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Total Net Feedback: 312
Positive Feedback %: 99.06 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 65
Tecmoers who left a negative: 1
All positive feedback received: 315
All negative feedback received: 3

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Finally! chris nichols Game 75637
GREAT player trenttracker17 Game 64502
i sucked bad and you got the breaks… bad combo… gg rdleifriaf Game 63031
gg rdleifriaf Game 63030
chekreyes Game 63027
chekreyes Game 63026
Confused- I block a 60 yd FG in OT-have 4 guys on it-kicker runs for TD untouched-odd-very odd-GG chris nichols Game 62671
chekreyes Game 62610
chekreyes Game 62609
chekreyes Game 62608
chekreyes Game 62607
Very helpful and respectful. A must play for the newcomer. chekreyes Game 62604
chekreyes Game 62603
chekreyes Game 62602
chekreyes Game 62601
Thanks Mort!! bradbears81 Game 62474
moulds33 Game 62431
moulds33 Game 62430
moulds33 Game 62429
Got 1 of the 3 tonight. Great games Morty McFly! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 62351
suicideking81 Game 62326
suicideking81 Game 62325
Great defense by both sides. 2 lost fumbles for DEN is the difference. GG TecmoBoJack Game 62286
“This was painful. Up 13-7 with 30 sec left TecmoBoJack Game 62285
DEN out for blood after games 1 and 2 were lost on fumbles. GGs Mort. TecmoBoJack Game 62284
Fumbles killed me. GG coconuts622 Game 62268
Emmitt ran all over. GG coconuts622 Game 62267
gg chicken- Game 62219
gg chicken- Game 62218
“Sollid Games throughout. GGs Mort kamphuna8 Game 62206
Gm 2 of 3 gm set. Picked play housed fumble FTW with 20 seconds left. Game 3 dropped mid3rdqtr GGs M kamphuna8 Game 62205
sixforchix Game 48030
sixforchix Game 47990
gg timbone666 Game 47793
AdobeRy76 Game 45286
Beat me like a red-headed stepchild. GG. bpkcchiefs Game 43282
DancingNunchakus Game 43035
gg dean919929 Game 42360
gg dean919929 Game 42359
gg frigidevil Game 42269
He tap me out. He always djeanp7898 Game 37916
I played excellent football and still lost djeanp7898 Game 37915
djeanp7898 Game 37902
djeanp7898 Game 37901
ryanr33fulcher Game 36501
ryanr33fulcher Game 36500
ryanr33fulcher Game 36499
ryanr33fulcher Game 36448
ryanr33fulcher Game 36447
gg bro ryanr33fulcher Game 36414
Good player and fair! BJLRR Game 36372
“crazy game in ot: blocked fg bgboud2 Game 36325
“One more win and you can call me “”Masta!”” NIGGA!” tecmochamp2008 Game 35772
Repeated use of the W word (wigger) and constant insults tecmochamp2008 Game 35771
Repeated use of the W word (wigger) and constant insults tecmochamp2008 Game 35770
StalkingButler05 Game 35714
StalkingButler05 Game 35713
StalkingButler05 Game 35711
StalkingButler05 Game 35710
StalkingButler05 Game 35709
Eamons34 Game 35622
Eamons34 Game 35621
StalkingButler05 Game 35526
StalkingButler05 Game 35525
StalkingButler05 Game 35524
StalkingButler05 Game 35463
StalkingButler05 Game 35462
StalkingButler05 Game 35461
StalkingButler05 Game 35460
StalkingButler05 Game 35459
StalkingButler05 Game 35458
StalkingButler05 Game 35457
tecmochrist Game 35195
tecmochrist Game 35194
“gg ChaosRison Game 35070
“gg ChaosRison Game 35069
StalkingButler05 Game 34963
StalkingButler05 Game 34962
kcchiefs12983 Game 34929
kcchiefs12983 Game 34928
“game 2 sconnieale Game 34913
Snowy! Fun game Mort… TecmoTurd Game 34881
GG Mort… TecmoTurd Game 34880
Pleasure as always to play Mort… TecmoTurd Game 34831
“Got hosed on three fumbles TecmoTurd Game 34830
down to the wire on this one…gg Mort TecmoTurd Game 34829
MM 08 Sweet 16 GripsmokeTecmo Game 34712
nestopia game daboy8821 Game 34710
nestopia game daboy8821 Game 34709 streetlavallee Game 34662
Uploading one of your wins to be fair TecmoTurd Game 34564
1st SNES game on the TPC! Love ya mort… TecmoTurd Game 34562
kissquantrill Game 34456
StalkingButler05 Game 33835
StalkingButler05 Game 33833
