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Total Net Feedback: 279
Positive Feedback %: 98.61 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 98
Tecmoers who left a negative: 3
All positive feedback received: 283
All negative feedback received: 4

Feedback Left by Opponents for bruddog
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No Comment kamphuna8 Game 77433
First win since taking a hiatus. Hadn’t played Bruddog ever… he plays my style… RANDOM. GG noonan Game 75970
great series, 7-7 tie the other game, in one hell of a gm. dal/pit ggs brud! tecmodell42 Game 75948 kamphuna8 Game 75905 kamphuna8 Game 75904 kamphuna8 Game 75903
lucky win duecel00se Game 73821
No Comment michael Game 72967
No Comment michael Game 72966
gg War Machine Game 72364
i don’t have much to say, sorry for the tecmo gods interfering. TSB4G mini-tourney. chino_pino Game 71738
started off good for s.d scoring on opening drive, but then glennon became the maN! GG BRUDE ngunn421 Game 71734
lucky win for me here, and thats a fact ngunn421 Game 70360
Very patient in helping me figure out how online works. Then dominated me on the field GG. hankthetank Game 69002
Freaking strom to Stone with Precision. GG Brudde kamphuna8 Game 68352
Furious comeback with a JJ assault in the 4th. Broncs held on GG Brud kamphuna8 Game 68346
i will pay for the rape kit. 3 jj tds and 3 fumbles give the bears an improbable win segathonsov Game 68341
“gg chino_pino Game 65142
gg chino_pino Game 65141
“gg chino_pino Game 65106
“gg chino_pino Game 65105
player121xk Game 64749
player121xk Game 64748
bigmv54 Game 64724
in control from the beginning. Marino got benched..nuff said bigmv54 Game 64723
great game against a great player! one of the best ever bigmv54 Game 64722
ty 8-bit Game 61069
“Inst Clssc on 1st gm of Brudd anticheat rom kamphuna8 Game 61022
kamphuna8 Game 60653
kamphuna8 Game 60652
johny_mx Game 60234
johny_mx Game 60233
johny_mx Game 59972
johny_mx Game 59971
johny_mx Game 59970
Cochise Blue Game 59798
Cochise Blue Game 59797
ryanr33fulcher Game 59166
ryanr33fulcher Game 59165
gg bru!!! Extra Innings!!! thetecmojunkie Game 57229
gg. 2 big completions on picked plays made the difference tecmoaddict Game 56718
tecmocowboys Game 56357
“best game of the set kamphuna8 Game 55943
“I had no answer for Bad Moon Rison kamphuna8 Game 55942
“A grinder kamphuna8 Game 55941
“ggs man kamphuna8 Game 55940
jpr455 Game 54697
duecel00se Game 52657
duecel00se Game 52656
“good game wisconsinjpc2 Game 51995
GG I got lucky on a few passes that made the difference kujjaquaq Game 51965
GG tecmopsycho Game 51692
I kept it close but couldn’t pull it off gg kujjaquaq Game 51121
“tolliver was off a lot bgboud2 Game 51015
had a good stretch of calls on d bgboud2 Game 51014
“Felt I had a chance in 2 of the 3 games MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50930
I posted somewhere no one owns me anymore.. Maybe Brud.. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50929
Ugly game from start to finish.. GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50928
“couldnt catch a break Mad cap Game 50762
Mad cap Game 50761
Mad cap Game 50760
partial: disconnect late in 4th. SD-DEN GoNickMontana5 Game 50214
his defense ate me alive….GG Dog soxx0311 Game 50212
tos killed him Mad cap Game 50189
gg timbone666 Game 50002
welcome to the jj show starring barry sanders Mad cap Game 49919
Mad cap Game 49918
Mad cap Game 49917
no excuses…had the breaks and couldn’t convert bgboud2 Game 49904
jj show was on bgboud2 Game 49903
well played Mad cap Game 49886
HSTL scrim tecmodell42 Game 49671
another L fumbl 4 brud forced him to not play as himself ggs tecmodell42 Game 49670
“HSTL scrims tecmodell42 Game 49669
“This dude is a natural thetecmojunkie Game 49374
Good game bru down to the wire!!!!! thetecmojunkie Game 49373
bruddog thinks on his toes!!!!!!!! I dont thetecmojunkie Game 49329
Bruddog put it to me this is the man here! thetecmojunkie Game 49326
Clutch FG no pressure for 67 yards. Clutch!!! GG. UFL Action MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 49169
That totally felt weird. Ugh same ole losing verus Brew. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 49168
bruddog got game. He’s deadly with Marion Butts!!!!!!!!! thetecmojunkie Game 49131
heartbreaking overtime loss! gblankston Game 49001
absolutly destroyed me. good game gblankston Game 49000
Yay!! Fumbles!! DancingNunchakus Game 48845
