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Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 6
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thought you had me for a second!! skrampion Game 47125
GG RAMS O too much for a tough Miami D sowa1291 Game 14048
“GG skills324 Game 13993
Overtime kick return. Miami missed 3 field goals sowa1291 Game 13991
Two fumble and a saftey but Marino able to pull it out sowa1291 Game 13989
GG. Very competitive game with the Giants pulling away late. icjason13 Game 13963
GG. Closer game than score indicates. icjason13 Game 13962
ellard catches everything known to man PoundtheRock30 Game 13939
“pittsburgh defense was relentless PoundtheRock30 Game 13937
6 XWhiteboy8X Game 11876
6 XWhiteboy8X Game 11875
6 XWhiteboy8X Game 11865
5 XWhiteboy8X Game 11858
6 XWhiteboy8X Game 11857
XWhiteboy8X Game 11844
XWhiteboy8X Game 11843
Fumbles for TD killed me XWhiteboy8X Game 11842
XWhiteboy8X Game 11841