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Positive Feedback %: 100 %
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Better matchup for the both of us. Close until the end. GG noonan Game 75981
Never played Lou, and we drew the bottom of the barrel on this one. He was up 14, then lost by 14.GG noonan Game 75980
vgg fightdogs321 Game 75527
gg fightdogs321 Game 75526
Nice diving catch for gw td, gg fightdogs321 Game 75525
No Comment joeegats Game 75200
No Comment joeegats Game 75199
No Comment rrrule32 Game 75196
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71195
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71194
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71193
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71192
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71190
No Comment PJCStyle Game 70998
No Comment PJCStyle Game 70986
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70572
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70571
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70570
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70569
wow , very close game… sweat all game long. PJCStyle Game 70516
No Comment Ryan11p Game 70362
No Comment Ryan11p Game 70361
got lucky. class act PJCStyle Game 70355
Played 3 games. He got me 28MIAv21RAMS, I was up 28SD14DEN then he broke his controller. GGs Gio Game 70332
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70188
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70187
No Comment Gio Game 70186
No Comment Gio Game 70185
No Comment Gio Game 70173
No Comment Gio Game 70172
No Comment Gio Game 70171
No Comment hamburgler2682 Game 69754
No Comment chino_pino Game 69750
No Comment chino_pino Game 69747
No Comment Gio Game 69731
No Comment Gio Game 69730
No Comment ngunn421 Game 69702
No Comment Gio Game 69548
No Comment Gio Game 69547
No Comment Gio Game 69546
GG i won the first one then got beat the next 3. hankthetank Game 69335
GG huge passing yards. hankthetank Game 69334
GG 2 safety’s and an ass whoppin hankthetank Game 69333
Might have had a chance but 3 INT’s killed me. GG hankthetank Game 69332
lou kicked my A$$ 4 times straight!!! then I rose from the ashes/got lucky! :) egorltown Game 69330
No Comment oklahoma Game 68977
No Comment oklahoma Game 68976
No Comment oklahoma Game 68975
No Comment oklahoma Game 68974
No Comment oklahoma Game 68973
gg Ryan11p Game 68636
gg Ryan11p Game 68635
Ginge Man Game 68440
Ginge Man Game 68439
Ginge Man Game 68438
tecmodell42 Game 68360
tecmodell42 Game 68358
Coach Atwell Game 67100
SirTed Game 66995
SirTed Game 66992
ninjachessmaster Game 66925
Our first game in awhile :) gg Razzle Dazzle Game 66918
GG! Razzle Dazzle Game 66917
Thnx for the advice bro! Razzle Dazzle Game 66916
“2 fumbles changed the game…and a last poss INT. otherwise chino_pino Game 66792
nice comeback. you were better mentally than me. chino_pino Game 66790
chino_pino Game 66789
Jim Socks 13 Game 66774
Jim Socks 13 Game 66773
jmorris32 Game 66648
chino_pino Game 66591
chino_pino Game 66590
Balloneous Assault Game 66587
chino_pino Game 66585
chino_pino Game 66583
chino_pino Game 66580
chino_pino Game 66579
Great game jmorris32 Game 66561
jmorris32 Game 66560
jmorris32 Game 66559
Jim Socks 13 Game 66525
Jim Socks 13 Game 66524
chino_pino Game 66499
chino_pino Game 66494
chino_pino Game 66493
chino_pino Game 66492
“good teams chino_pino Game 66444
chino_pino Game 66327
chino_pino Game 66326
trenttracker17 Game 66250
chino_pino Game 66230
High Octane Offense Razzle Dazzle Game 66217
Dominated me defensively…Singletary eliminated Bo to the bottom… Razzle Dazzle Game 66216
gg Ryan11p Game 66192
gg Ryan11p Game 66190
gg Ryan11p Game 65990
trenttracker17 Game 65861
trenttracker17 Game 65860
trenttracker17 Game 65859
gg fumbles and cc’s Ryan11p Game 65805
gg 4 INTs cant compete with that Ryan11p Game 65804
gg turnovers the story of this game Ryan11p Game 65803
jmorris32 Game 65675
jmorris32 Game 65674
chino_pino Game 65673
chino_pino Game 65672
chino_pino Game 65671
gg Stalltalk Game 65663
“I won in OT. I got some big turnovers to turn the tide in this one. GG Stalltalk Game 65662
good sport and solid player trenttracker17 Game 65639
chino_pino Game 65550
chino_pino Game 65549
gg vikingmoe02 Game 65524
“Down 21-0 at half isukorean21 Game 65451
my first win against him lol………always kicking my butt haha jeremy0203 Game 65220
jeremy0203 Game 65215
chino_pino Game 65205
jeremy0203 Game 65198
jeremy0203 Game 65197
Jim Socks 13 Game 65093
jfagundes04 Game 65057
gg red98sethuthut Game 64966
ggs bradbears81 Game 64965
ggs bradbears81 Game 64964
“I made some dumb mistakes vikingmoe02 Game 64937
Well played. I couldn’t get anything going. vikingmoe02 Game 64934
gg vikingmoe02 Game 64933
ninjachessmaster Game 64928
Nice guy. Thanks for hosting! vikingmoe02 Game 64835
hamburgler2682 Game 64823
justinpeters51 Game 64822
justinpeters51 Game 64821
justinpeters51 Game 64814
justinpeters51 Game 64613
“J. Johnson too much for the Jets D suicideking81 Game 64609
Redskin D was dominate all game not much else to say suicideking81 Game 64608
“Opening Kickoff was mistake onsides that got returned for TD suicideking81 Game 64607
Nice guy took a lesser team cuz I suck lol.. He shut down air attack so had to set Thurman loose spiller28 Game 64481
Could not stop cunningham and Giants Offense was anemic he has very tough D especially against pass spiller28 Game 64479
thankx for the game lou Laztlain Game 64455
gg louf Laztlain Game 64454
justinpeters51 Game 64416
AJFullam33 Game 64370
suicideking81 Game 64267
AJFullam33 Game 64195
AJFullam33 Game 64194
“that was god game in the first half iowaboy781 Game 64026
good game shitty teams iowaboy781 Game 64025
iowaboy781 Game 64024
moulds33 Game 63945
suicideking81 Game 63812
suicideking81 Game 63811
suicideking81 Game 63810
Real fun to play. And much better in just a couple of days. chekreyes Game 63794
chekreyes Game 63793
chekreyes Game 63792
chekreyes Game 63791
chekreyes Game 63790
Good guy chekreyes Game 63786
chekreyes Game 63785