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Total Net Feedback: 305
Positive Feedback %: 97.51 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 105
Tecmoers who left a negative: 8
All positive feedback received: 313
All negative feedback received: 8

Feedback Left by Opponents for Eamons34
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No Comment purplehaze Game 75046
No Comment purplehaze Game 75045
Down the whole game, Carson Palmer delivers w under a min left. GG. Love playing my old tecmo bud Cotton Soy Game 73159
No Comment johnnyrocker Game 73148
No Comment johnnyrocker Game 73147
No Comment johnnyrocker Game 73146
No Comment War Machine Game 73132
No Comment War Machine Game 73131
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 73126
No Comment War Machine Game 73124
No Comment Cotton Soy Game 73121
Great game. I am new to the Tecmo Circuit. He was very patient in getting set up and I appreciate th jsnell476 Game 73120
Bucsfan8328 Game 68362
Bucsfan8328 Game 68361
timbone666 Game 66287
timbone666 Game 66286
Nice to meet you! GG bradbears81 Game 62339
GG… OcTecmofest RD 2 tecmopsycho Game 59503
“GG Eamons played really well kamphuna8 Game 59434
MarkCarrierBears Game 55413
Stomped me iplaytecmo15 Game 55242
“GG shinybehiny2477 Game 55168
“Eamons was very helpful getting me setup to play nxbx582 Game 55106
“Wow WildcardBiotches Game 52614
Nice WildcardBiotches Game 52613
GG… you shouldn’t of won 😉 play you soon again! regulator088 Game 52571
One JJ from Ellard……..shocked. DancingNunchakus Game 51880
gg. I could not run the ball for nothing. Great run D!!!!! thetecmojunkie Game 51827
TecmoChick Game 47908
gg hard fought game joshau99 Game 47890
Great Defensive battle. Pitt O has no answers. GG! allamerican1569 Game 47825
JoshAU99 Game 47789
gg invader star64 Game 47749
gg another close one in OT acward31 Game 47734
“gg acward31 Game 47733
Lagtastic timbone666 Game 47724
Go Browns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! timbone666 Game 47722
I’ve never had the redskins play that bad keirre1981 Game 47719
“on 4th down tecmodell42 Game 47706
controlled me most of the game. gg bud. tecmodell42 Game 47705
Fuckin Tomzak. Threw 4 incompletions 3 of em were picks. sixforchix Game 47680
not a good game….couldnt compete with all the TO’s soxx0311 Game 47669
gg timbone666 Game 47646
gg timbone666 Game 47644
ggs Mad cap Game 47627
Mad cap Game 47626
Mad cap Game 47608
“had 4 picks led me to my first victory timbone666 Game 47493
emons kicked me to tha punk ass curb this one timbone666 Game 47492
felt bad cuz we got dc when he was winning fisrt game gg bza3655 Game 47380
“tough game allamerican1569 Game 47290
“Good game.. stopped the run.. not enogh “”D”” on my end” skraidas Game 47122
dgreenxbeatsxbo Game 47078
“Worst game I ever played AuntSamWantsMe Game 47074
Mad cap Game 47061
emptecmo Game 47040
now u stop whining!!!! skrampion Game 47039
emptecmo Game 47038
emptecmo Game 47037
Welcome back (dang you have a lot of wins!!!) skrampion Game 46995
IamtecmoKING Game 43106
kulseic Game 41392
gg mrfredericwong Game 41326
KCNole95 Game 41306
KCNole95 Game 41305
KCNole95 Game 41304
sevenonesixgrafx Game 41287
swampc1 Game 39979
“great player Zoltar4934 Game 39919
Only his fumbles gave me a chance. jzzzyankee Game 39321
An epic beating. jzzzyankee Game 39314
“4/13 passing begs the question AverageTSBPlayer Game 39083
wtf is tecmobowl? DAMFNDRZA Game 38256
o i c DAMFNDRZA Game 38255
he chi i minn up 14-0 in 3rd just got int he froze sorry bud tecmojam Game 38249