Love them fumbles………. DancingNunchakus Game 48844
fumbles on the first dozen possesions….impossible odds. AtomicQBbrowns Game 48239
i blew a huge lead in the beginning…. AtomicQBbrowns Game 48238
gg AtomicQBbrowns Game 48168
gg AtomicQBbrowns Game 48167
Mad cap Game 47596
First NTL6 scrim game. Bru is going to be hard to beat! tecmodell42 Game 47310
Thanks for breaking my cherry!! Classic as always buckfuttor Game 47213
this game timed out.. shouldn’t count skraidas Game 47149
blamed me for a lack of intergrity.. but gg skraidas Game 47148
ummm game desynched in 3rd q acward31 Game 47048
Mad cap Game 47028
good player emptecmo Game 47005
gg emptecmo Game 47004
allamerican1569 Game 46823
Surprised about amount 100 yd JJ’s allamerican1569 Game 46822
IamtecmoKING Game 46819
Mad cap Game 46784
Mad cap Game 46781
Mad cap Game 46780
Finally a game versus Brud. Flip for the JJ/TD. GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 46366
Brud played solid D throughout. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 46363
Rison is a beast. Forced to do things I did not want to do. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 46362
thanks for the tips.. .and the whoopin skyycam Game 46256
I don’t know how I won this game. sois Game 46225
Look like great defense on both sides. Right? MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 46197
tecmokoby Game 45359
turnovers helped me baxterbear12 Game 45296
good game baxterbear12 Game 45295
“Good game djeanp7898 Game 44714
gg circlethawagons Game 44619
gg circlethawagons Game 44618
i choked bgboud2 Game 44382
“he fumbled bgboud2 Game 44376
Battle of the offense…his was better LOL jschuler89 Game 44116
I’ve learned that the Jets are pretty good lol jschuler89 Game 44115
maybe 1 day I can beat his Pats with a lesser team.I hope so DAMFNDRZA Game 44083
embarrasing x 2 DAMFNDRZA Game 44079
crazy game. embarrassing. DAMFNDRZA Game 44078
better not play him with even teams. lesson learned. DAMFNDRZA Game 44077
P3N1$ Cotton Soy Game 44071
GG. Lucky bastard! 😉 Cotton Soy Game 44070
GG. T3h OWN3D! Cotton Soy Game 44069
GG. T3h OWN3D! Cotton Soy Game 44068
GG. OWN3D! Cotton Soy Game 44067
gg put on a passing clinic shinybehiny2477 Game 43989
wut can say took it like a man circlethawagons Game 43966
“He blitzes and gets bumped Cotton Soy Game 43811
“GG Cotton Soy Game 43810
Thanks for the lesson!! dvaught2002 Game 43769
way to go man. dvaught2002 Game 43768
DancingNunchakus Game 43723
DancingNunchakus Game 43722
DancingNunchakus Game 43721
aninterception bymillard ondickdick late in1sthalf killed me shinybehiny2477 Game 43332
brought my f game and it showed ggs nonetheless shinybehiny2477 Game 43331
DancingNunchakus Game 43131
tecmofo Game 42833
tecmofo Game 42832
ryanr33fulcher Game 42695
ryanr33fulcher Game 42694
gg tecmofo Game 42667
gg tecmofo Game 42666
gg dean919929 Game 42663
gg dean919929 Game 42662
I should’ve changed my playbook..he adjusted & had momentum djeanp7898 Game 42644
Late CC over the middle put him in FG range djeanp7898 Game 42643
My stupidity almost cost me in game that I mostly dominated djeanp7898 Game 42642
tecmochrist Game 42592
tecmochrist Game 42591
bigmv54 Game 42501
lost a save file bigmv54 Game 42500
Nice D-fense. Good education. I will trash that playbook. frisbiegolfer Game 42405
“GG Cotton Soy Game 42320
Hard fought win! GG! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 42301
djeanp7898 Game 42203
djeanp7898 Game 42202
Finally my god just owned by Brew! GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 42019
gg dean919929 Game 41942
gg dean919929 Game 41941
gg dean919929 Game 41878
gg dean919929 Game 41877
gg dean919929 Game 41876
gg aquatix11 Game 41777
good sport. kicked my ass with IND plamodo1 Game 41572
GG plamodo1 Game 41571
My guy runs through Bears player for 10 yards. Invisible!! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 41510
Same ole beatdown by the legend. GG MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 41509
Cubsfan5150 Game 41258
Cubsfan5150 Game 41249
Cubsfan5150 Game 41248
QuaxUp Game 40625
QuaxUp Game 40624
joegatez Game 35335
joegatez Game 35334
“TECMO got him coolpaparock Game 35269
SD overcomes fumbles and INTs to edge DAL – GG! coolpaparock Game 35268
JETs risky play cost them . . .GG! coolpaparock Game 35267
FreddyBarnettFTW Game 35127
“awesome game dajabec Game 35100
StalkingButler05 Game 35094
brud is too much for me.. takes too much work to defend StalkingButler05 Game 34156