StalkingButler05 Game 33832
joeegats Game 33488
joeegats Game 33487
defensive game. scored enough. disastamasta142 Game 33420
“He found some PITT offense somehow StalkingButler05 Game 33112
“I whined about PITT StalkingButler05 Game 33111
“Last min field goal StalkingButler05 Game 33107
salembaseball7 Game 32903
salembaseball7 Game 32902
tecmochrist Game 32837
tecmochrist Game 32836
tecmochrist Game 32835
discdolo Game 32824
discdolo Game 32822
the score piled up it looks worse t han it was GG discdolo Game 32820
StalkingButler05 Game 32669
StalkingButler05 Game 32668
StalkingButler05 Game 32662
joeegats Game 32629
joeegats Game 32591
joeegats Game 32590
joeegats Game 32587
NE sticks to the ground . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 32483
Rypien on the same page with Bobby Humphrey all day . . . !! coolpaparock Game 32482
PITT squanders chance to win game . . .GG! coolpaparock Game 32481
he won flip & driving in ot-my cable went out! bad end to gg dajabec Game 32441
“one of those hurtful losses dajabec Game 32440
“tough defensive battle dajabec Game 32439
“he got toss in ot but fumbled dajabec Game 32438
GG’s…Good guy… hawkfan6634 Game 32427
GG’s…Good guy… hawkfan6634 Game 32426
GG’s…Good guy… hawkfan6634 Game 32425
GG’s…Good guy… hawkfan6634 Game 32424
GG’s…Good guy… hawkfan6634 Game 32423
“gg salembaseball7 Game 32410
gg salembaseball7 Game 32409
gg salembaseball7 Game 32408
“helpful guy tecmopopinski Game 32345
“helpful guy tecmopopinski Game 32344
“helpful guy tecmopopinski Game 32343
this man can tap wait till i get my new controller its on!gg joeegats Game 31983
this man can tap wait till i get my new controller its on!gg joeegats Game 31982
this man can tap wait till i get my new controller its on!gg joeegats Game 31981
worked by the bengals shempske Game 31974
joeegats Game 31759
joeegats Game 31758
joeegats Game 31757
joeegats Game 31610
kcchiefs12983 Game 31588
kcchiefs12983 Game 31587
kcchiefs12983 Game 31586
kcchiefs12983 Game 31530
kcchiefs12983 Game 31529
WAS DB duo take advantage of fumbles . . .GG! coolpaparock Game 31525
JETs stiffin up on DEF . . .GG! coolpaparock Game 31524
NE turns it over at bad time. . . GG! coolpaparock Game 31523
NO takes advatage of WAS TOs . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 31522
Come on JETs . . .Obrien not on . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 31521
joeegats Game 31426
joeegats Game 31425
joeegats Game 31338
joeegats Game 31337
joeegats Game 31324
joeegats Game 31242
joeegats Game 31241
joeegats Game 31240
“completed a 3 game sweep allamerican1569 Game 31238
allamerican1569 Game 31237
allamerican1569 Game 31236
streetlavallee Game 31222
tecmocrusher Game 31221
gunslinger213 Game 31216
“mort was very patient in my first online game gunslinger213 Game 31215
hamburgler2682 Game 31194
hamburgler2682 Game 31193
closer than score indicates sfty and td in end gg mort kcchiefs12983 Game 31175
“gg mort kcchiefs12983 Game 31174
he played good with colts IamtecmoKING Game 31167
vogtcd11 Game 31117
vogtcd11 Game 31116
vogtcd11 Game 31115
vogtcd11 Game 31114
I know he’s pissed and he has every right to be. Lucky TO’s djeanp7898 Game 31090
djeanp7898 Game 31089
djeanp7898 Game 31088
Cubsfan5150 Game 31037
Cubsfan5150 Game 31036
Cubsfan5150 Game 30918
Cubsfan5150 Game 30917
kevin greene is a homo shempske Game 30893
tackle at the 3 on last play shempske Game 30892
mort made a 70 yard field goal shempske Game 30891
kcchiefs12983 Game 30862
kcchiefs12983 Game 30861
kcchiefs12983 Game 30860
djeanp7898 Game 30840
djeanp7898 Game 30839
djeanp7898 Game 30838
allamerican1569 Game 30808
djeanp7898 Game 30807
djeanp7898 Game 30806
djeanp7898 Game 30804
ata game daboy8821 Game 30561
He punted to me immediately after missed FG b/c of bad conn. Cubsfan5150 Game 30295
“gg ChaosRison Game 30170
His first TD was a hell of a pass play…GG djeanp7898 Game 30108
