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Positive Feedback %: 100 %
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GGs yo kamphuna8 Game 74459
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 74458
DT blocks 2 FG to hold the win for KC (after word and okoye both lose fumbles…schmucks)…gg brad drake Game 74177
Peete was missing wide open dudes, though brad contained barry well…gg drake Game 74176
Tough OT loss…gg drake Game 74175
vgg chino_pino Game 71604
No Comment Gio Game 71443
Both games today brad fumbled early. Gio Game 71442
No Comment Gio Game 71395
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71011
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71010
Great Games…Great Player…Great Dude hoffnasty9 Game 71009
No Comment Ones11fahzu Game 70895
No Comment Ones11fahzu Game 70894
Had a goal line stand when up 14-10 bgboud2 Game 66809
Thunderdome V Round 1 – GG bro well played! tadaos Game 65477
Jim Socks 13 Game 65092
Jim Socks 13 Game 65089
Jim Socks 13 Game 65088
gg…back n forth game comes down to the end red98sethuthut Game 64786
Good times. You got the breaks this time. chekreyes Game 64075
chekreyes Game 64074
chekreyes Game 64073
chekreyes Game 64072
i played so bad. gg diazmjd Game 62837
ETC preseason game: GG man 8-bit Game 62832
ETC preseason game: GG man 8-bit Game 62831
GG. ETC scrim. Believe I lost top 2 RBs to injury in this one. coconuts622 Game 62778
GG. ETC scrim. coconuts622 Game 62777
Ones11fahzu Game 62770
Ones11fahzu Game 62769
Ones11fahzu Game 62768
chekreyes Game 62734
chekreyes Game 62733
great guy chekreyes Game 62732
what a game..he nearly overcomes an4th qtr 14pt deficit…last second goaline pass is deflected red98sethuthut Game 62629
Real nice guy. chekreyes Game 62540
GG tecmopsycho Game 62520
GG tecmopsycho Game 62519
suicideking81 Game 62493
suicideking81 Game 62492
gg red98sethuthut Game 62470
gg red98sethuthut Game 62470
gg red98sethuthut Game 62469
GG. Man I’m rusty Eamons34 Game 62339
gg….actually we played to a 14-14 tie in other game red98sethuthut Game 62293
suicideking81 Game 62233
“Grid Irons sunday tourny round 2 PutThatCoffeeDwn Game 61999
“TB.ORG 2012 TPC TOURNEY manyo360 Game 61826
“TPC Thunderdome Tourney tecmodell42 Game 60845