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Total Net Feedback: 107
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 28
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 107
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for coconuts622
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Comment Opponent Box
gg War Machine Game 74488
gg…fumble was turning point War Machine Game 74487
gg jschuler89 Game 74385
gg jschuler89 Game 74384
gg jschuler89 Game 74383
2015 March to Glory Game. gg! War Machine Game 74051
No Comment ngunn421 Game 74042
Thunderdome VII Round 3, gg man manyo360 Game 73744
Good player, good sportsmanship. A+ tsbrmm1976 Game 72582
Good player, good sportsmanship. A+ tsbrmm1976 Game 72579
July Monthly Madison Tourney Winners Round 2 Butt Violation Gio Game 71538
No Comment Kashim Game 70333
No Comment moulds33 Game 69786
No Comment moulds33 Game 69785
He helped me out with some things. Fumbles and a deep bomb gave me the win. Gio Game 69466
No Majik in GB. The Jets Blew by like a 747 SammieSmith33 Game 68955
I should of had this one. The Buck made a mistake and it costed as Vinny took over. SammieSmith33 Game 68954
ggs my man! tecmodell42 Game 68524
tecmodell42 Game 68523
tecmodell42 Game 68522
“88 Retro Preseason kamphuna8 Game 67573
“88 Retro Scrim kamphuna8 Game 67572
“MW Tecmo VI reps. Thanks Josh tecmodell42 Game 66865
moulds33 Game 66540
513Boy4Life Game 65415
“’98 Classic scrims. GGs man tecmodell42 Game 65324
tecmodell42 Game 65323
moulds33 Game 65095
moulds33 Game 65094
hamburgler2682 Game 65024
“ggs bud tecmodell42 Game 64986
tecmodell42 Game 64985
2 McDonald picks were the difference. GG LuckyTool Game 64776
hamburgler2682 Game 64774
hamburgler2682 Game 64773
GG. Coconuts622 was very accommodating with lag issues that were likely on my end…Thanks dude! FlexMaster Bird Game 64649
GG tecmopsycho Game 64562
GG tecmopsycho Game 64561
GG tecmopsycho Game 64560
Tecmo Tournament Series Round 1 vs Coconuts. GG man kamphuna8 Game 64423
tecmodell42 Game 64272
tecmodell42 Game 64246
tecmodell42 Game 64173
tecmodell42 Game 64172
tecmodell42 Game 64171
“madison reps tecmodell42 Game 64055
tecmodell42 Game 64054
“fum up 6 w/seconds to play. vinny hits carrier for the CC tecmodell42 Game 64053
tecmodell42 Game 64052
adversity Game 63966
adversity Game 63965
adversity Game 63964
moulds33 Game 63954
tecmodell42 Game 63941
gg bradbears81 Game 63679
gg bradbears81 Game 63678
Ggs. chekreyes Game 63589
chekreyes Game 63588
chekreyes Game 63587
suicideking81 Game 63565
suicideking81 Game 63564
Thanks for playing… sorry about the internet crash during 2nd game :( bradbears81 Game 63559
adversity Game 63429
moulds33 Game 63388
moulds33 Game 63387
moulds33 Game 63386
the nightmare was too much for the Rams D adversity Game 63343
“Pleasure chekreyes Game 63142
chekreyes Game 63033
chekreyes Game 63032
always easy to deal with chekreyes Game 62906
gg a fumble recovery+last second td fuels comeback..haddix was a mad man on kick returns 2 red98sethuthut Game 62875
gg…got too aggressive in 2nd half (bad playcalling by o.c.) almost blew it red98sethuthut Game 62874
gg..well played game by opponent… red98sethuthut Game 62873
GG 8-bit Game 62819
ggs bradbears81 Game 62778
ggs bradbears81 Game 62777
chekreyes Game 62623
chekreyes Game 62622
chekreyes Game 62618
“great game suicideking81 Game 62562
Good guy. chekreyes Game 62536
chekreyes Game 62535
red98sethuthut Game 62465
Excellent – help me set it up for first time. Good player. Fun. matty3054 Game 62380
suicideking81 Game 62289
“final game of a 3 game set suicideking81 Game 62288
suicideking81 Game 62287
GG! Friday Day Night Lights Tourney Game1 Rd1. jfagundes04 Game 62260
gg…my best online game yet… red98sethuthut Game 62177
“GG! Friday night lights tourney. Took 14-0 lead jfagundes04 Game 61949
he lost 2 fum bgboud2 Game 61892
GG kamphuna8 Game 61856
“Tight one kamphuna8 Game 61855
msplinter28 Game 61854
msplinter28 Game 61853
ScuffyMcGee Game 61756
GG! close tense one. jfagundes04 Game 61732
GG. Damn Rison ate me alive jfagundes04 Game 61731
GG! crappy team battle jfagundes04 Game 61730
GG 8-bit Game 61684
GG 8-bit Game 61683
GG coco 8-bit Game 61678
GG coco 8-bit Game 61677
“coco – great battle here 8-bit Game 61676
Stalltalk Game 61665
Stalltalk Game 61664