tecmoG0NG Game 38118
tecmoG0NG Game 38117
“Couple of bad picks on my part primarch25 Game 37912
“gg no power outage during this game IndyBuckeye08 Game 37456
” WTF left game with 1min lef n 3rd IndyBuckeye08 Game 37454
gg akatheepidemic Game 37300
i have yet to score on you nuff said tecmojam Game 37256
will never get abused by that trick again got humbled tecmojam Game 37199
great opponent shitty matchup tecmojam Game 37198
mrsuperbabybarry Game 37178
mrsuperbabybarry Game 37177
DancingNunchakus Game 37040
mrsuperbabybarry Game 36994
mrsuperbabybarry Game 36993
Good game. Thanks for setting it up. weg4469 Game 36978
to good to be true? iceage380 Game 36844
WTF Season game – week 9 arncoem Game 36808
mort1237 Game 35622
mort1237 Game 35621
mesaarch79 Game 34416
Safety the difference GG discdolo Game 34346
GG mesaarch79 Game 34135
close one tecmopopinski Game 32057
gg man tecmochrist Game 32040
2 lost fumbles…what good is 81 ball control? bgboud2 Game 31969
kissquantrill Game 31953
kissquantrill Game 31952
kissquantrill Game 31951
tecmochrist Game 31948
jordancjones Game 31882
eamon gets me with some nice ints. hamburgler2682 Game 31639
Wat Way Would You Rather Me Beat You! Suck Hole! streetlavallee Game 31515
joeegats Game 31432
“i got pretty lucky in this one gunslinger213 Game 31360
gunslinger213 Game 31359
joeegats Game 31227
gunslinger213 Game 31218
gunslinger213 Game 31217
lots a turn overs tecmochrist Game 31199
just couldn’t get it going tecmochrist Game 31198
IamtecmoKING Game 31163
IamtecmoKING Game 31153
IamtecmoKING Game 31150
IamtecmoKING Game 31149
meatball53000 Game 31034
gettin use to lag IamtecmoKING Game 30916
streetlavallee Game 30910
lillefty021 Game 30392
“GG nxbx582 Game 30232
joeegats Game 30110
joeegats Game 30109
couldn’t get anything done Cubsfan5150 Game 30106
WTF rom! Have no clue since it was a pratice game. Oh well! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 29905
dbarrett0928 Game 29732
gg bpkcchiefs Game 29671
gg Carmelhoops27 Game 29497
gg Carmelhoops27 Game 29496
jj with no seconds left for browns to go to OT. Great game PoundtheRock30 Game 29492
coreyudsl Game 29465
coreyudsl Game 29464
coreyudsl Game 29459
coreyudsl Game 29458
deep balls coreyudsl Game 29457
deep balls coreyudsl Game 29456
i suck badinbball21 Game 29453
badinbball21 Game 29452
gg badinbball21 Game 29391
gg badinbball21 Game 29390
New playbook test does not go well. WTF dominates. sowa1291 Game 29323
PoundtheRock30 Game 29258
PoundtheRock30 Game 29257
poor clock management loses me this one bpkcchiefs Game 29241
gg bpkcchiefs Game 29064
gg bpkcchiefs Game 29063
gg bpkcchiefs Game 29062
gg man bpkcchiefs Game 28904
gg man bpkcchiefs Game 28901
badinbball21 Game 28567
badinbball21 Game 28565
Another big battle- GG! coolpaparock Game 28150
Big time battle that spills over in to OT- GG! coolpaparock Game 28149
sstruck2 Game 28088
ribbonbully Game 27915
lillefty021 Game 27825
tough player… gg badinbball21 Game 27741
blitzincorp Game 27590
blitzincorp Game 27587
blitzincorp Game 27586
blitzincorp Game 27585
blitzincorp Game 27584
“GG DaBearsMonster Game 27575
djeanp7898 Game 26344
lillefty021 Game 26020
Got my teeth kicked in from start to finish. He dominated. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 25826
Eamon put the F5 on me . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 25109
RJ’er and CC Deville were his scores. GG! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 24927
key int by haddix inside the 5; that was the diff.; GG brookstonfowler Game 24915