this guy is good.. haddix on hgh 3 picks and a fr td StalkingButler05 Game 34155
StalkingButler05 Game 34151
GG discdolo Game 33400
Dominance . .GG discdolo Game 33267
tecmochrist Game 32829
tecmochrist Game 32828
4 lost fumbles for brud in this one i think AverageTSBPlayer Game 30805
joeegats Game 30729
joeegats Game 30728
joeegats Game 30727
gg Matlisab Game 30720
2 fumbles and a pick…..brud had bad luck bpkcchiefs Game 29882
Fumbled (Langhorne) on last POG going for tying TD- GG! coolpaparock Game 28628
Fun game. Woodson is a beast Matlisab Game 28588
djeanp7898 Game 27569
freddiethewheel Game 27567
Shoot out at the O.K. Corral had nothing on this game! GG ! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 26699
“You gets no respect for this crap djeanp7898 Game 25117
JETs hang in there until Wilson comes through- GG! coolpaparock Game 25115
Tough game .. i got 2 lucky fumbles .. GG discdolo Game 24051
tight match .. no tds for me GG discdolo Game 24015
Eamons34 Game 23932
won HSTL 4 times. no contest for him. tecmocrusher Game 23794
a disaster.. couldn’t get it going.. gr8 job brudog! arncoem Game 23362
djeanp7898 Game 23347
lillefty021 Game 23007
GG AJFullam33 Game 22023
GG. Fumbles for TD’s will kill ya. AJFullam33 Game 22022
Spanking #2 MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 21998
Spanking #1 MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 21997
djeanp7898 Game 21857
djeanp7898 Game 21856
altony14 Game 21628
altony14 Game 21627
altony14 Game 21626
“Ouch foxmulder724 Game 21579
He beat me. I blew 2 red zone opportunities. djeanp7898 Game 21565
I won the game fair and square. djeanp7898 Game 21564
good game man lillefty021 Game 21562
Great comeback from one of the best all time. Great Game bro MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 20836
Hes just being nice everyone. Fun game! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 20835
Fun game! Always a treat when i play verse bruddog. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 19587
fuck me washingtonGM Game 19120
fuck me washingtonGM Game 19073
Started well but turnovers killed me this time. lordsummerisle64 Game 18095
A little bit of luck never hurt anyone… lordsummerisle64 Game 18094
vogtcd11 Game 17818
Great D by bruddog when it mattered the most. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17620
Bruddog showing me what it takes. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17619
Uh were’s the D MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17618
man i hate tecmo gg marshallonium Game 17423
He smoked me. I got the revenge. djeanp7898 Game 17389
Brewdog smoked me in the 1st game. I got the hard-earned W djeanp7898 Game 17388
good player disastamasta142 Game 17201
Just the blues. That is it. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17133
minn had it going on.. class act! ty 4 work on roms! arncoem Game 16716
I can’t believe Mike Prior picked me off @ the 5yd line… augieno2 Game 16714
“D. Green w/ diving int in endzone augieno2 Game 16713
Dallas D stops Butts go to the Air and throw 3 picks gg dog sowa1291 Game 16493
djeanp7898 Game 16490
rypien continues his downward spiral; Min gets things done brookstonfowler Game 16488
rypien throws for 2 int. makes the diff brookstonfowler Game 16487
bruddog deserved that one for sure. Late fumble. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 16462
GG masondunnaway Game 16286
39 yds of O for me. Woodson comes up w/huge INT to win it! lordsummerisle64 Game 16283
“The best player ive ever played Canes R Fo Real Game 15912
“up 7 Tecmo Dummy Game 15730
marshallonium Game 15675
Embarrassing loss djeanp7898 Game 15672
“grat 1st half. 2nd half Tecmo Dummy Game 15512
natheyde Game 11515
gg iliketec Game 8733
gg iliketec Game 8704
“gg ChaosRison Game 7690
gg dabearskid99 Game 7493
great game…wow TerpFan789 Game 7384
good one man close game Ddr575 Game 5920
gg iliketec Game 5548
gg rdleifriaf Game 5543
“brutal game Edisaurusrex Game 5329
A sound beating. dooolos Game 3626
Fun to play against. dooolos Game 3625
ya tell me about it way too many TO’s Ddr575 Game 3575
“aikman played with concussion fro30 Game 3364
What a battle. Coach Faqs Game 2823
connection iffy NUMB3RTW3NTY Game 2723
to balance out some crappy bad feedback hamburgler2682 Game 2688
gg DomAltieri Game 2582
flames me on puretcmo for beating him GG rdleifriaf Game 2580
A talented and understanding player. Coach Faqs Game 2530