djeanp7898 Game 30107
gg bpkcchiefs Game 29884
just couldnt hold okoye bpkcchiefs Game 29883
Mia comes through with the scoring GG discdolo Game 29855
4th down stops &TO’s made this look worst than it was GG discdolo Game 29854
tough D and emmitt help the win GG discdolo Game 29853
couple fumbles kept me out of it GG discdolo Game 29852
coreyudsl Game 29837
fumbled a half dozen times shempske Game 29759
should of been closer but i got some big to’s and jjs bruddog Game 29583
nice comeback luckily i stopped him in ot bruddog Game 29582
A pleasure as always a professional and gentlemen. sowa1291 Game 29326
A pleasure as always a professional and gentlemen. sowa1291 Game 29325
tecmocrusher Game 29260
I lose 5 fucking games in row. I retire….LOL djeanp7898 Game 29254
I hate to lose. djeanp7898 Game 29253
I hate to lose. djeanp7898 Game 29252
djeanp7898 Game 29221
djeanp7898 Game 29220
djeanp7898 Game 29167
djeanp7898 Game 29166
djeanp7898 Game 29127
djeanp7898 Game 29126
djeanp7898 Game 29125
djeanp7898 Game 29124
Townofchill Game 29096
Townofchill Game 29095
superblonk Game 29077
great guy helped me get started preash! superblonk Game 29076
stupid throws cost me…gg Sofakingood30 Game 29033
Strong-armed Wilson was no match for the Cincy running game ChaosRison Game 29030
It was a close game. SEA got a couple more breaks. GG Matlisab Game 28914
lol thanks gg’s both were turnover central lol Bernie2Webster Game 28131
Bernie2Webster Game 28130
This guy is awesome plain and simple Legends Die0 Game 28097
ass whoopen could not move against indy sad i know Legends Die0 Game 28096
GG Legends Die0 Game 28078
djeanp7898 Game 28063
djeanp7898 Game 28062
He’s good. djeanp7898 Game 27941
Had to scratch and claw for this one djeanp7898 Game 27940
tecmocrusher Game 27926
tecmocrusher Game 27925
tecmocrusher Game 27924
3 turnovers (2 early fumbles) = yuck ChaosRison Game 27912
gg Igal0008 Game 27897
gg Igal0008 Game 27896
gg Igal0008 Game 27895
bigmv54 Game 27656
bigmv54 Game 27655
bigmv54 Game 27654
coolpaparock Game 27581
coolpaparock Game 27580
coolpaparock Game 27579
AJFullam33 Game 27480
AJFullam33 Game 27479
coolpaparock Game 27340
coolpaparock Game 27339
coolpaparock Game 27338
coolpaparock Game 27336
coolpaparock Game 27335
My first win! Got some big breaks at the end.GG xxxihateyoudiexx Game 27174
He had it going on offensively all game. Very fun. xxxihateyoudiexx Game 27173
lillefty021 Game 27148
lillefty021 Game 27147
I once like this guy. Just to good. The rust is gone! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 26800
squeezed it out in da end GG discdolo Game 26797
GG . watch out for mort discdolo Game 26795
GG couldnt stop Cle passing game discdolo Game 26794
Spanking #2 MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 26781
Spanking #1 MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 26780
AJFullam33 Game 26773
AJFullam33 Game 26772
AJFullam33 Game 26771
A lousy 2nd qtr djeanp7898 Game 26648
Running game djeanp7898 Game 26647
I win off a fumble djeanp7898 Game 26646
“mort class act thru called run td dajabec Game 26506
I went run happy he went pass happy dajabec Game 26505
he fumd his last drive and neal went the other way to win dajabec Game 26504
Tecmo gods…see what happens now? Ask mort..he’ll tell ya lillefty021 Game 26464
Lets seee……no tecmo gods… see what happens? lillefty021 Game 26463
angry minuteman Game 26429
lillefty021 Game 26427
lillefty021 Game 26426
Matlisab Game 26349
mort really handed it to me here Matlisab Game 26348
Weathered the storm. ggs mort dajabec Game 26320
Hopefully Sunday night NFL game will look like this dajabec Game 26319
Big day for Mark Carrier dajabec Game 26318
Aikman under pressure in this one dajabec Game 26317
Neal Andro-son with a big day dajabec Game 26316
lillefty021 Game 26305
lillefty021 Game 26304
lillefty021 Game 26303