nesby had a hay day; NE can’t find the rhythm; GG brookstonfowler Game 24914
“CLE defense sucks lordsummerisle64 Game 24888
JPG Justy Game 24877
JPG Justy Game 24876
“I won on a last second JJ Bad News Kennels Game 24870
lillefty021 Game 24571
lillefty021 Game 24570
arncoem Game 24528
One of my best offensive games in recent memory lordsummerisle64 Game 24527
JPG Justy Game 24504
“GG JPG Justy Game 24503
George thinks he is Kelly; pays the price- GG Eamon! coolpaparock Game 24352
DEN clamps down on SD OFF- GG! coolpaparock Game 24351
Got lucky . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 24350
Not typical Eamon . . . GG! coolpaparock Game 24349
guess you won cuz of the crappy turnovers? badinbball21 Game 24276
Deion was a man in this game..nice lil comeback man gg AHake21 Game 24229
lillefty021 Game 24210
AHake21 Game 24210
MadmanZackThomas Game 24206
MadmanZackThomas Game 24205
MadmanZackThomas Game 24202
Montana had slippy spray on that jersey MadmanZackThomas Game 24189
MadmanZackThomas Game 24150
MadmanZackThomas Game 24149
GG tecmozebo Game 24014
And 101st. tecmozebo Game 23945
What a pleasure to be your 100th loss tecmozebo Game 23943
djeanp7898 Game 23941
“Bentley in bad lordsummerisle64 Game 23934
GG lordsummerisle64 Game 23933
morten with the 64 yarder to end the scoring at 40-0 bruddog Game 23932
lillefty021 Game 23916
AHake21 Game 23878
Very GG Class Act Guy..Very Very Close atoner72 Game 23831
GG Class Act atoner72 Game 23830
Dogg Pound kept pounding the rock. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 23784
MadmanZackThomas Game 23780
WOW…inside the 5 or so and missed a fg to tie…gg man AHake21 Game 23087
I dunno how i let this one get though bud AHake21 Game 22628
“4 bombs for 250 yards.. too little dleecubs Game 22606
finally ends my losing streak damn bpkcchiefs Game 22538
Ill be back tecmozebo Game 22513
“acted like a prick shibby6634 Game 22510
bpkcchiefs Game 22370
GG Most improved player of the year WTF Game! sowa1291 Game 22211
GG .. no fumbles. Class act player. look forward to NTL AJFullam33 Game 21732
He had like 5 fumbles .. had to show mercy. Tecmo can be gay AJFullam33 Game 21731
WTF is a great player. Great D and O. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 21529
I give Lil Eamon the Red Headed Step Child Treatment. Tecmo Dummy Game 20901
“Thanks for my 500th TPC win lordsummerisle64 Game 20453
GG….Lil eamon cant get over the hump Tecmo Dummy Game 20225
Fumble Roided TD and a safety to end Tecmo Dummy Game 20224
odd score…..Pit is big Tecmo Dummy Game 20223
“KidPro goes up early Tecmo Dummy Game 20024
Teh dolphins get BBQ’ed Tecmo Dummy Game 20001
djeanp7898 Game 19884
“Gave PHX a test drive. Based on this one lordsummerisle64 Game 19716
Lonnie Young 30 yd INT return TD one of many PHX highlights lordsummerisle64 Game 19715
I owe you two wins. I need to put them in but im maxed Tecmo Dummy Game 19546
despite brister’s best efforts to throw to haddix every time brookstonfowler Game 19295
fumble on the 1 yd line seals it for min; GG brookstonfowler Game 19294
we battle every time; del greco comes in clutch here brookstonfowler Game 19293
brookstonfowler Game 19092
brookstonfowler Game 19091
lordsummerisle64 Game 18589
lordsummerisle64 Game 18588
lordsummerisle64 Game 18587
lordsummerisle64 Game 18567
sstruck2 Game 18482
sstruck2 Game 18481
Pack Fumbles one too many times GG by WTF sowa1291 Game 18365
“bo who? bo had one 90 yard run malferds Game 18313
i fumbled 4 times on one drive alone and lost it at the endz malferds Game 18312
AJFullam33 Game 18227
