Hi there!2028Feedback for kimrari

Total Net Feedback: 32
Positive Feedback %: 97.06 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 17
Tecmoers who left a negative: 1
All positive feedback received: 33
All negative feedback received: 1

Feedback Left by Opponents for kimrari
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Comment Opponent Box
skrampion Game 47084
my blitzing was his undoing. gg kimmie mort1237 Game 44047
bruddog Game 44038
GG bud. I can’t let Dallas win. Cotton Soy Game 43987
your mother iceage380 Game 43885
“GG Cotton Soy Game 43844
bruddog Game 43812
GG Razorlight24 Game 43670
Varsity0924 Game 43612
“GG bud Cotton Soy Game 43567
GG buddy. Cotton Soy Game 43479
IamtecmoKING Game 43408
IamtecmoKING Game 43407
lol IamtecmoKING Game 43391
first zsnes game!!! your mine next time Kimari lol IamtecmoKING Game 43381
Really intelligent guy bpkcchiefs Game 43371
bgboud2 Game 41259
burned me on the pass brookstonfowler Game 15930
gg man BigHock4You18 Game 5652
gg Igal0008 Game 5641
gg GripsmokeTecmo Game 5639
gg GripsmokeTecmo Game 5638
iliketec Game 5338
iliketec Game 5337
iliketec Game 5336
“This kid is better than this shows sconnieale Game 5265
Fun to play against. dooolos Game 4853
Great competition. dooolos Game 4852
“good game sconnieale Game 4849
gg Igal0008 Game 4803
“good player. I missed to fg’s sconnieale Game 4785
“gg iliketec Game 4743
gg tough competitor iliketec Game 4742
“got destroyed AverageTSBPlayer Game 4690