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Total Net Feedback: 145
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 28
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 145
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for jfagundes04
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No Comment ngunn421 Game 74036
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69180
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69179
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69178
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69177
No Comment Ginge Man Game 69176
Ginge Man Game 68473
Great game! Thanks. Ginge Man Game 68472
Ginge Man Game 68471
chino_pino Game 67784
chino_pino Game 67783
SET Game 67746
SET Game 67745
SET Game 67744
SET Game 67743
love playing against him with these teams nothing but defense SET Game 67742
Out of time! ADV supra-raleigh thankfully. supra-raleigh Game 67426
Finally got one on you. Oilers are my bread and butter. supra-raleigh Game 67425
What a nightmare. supra-raleigh Game 67424
“and supra-raleigh Game 67423
knowledge of time management and onfield awareness is remarkably good. supra-raleigh Game 67422
hamburgler2682 Game 66878
hamburgler2682 Game 66877
Kenny came back to Earth and threw the 3 INTs I knew he had in him. isukorean21 Game 66521
“Oops he “”Dalton’d”” again…” isukorean21 Game 66520
Who are these people masquerading as Ken O’Brien and Steve Walsh? isukorean21 Game 66519
chino_pino Game 66368
chino_pino Game 66367
chino_pino Game 66366
chino_pino Game 66365
chino_pino Game 66364
chino_pino Game 66363
chino_pino Game 66281
chino_pino Game 66280
chino_pino Game 66277
chino_pino Game 66214
chino_pino Game 66213
coachtrippe Game 66206
coachtrippe Game 66205
This dude’s offense is unstoppable against me. ggs coachtrippe Game 66204
o’brien you done me wrong… isukorean21 Game 66182
chino_pino Game 66091
coachtrippe Game 66086
remind me not to be the rams again lol coachtrippe Game 66085
coachtrippe Game 66084
coachtrippe Game 66075
coachtrippe Game 66074
enjoyed it coachtrippe Game 66072
TTS II round 1; great game j invader star64 Game 65419
we need a rematch soon! ragu0012 Game 65057
hamburgler2682 Game 65007
hamburgler2682 Game 65006 back-forth game…saints score 14 in last 3 mins to pull of an hard-earned win.. red98sethuthut Game 64694
iowaboy781 Game 64313
iowaboy781 Game 64312
iowaboy781 Game 64311
chekreyes Game 64233
chekreyes Game 64215
iowaboy781 Game 64109
GG tecmopsycho Game 63972
“ggs jfag tecmodell42 Game 63952
“SEA down 21-0 tecmodell42 Game 63951
tecmodell42 Game 63950
GG. His defensive strategy with Den was a good fit for my offensive strategy w/Cin. FlexMaster Bird Game 63663
“Couldn’t fall on the fumbles! GG FlexMaster Bird Game 63662
’85 retro scrims. GL this season man! tecmodell42 Game 63652
tecmodell42 Game 63651
Great game. Tie in second game where accidental LB1 use on OT FG may have cost revenge. chekreyes Game 63508
“Good games chekreyes Game 63253
chekreyes Game 63252
chekreyes Game 63251
chekreyes Game 63250
“Ggs chekreyes Game 63183
chekreyes Game 63182
chekreyes Game 63181
chekreyes Game 63180
Just when I was about to pull to within 17!! chekreyes Game 63175
Perfectly timed dive on own 5 yard line at buzzer saves the win. Nice. Gg. chekreyes Game 63174
chekreyes Game 63041
chekreyes Game 63040
jdanloe13 Game 62997
jdanloe13 Game 62996
OT again! That’s like 4 or 5 in our last 9 games. GG. chekreyes Game 62930
Early TOs took me out of my rhythm. GG. chekreyes Game 62929
“sick how often we go to OT chekreyes Game 62854
gg chekreyes Game 62853
gg chekreyes Game 62852
gg chekreyes Game 62851
Forced OT but couldn’t pull it off. Great game as always between us. chekreyes Game 62793
Awesome game. Carrier slipped behind defender to win it in OT on huge 3rd down play. chekreyes Game 62792
“Real classy guy chekreyes Game 62791
chekreyes Game 62444
chekreyes Game 62443
chekreyes Game 62442
chekreyes Game 62441
chekreyes Game 62440
chekreyes Game 62439
suicideking81 Game 62264
No D on either side until OT. GG! coconuts622 Game 62260
gg hail mary jj at the end of first half…kept pit rushing attack off schedule red98sethuthut Game 62173
gg red98sethuthut Game 62172
gg red98sethuthut Game 62171
suicideking81 Game 62086
great defensive game-almost lost it on a last second throw! GG man chris nichols Game 62034
sucked it up when it counted-great defensive battle! See you soon bro chris nichols Game 62033
Friday night lights tourney game. Great Game! Never thought I’d come back from that one coconuts622 Game 61949
Game 5 of a 6 game series goes to OT for my final victory of the series fbdukesta Game 61936
Game 1 of a 6game series! fbdukesta Game 61935
Always a pleasure playing with jfagundes04! ScuffyMcGee Game 61889
Classic game between lifelong rivals! fbdukesta Game 61844
MJ23LIVE Game 61836
MJ23LIVE Game 61835
PhoenixB97 Game 61772
PhoenixB97 Game 61768
PhoenixB97 Game 61766
ScuffyMcGee Game 61753
coconuts622 Game 61732
coconuts622 Game 61731
coconuts622 Game 61730
GG 8-bit Game 61691
GG 8-bit Game 61690
fbdukesta Game 61633
fbdukesta Game 61632
fbdukesta Game 61631
fbdukesta Game 61630
fbdukesta Game 61629
fbdukesta Game 61628
Final Game of the SuperSeries! fbdukesta Game 61627
HSTL22 Practice GGs man kamphuna8 Game 61620
kamphuna8 Game 61619
kamphuna8 Game 61618
GG Jfagund wins the 5 for the series win kamphuna8 Game 61475
GG kamphuna8 Game 61474
GG kamphuna8 Game 61473
GG kamphuna8 Game 61472
GG kamphuna8 Game 61471
Haddix in excellent vs Elway is never a good thing Kweh11 Game 61468
8-bit Game 61419
8-bit Game 61418
8-bit Game 61408
8-bit Game 61407
snagg Game 61405
Chargers had the fumblitis in this one Kweh11 Game 61364
Late INT gives Seahawks the W Kweh11 Game 61363