Hi there!2028Feedback for Kweh11

Total Net Feedback: 61
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 21
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 61
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for Kweh11
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Comment Opponent Box
No Comment War Machine Game 73127
No Comment War Machine Game 73125
Tpc Tourney Game Ryan11p Game 70151
No Comment bigmv54 Game 69881
No Comment bigmv54 Game 69880
GG. Kweh refused a TD on a KR fumble and a CC TD almost cost him a W. Show no mercy next time. hankthetank Game 69879
GG. I picked a dumb playbook. hankthetank Game 69878
Ginge Man Game 68451
Ginge Man Game 68450
Ginge Man Game 68449
Doubtful Kweh11 is 7 points better than me… so I’ll take a close game when I can get it. noonan Game 68152
Dude is a master tapper… GG noonan Game 68151
Surprised to keep it close… was fun though. noonan Game 68150
Boomer fumble turned the tide. GG LuckyTool Game 68069
Grogan to Cook CC at the end of 1st half was huge! GG LuckyTool Game 68068
LuckyTool Game 68066
Great game thanks buddy Ryan11p Game 67842
gg thanks for helping me get ready for Waterloo Ryan11p Game 67805
gg Ryan11p Game 67804
meat Game 67576
meat Game 67575
Two awesome INT’s by Smith put me behind and Kweh is a solid smart player which didn’t help either Ryan11p Game 65473
suicideking81 Game 65395
tts tourney game….gg well played game on both sides…fun1 red98sethuthut Game 65045
QB Tanakh Game 65038
QB Tanakh Game 65037
gg chino_pino Game 64995
“gg chino_pino Game 64993
player121xk Game 64740
player121xk Game 64739
good game bro bigmv54 Game 64731
Good games. chekreyes Game 63773
chekreyes Game 63772
bigmv54 Game 63732
GG manyo360 Game 63685
two MF’ing unbelievable games! great games bud! tecmodell42 Game 63676
tecmodell42 Game 63675
tecmodell42 Game 63674
“Straight worked. Good games chekreyes Game 63507
chekreyes Game 63506
chekreyes Game 63505
chekreyes Game 63504
chekreyes Game 63503
chekreyes Game 63500
gg… red98sethuthut Game 63470
gg… red98sethuthut Game 63469
“Not sure that anyone should really be watching out player121xk Game 63456
My first three drives end with a TO. Mostly due to superior opponent play. player121xk Game 63455
Nothing like getting shutout by an inferior team to boost the ego. Great game by NE. player121xk Game 63454
That Mark Carrier sure is something. player121xk Game 63448
matty3054 Game 63406
Kweh spent a considerable amount of time helping me learn to host & post scores on TPC – great guy! FlexMaster Bird Game 63376
At least his fumble and KO return for TD helped my D stats look better player121xk Game 63374
holy garbage game.ot thriller…carter mvphad rev up my juicing just to win 1 out of 3 popcorns… red98sethuthut Game 62176
wow this guy schooled me…even faster tapper then me…too many ints my miller…gotta step it up red98sethuthut Game 62175
“GG GorillaBrav Game 61807
“GG GorillaBrav Game 61806
good spirited tourney game. fbdukesta Game 61760
“GG…Elway jfagundes04 Game 61468
Fumbles galore but I think I still would have lost this one. jfagundes04 Game 61364
“First Game! Stupid passcall late with 10-7 lead jfagundes04 Game 61363