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Total Net Feedback: 87
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 22
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 87
All negative feedback received: 0

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always a pleasure, looking forward to more of these! gg diaz tecmodell42 Game 76430
nice quick series, thx for the gms homie tecmodell42 Game 76200
his offense was on fire and mines couldnt keep up GG joeygats Game 75504
GG joeygats Game 75503
GG joeygats Game 75502
hes winning 14-7 with ball in the 3rd & fumbles 4 straight possession & 2 were housed for tds lol GG joeygats Game 75469
21-21 his ball and he fumbles for the 2nd time in the game GG joeygats Game 75468
GG joeygats Game 75467
This game was a CLASSIC! GGs diazzholio kamphuna8 Game 74433
THIS ONE’S FOR J… MANYO! GGs mattrick kamphuna8 Game 74432
One stop, GGs kamphuna8 Game 74431
No Comment starcastler Game 74280
No Comment starcastler Game 74279
gg sir duecel00se Game 73828
always a pleasure brother! tecmodell42 Game 73816
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 73815
GGs homie! tecmodell42 Game 73814
GGs Diaz. Until next time bud! tecmodell42 Game 73290
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 73288
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 73287
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 73286
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 73285
No Comment duecel00se Game 73256
No Comment MikeinGR Game 72316
No Comment MikeinGR Game 72315
TPC tourney semifinal bgboud2 Game 70411
TPC Tourney Game. Fumbilitis by me and well played by Diaz. Gio Game 70253
No Comment ninjachessmaster Game 70161
gg Ryan11p Game 68877
gg Ryan11p Game 68876
gg Ryan11p Game 68875
gg Ryan11p Game 68840
gg Ryan11p Game 68839
gg Ryan11p Game 68838
“gg ryguy Game 68761
“crazy one ryguy Game 68760
“Just dirty kamphuna8 Game 68392
“yeah that was nutso. DT channeling his inner LT kamphuna8 Game 68391
Cincy D featuring Fulcher FTW. kamphuna8 Game 68390
tecmodell42 Game 68321
tecmodell42 Game 68320
tecmodell42 Game 68318
tecmodell42 Game 68285
tecmodell42 Game 68284
tecmodell42 Game 68283
tecmodell42 Game 68282
Bucsfan8328 Game 67902
great game brother need to figure out these cuts by players lol SET Game 67500
very helpful gg SET Game 67499
“Oktecmofest Rd 2 GoNickMontana5 Game 67391
tecmodell42 Game 65318
gg Ryan11p Game 65184
gg Ryan11p Game 65183
gg red98sethuthut Game 64952
AJFullam33 Game 64898
Comeback from 20-0 thanks to a KR fumble bgboud2 Game 64897
Might be best I’ve ever passed with Elway bgboud2 Game 64896
Matt threw an untimely INT with under a minute left giving me a chance for a long FG and the win. GG AJFullam33 Game 64890
Love playing Matt in TSB. Great competition and plays with class. AJFullam33 Game 64888
chekreyes Game 63750
vogtcd11 Game 63403
vogtcd11 Game 63402
gg…ill blame this on online garbage red98sethuthut Game 63401
gg red98sethuthut Game 62841
gg…tolliver has a good day…defense plays good red98sethuthut Game 62840
gg…bo jackson is really hard to contain online red98sethuthut Game 62839
gg…bo jackson is really hard to contain online red98sethuthut Game 62838
TB vs SD bradbears81 Game 62837
suicideking81 Game 62766
suicideking81 Game 62743
moulds33 Game 62711
moulds33 Game 62710
moulds33 Game 62709
moulds33 Game 62635
“Super nice chekreyes Game 62580
chekreyes Game 62579
chekreyes Game 62578
chekreyes Game 62577
chekreyes Game 62576
Never seen Muster at 100 hitting power and able to return kickoffs for 60yds until this-WIERD GG. chris nichols Game 62555
crazy good D–Cant figure this guy out lol–I’ll play better next time brother. chris nichols Game 62552
moulds33 Game 62548
gg red98sethuthut Game 62539
gg red98sethuthut Game 62538
gg red98sethuthut Game 62524
gg red98sethuthut Game 62523
gg red98sethuthut Game 62522