AJFullam33 Game 18226
AJFullam33 Game 18225
“Defensive Struggle altony14 Game 18051
“Barry shut down dajabec Game 17926
Great game! He almost tied it at the end…1 yard short! MP133 Game 17821
djeanp7898 Game 17820
djeanp7898 Game 17819
hamburgler2682 Game 17789
hamburgler2682 Game 17788
smashcoast Game 17758
“Peete was efficeint Tecmo Dummy Game 17428
“Barry cuts loose for 235 Tecmo Dummy Game 17427
“WTF Tecmo Dummy Game 17354
AJFullam33 Game 17069
djeanp7898 Game 16882
ahorst5477 Game 16852
ahorst5477 Game 16851
5 INTs for PIT defense! Bubby also figures out Haddix… lordsummerisle64 Game 16839
PIT puts on a defensive clinic. Good thing cos Bubby sucked lordsummerisle64 Game 16838
Putrid offensive display. PIT defense just a hair better. lordsummerisle64 Game 16837
Anderson gets a case of fumblitis. On 1 yard line. Doh! GG lordsummerisle64 Game 16804
Man that PIT offense is tough. Luckily mine was better here! lordsummerisle64 Game 16626
“Amazing ending. He misses 60 yd FG lordsummerisle64 Game 16625
WTF? Rice was absolutely sick in this one for PIT. lordsummerisle64 Game 16624
2 KO ret for TD for me. In a row. Held on to win. lordsummerisle64 Game 16617
Haddix mostly caught in traffic as Barry has a huge game. GG GoldMedalGraddy Game 16549
“Squandered a 4th Q fum rec. GoldMedalGraddy Game 16548
GG…thanks man JT234523 Game 16544
JT234523 Game 16539
Eamon just rammed a large blunt object in my @#$#$ @#$ Tecmo Dummy Game 16356
“Wilson misses two wide open TDs thetecmothumb Game 16226
Johnny Johnson goes wild!! thetecmothumb Game 16225
2 illtimed fumbles doom the Thumb. I always fumble vs Eamon thetecmothumb Game 16108
The Thumb contains Sanders & Everett gos wild! thetecmothumb Game 15884
The Thumb finally gets revenge on Eamon! thetecmothumb Game 15820
“The Thumb is shut out by Eamon thetecmothumb Game 15818
“KO ret. for TD lordsummerisle64 Game 15544
Enemic thetecmothumb Game 15541
B.K goes crazy…. sowa1291 Game 15514
Atl couldn’t hold onto the ball and it costs them in the end thetecmothumb Game 15449
“Rison’s big catch the difference thetecmothumb Game 15448
Thane Gash goes crazy with 2 game changing picks sowa1291 Game 15355
Like everyone does I rode Bo’s reconstructed hip to victory marshallonium Game 15275
Wade makes a couple big passes and that’s the difference thetecmothumb Game 15223
Thumb pulls it out in OT thnks to a lucky pass to end regltn thetecmothumb Game 15221
“GG skills324 Game 15215
“GG skills324 Game 15214
Anderson legs carry Bucs to the W. 26 attempts. Tecmo Dummy Game 15141
This team is 2 damn sexy. We were scorin TD’s +cheerleaders Tecmo Dummy Game 15056
This team is 2 damn sexy. We were scorin TD’s +cheerleaders Tecmo Dummy Game 15055
“Randall Runningham goes wild Tecmo Dummy Game 15009
Too many weapons. Vinny T is the human torpedo Tecmo Dummy Game 15008
“GG skills324 Game 14548
KC uses big 2nd and 3rd Qrts to distance itself from NY. GG icjason13 Game 14042
GG. Run defenses keep this game tight until the finish. icjason13 Game 14041
KC defense limits NY offense in this one. GG icjason13 Game 14040
Buffalo D kept the Giant running game in check. GG icjason13 Game 13901
GG. Too close for my liking. icjason13 Game 13900
Buffalo offense was on in this game. GG icjason13 Game 13899
Two fumbles by Anderson the difference sowa1291 Game 13742
GG. Defense was up to par. icjason13 Game 13737
GG icjason13 Game 13735
GG. Great job of controlling game flow with strong running! icjason13 Game 13734
“GG lordsummerisle64 Game 13730
“GG skills324 Game 13563
“GG skills324 Game 13562