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Total Net Feedback: 136
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 41
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 136
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for hawkeye98
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No Comment Cubsfan5150 Game 71797
June Monthly Madison Tournament – Losers Round 2 Gio Game 71527
July Monthly Madison Tournament Round 1 Gio Game 71526
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71467
GG…i got safetied on the last play like an idiot, lol hbkchitown Game 70773
No Comment LuckyTool Game 70664
Good game but Hector fumbled on final drive to stop the tie and Del Rio was in Berserk mode SammieSmith33 Game 69301
GG hankthetank Game 69243
good game i had 4 shots to tie it up late in the game hankthetank Game 69242
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 68880
Ginge Man Game 68528
noonan Game 68294
Hawkeye wins this one on a fumbled KOR BS BS BS Ryan11p Game 68173
Kweh11 Game 68147
GG tecmopsycho Game 68095
First of many games between us I believe. Good player. noonan Game 68077
GG Sir hoffnasty9 Game 67715
chino_pino Game 67704
GG Sir hoffnasty9 Game 67703
Thanks for the beat down! hoffnasty9 Game 67650
Good game…thanks for explaining things further hoffnasty9 Game 67649
chino_pino Game 67457
“no rust from hawkeye chino_pino Game 67293
chino_pino Game 66681
Jim Socks 13 Game 66552
Jim Socks 13 Game 66551
gg in 8bit grapple hack tourney….hawkeye fumbles 4 times in a sloppy game red98sethuthut Game 66546
bgboud2 Game 66535
finally got saving back… gg j schroe! 513Boy4Life Game 66410
chino_pino Game 66378
chino_pino Game 66377
chino_pino Game 66330
chino_pino Game 66329
Coach Atwell Game 66237
B Sanders Scramble loser’s bracket game. A combined 5 TOs and hawkeye still almost pulled it out… isukorean21 Game 66219
just about broke his jinx against me ragu0012 Game 66191
lucky to tie it up at the end of regulation. gg! isukorean21 Game 66166
Garbage win on a jj bomb at the end of the game. Thanks for the run Jeremy. isukorean21 Game 66165
coachtrippe Game 66153
coachtrippe Game 66152
great great game. enjoyed it. coachtrippe Game 66138
chino_pino Game 66127
chino_pino Game 66123
chino_pino Game 66122
“Good sport eagskerfan Game 66108
could not stop the balanced offense of the jets. chino_pino Game 66070
goal line stand. great game. chino_pino Game 66069
Good game! I’m a newbie and he helped me get started….Then beat me with the Bucs…LOL tree4twenty Game 65807
gg keirre1981 Game 65763
jmorris32 Game 65744
jmorris32 Game 65715
chino_pino Game 65631
ninjachessmaster Game 65489
Den’s D tripped out of the gate and TB’s Haddix made it tough to come back. GG Hawkeye98 Coach Atwell Game 65467
chino_pino Game 65379
ninjachessmaster Game 65378
gg Ryan11p Game 65261
ngunn421 Game 65217
gg got lucky! Ryan11p Game 65165
gg Ryan11p Game 65160
gg keirre1981 Game 65140
ouch chino_pino Game 65137
gg chino_pino Game 65134
“gg chino_pino Game 65133
gg chino_pino Game 65125
gg. int in the redzone was the difference. isukorean21 Game 65100
red98sethuthut Game 65043
hamburgler2682 Game 65032
red98sethuthut Game 65031
red98sethuthut Game 65030
ninjachessmaster Game 65004
red98sethuthut Game 65003
red98sethuthut Game 65002
gg chino_pino Game 65001
gg chino_pino Game 65000
Two good battles between Hawkeye and me again. AJFullam33 Game 64969
Two good battles between Hawkeye and me again. AJFullam33 Game 64968
gg. Guided me through the process… I was pretty clueless. Balloneous Assault Game 64953
ragu0012 Game 64942
ragu0012 Game 64941
AJFullam33 Game 64895
ggs bradbears81 Game 64868
“Young came up with 3 INTs and Jeremy just couldn’t get his offense going. As always AJFullam33 Game 64867
suicideking81 Game 64836
suicideking81 Game 64833
AJFullam33 Game 64832
AJFullam33 Game 64831
ninjachessmaster Game 64775
Great game vikingmoe02 Game 64693
Very nice and helpful guy. Helped me get through my1st online game. vikingmoe02 Game 64692
AJFullam33 Game 64680
Couple desperation bombs to Toon was how I got the W. PIT played a better game. FlexMaster Bird Game 64584
justinpeters51 Game 64581
ninjachessmaster Game 64580
AJFullam33 Game 64576
AJFullam33 Game 64575
player121xk Game 64569
player121xk Game 64568
player121xk Game 64567
“and INT fumble by Haddix was a killer in this game suicideking81 Game 64550
“21 point 4th Quarter help seal this one suicideking81 Game 64492
AJFullam33 Game 64371
suicideking81 Game 64339
suicideking81 Game 64338
matty3054 Game 64315
suicideking81 Game 64295
AJFullam33 Game 64281
GG justinpeters51 Game 64257
gg keirre1981 Game 64240
gg keirre1981 Game 64239
chekreyes Game 64192
YoungGun58 Game 64145
YoungGun58 Game 64138
got lucky justinpeters51 Game 64123
YoungGun58 Game 64117
YoungGun58 Game 64116
wow blow out justinpeters51 Game 64115
gg justinpeters51 Game 64114
gg justinpeters51 Game 64113
GG justinpeters51 Game 64089
goodgame. justinpeters51 Game 64088
“I got lucky to keep it that close justinpeters51 Game 64070
moulds33 Game 64019
Got lucky as sh*t w/a late TD in regulation to bring on OT. GG; demands a rematch! FlexMaster Bird Game 64018
ggs chekreyes Game 63997
chekreyes Game 63996
chekreyes Game 63995
moulds33 Game 63976
moulds33 Game 63975
GGs chekreyes Game 63881
chekreyes Game 63880
513Boy4Life Game 63872
accidently left early… no biggy 513Boy4Life Game 63871
“Good guy chekreyes Game 63833
chekreyes Game 63832