game 63577
I could hear his a button tapping through my screen Laztlain Game 63478
I could feel his a button tapping through my controller Laztlain Game 63475
“yeah Laztlain Game 63473
really good Laztlain Game 63472
“Choked at the end of the half Kweh11 Game 63470
Fumblitis and no offense for me in this one Kweh11 Game 63469
moulds33 Game 63434
moulds33 Game 63433
moulds33 Game 63426
Great set. Wish I would have gotten more of the breaks. chekreyes Game 63420
chekreyes Game 63419
chekreyes Game 63418
“this kicked off my louis coined “”hot streak””” diazmjd Game 63401
good game diazmjd Game 63377
Always fun playing Louis!! bradbears81 Game 63365
Great games chekreyes Game 63314
chekreyes Game 63313
chekreyes Game 63312
tecmodell42 Game 63125
46 plays to 14 for Seattle. Krieg and Stouffer combine to throw 5 INTs! Wowww! :) tecmodell42 Game 63124
“ggs as always chekreyes Game 62924
chekreyes Game 62923
chekreyes Game 62922
gg diazmjd Game 62887
gg diazmjd Game 62886
“GG. Great 4 game set Louis- with the exception of this one coconuts622 Game 62885
“GG coconuts622 Game 62875
“GG Krieg missed a couple wide open WRs coconuts622 Game 62874
GG. O’brien seemed to have better luck in this one. coconuts622 Game 62873
Accidentally erased my save files. Red let me use his Win file as a substitute for my Win. Thx Red. LayzieinFlesh Game 62869
Accidentally erased my save files. Red let me use his Win file as a substitute for my Win. Thx Red. LayzieinFlesh Game 62868
sharpe was lethal. diazmjd Game 62841
i am so bad with miami. really need to practice. diazmjd Game 62840
gg diazmjd Game 62839
gg diazmjd Game 62838
ggs bradbears81 Game 62717
gg. think one of my touchdowns were free. close game. diazmjd Game 62716
another close game. diazmjd Game 62715
louis always gets my best because i have tons of respect for his game. diazmjd Game 62714
always fun diazmjd Game 62699
lots of defense diazmjd Game 62698
lots of offense diazmjd Game 62697
“One “”2″” many fumbles for Byner cost the Skins the game.” timbone666 Game 62634
Moon passes for over 350 yds. but comes up short in the TD dept. San Fran’s Montana plays flawless timbone666 Game 62633
Humphrey was whoopin azz!! timbone666 Game 62632
ggs bradbears81 Game 62629
chekreyes Game 62593
chekreyes Game 62592
chekreyes Game 62591
Good guy chekreyes Game 62563
gg diazmjd Game 62539
gg diazmjd Game 62538
diazmjd Game 62524
diazmjd Game 62523
Louis helped me get set up online!!! Thanks dude. diazmjd Game 62522
Thanks Louis!! bradbears81 Game 62470
Thanks Louis!! bradbears81 Game 62470
Thanks Louis!! bradbears81 Game 62469
TOs killed me..good game coconuts622 Game 62465
gg matty3054 Game 62462
Almost made the comeback. GG matty3054 Game 62461
chicken- Game 62385
chicken- Game 62384
Ones11fahzu Game 62345
Ones11fahzu Game 62344
Help! I need a LG!! DOleman blew it up every play! Ones11fahzu Game 62343
good solid player BasementNemisis Game 62337
Nice to play Louis!! bradbears81 Game 62293
TecmoBoJack Game 62263
Great Games 😀 chicken- Game 62257
Great Games 😀 chicken- Game 62256
Great Games 😀 chicken- Game 62255
gg chicken- Game 62254
gg chicken- Game 62253
gg chicken- Game 62252
gg chicken- Game 62251
Good games. chicken- Game 62198
Kweh11 Game 62176
Kweh11 Game 62175
“GG! Luck/conditions were totally on my side jfagundes04 Game 62173
“GG! Billy Joe(l) has a “”Uptown Girl”” game and only throws 1 pick!” jfagundes04 Game 62172
GG! QB Browns did not have a very good game. jfagundes04 Game 62171