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Total Net Feedback: 302
Positive Feedback %: 99.03 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 85
Tecmoers who left a negative: 1
All positive feedback received: 305
All negative feedback received: 3

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GG joeygats Game 75457
pit fumbles up 7-0 with ball and getting the ball, if they dont they win GG joeygats Game 75456
Welcome back online! GG joeygats Game 75392
DancingNunchakus Game 42889
djeanp7898 Game 42633
“JJ wins it on last play tecmofo Game 42630
gg tecmofo Game 42629
gg tecmophilia Game 42583
lost fumble on every drive tecmophilia Game 42582
gg tecmophilia Game 42579
gg tecmophilia Game 42578
gg dean919929 Game 42382
gg dean919929 Game 42381
gg dean919929 Game 42358
gg aquatix11 Game 42029
gg dean919929 Game 41966
gg dean919929 Game 41965
“Det got a luck turnoever early mrfredericwong Game 41715
DET benefitted from fumble for td mrfredericwong Game 41099
“GG hituon4hed Game 40208
IamtecmoKING Game 40152
Cubsfan5150 Game 39638
gg jzzzyankee Game 39326
gg jzzzyankee Game 39325
gg jzzzyankee Game 39324
IamtecmoKING Game 39322
tecmoG0NG Game 38114
2 early fumbles screwed him djeanp7898 Game 37373
I nearly lost this game djeanp7898 Game 37372
good game akatheepidemic Game 37297
awesome game safety and a big stop on 4th got me win tecmojam Game 37289
ryanr33fulcher Game 36936
ryanr33fulcher Game 36935
ryanr33fulcher Game 36639
ryanr33fulcher Game 36596
ryanr33fulcher Game 36595
ryanr33fulcher Game 36487
tecmochrist Game 36449
finally i needed that ryanr33fulcher Game 36404
kicked my butt ryanr33fulcher Game 36403
gg ryanr33fulcher Game 36402
tecmochrist Game 36269
sorryabout that last play good game man ryanr33fulcher Game 36077
tecmochrist Game 36011
nesticle tecmochrist Game 36007
ryanr33fulcher Game 35744
gg fumble killed him Elway41177 Game 35547
kcchiefs12983 Game 34732
swampc1 Game 33313
“take a guess tecmopopinski Game 32606
“a loss i actually didn’t mind tecmopopinski Game 32336
Matlisab Game 31520
joeegats Game 31329
joeegats Game 31258
joeegats Game 31257
joeegats Game 30318
joeegats Game 30317
joeegats Game 30316
joeegats Game 29984
joeegats Game 29983
joeegats Game 29978
Tough Game GG man Bernie2Webster Game 28272
artvandelayIV Game 27333
“solid game Canes R Fo Real Game 27161
djeanp7898 Game 26371
lillefty021 Game 26250
lillefty021 Game 25850
CLE comes back on called play for TD in EZ- GG! coolpaparock Game 25806
lillefty021 Game 24741
tecmocrusher Game 24590
lillefty021 Game 24583
HAddix w the safety on kickoff! T BAy was on fire! arncoem Game 24426
we played. one of us showed up. tecmocrusher Game 24061
gg lillefty021 Game 23989
JETs get solid effort from DEF and ground game- GG! coolpaparock Game 23959
lillefty021 Game 23779
“GG arncoem Game 23485
a good solid player. decider was his 80 TD bomb before half. dleecubs Game 23382
lillefty021 Game 23377
bigmv54 Game 23092
Good Win for the Saints jupie k 83 Game 22840
AJFullam33 Game 22637
lillefty021 Game 22635
“gg arncoem Game 22600
gg bub bigmv54 Game 22586
AJFullam33 Game 22543
nice! elmsleycount Game 22328
gg bro lillefty021 Game 22313
AJFullam33 Game 22086
djeanp7898 Game 22016
djeanp7898 Game 22015
djeanp7898 Game 22014
Steeler Curtain delivers Rocky to Philly in casket. X-Crunch MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 21743
sstruck2 Game 21671
nice game bro! lillefty021 Game 21563
bruddog Game 21531
djeanp7898 Game 21456
“28-28 42 seconds. Karl KO’s Tecmo Dummy Game 21264
Kosar made the Parakeets lick the BROWN EYE in the hog pen! arncoem Game 21167
“Goalline Stand in the 1st Q Tecmo Dummy Game 21055
BigRandyStyle Fends off a Raid in teh 2nd Half Tecmo Dummy Game 20906
Cranberry juice…..190% concentrate Tecmo Dummy Game 20542
gg homes…back to back ints…same play…thats what got me bigmv54 Game 20511
gg….close game til the end bigmv54 Game 20510
“gg Tecmo Dummy Game 20470
“KidPrp mails in the 2nd half Tecmo Dummy Game 20397
bpkcchiefs Game 20301
“gg disastamasta142 Game 20279
great game man it was a close one bpkcchiefs Game 20277
Steel Curtain is all i can say! Steel Freakin Curtain. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 20107
Johnson was Johnny on the spot. Hand off after hand off! GG MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 19953
i hate this game….fumble 30 sec left phx rec for td unreal bigmv54 Game 19827
gg dude bigmv54 Game 19597
“clutch fumble by thomas forces OT brookstonfowler Game 19544
browns control the ball; key 3rd downs got me every time brookstonfowler Game 19543
Defensive battle. Fumbled KO. He never got pass my 40. GG! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 19421
“A WEIRD 1! ONSIDE arncoem Game 19126
“CLASSIC BATTLE… FIELD GOAL arncoem Game 19125
WADE WAS ON TONIGHT… arncoem Game 19124
“again swampc1 Game 19088
kickoff return fumble costs me game swampc1 Game 19087
GG CHIEFSJR83 Game 18874
Perfect game played on both sides of the ball. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 18315
Very nice game. The cheese was better than the pound! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 18314
sstruck2 Game 18309
sstruck2 Game 18307
Fumble at 10 yard line gave me a Haddix TD to win. GG! MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 18258
Carmelhoops27 Game 18233
Carmelhoops27 Game 18228
vogtcd11 Game 18061
vogtcd11 Game 18060
vogtcd11 Game 18059
djeanp7898 Game 18020
djeanp7898 Game 18019
“karl had the ball all game brookstonfowler Game 17992
heyward kr for TD to end the 1st half was key…and fumbles brookstonfowler Game 17991
no fumbles; just straight up O ‘n’ D; GG brookstonfowler Game 17990
A lesson in violence. Made the cheese melt. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17785
djeanp7898 Game 17663
“This just in MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17582
“4th Q: Stopped @ 1 augieno2 Game 17505
Lucky FG in the end Eamons34 Game 17481
A lesson in violence. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17480
Not sure why he didn’t pass more. He missed 2 short FG’s too augieno2 Game 17461
Came down to the run game and DEF. Very GG! coolpaparock Game 17459
“49 rush attmepts between us. Good “”ground game””” arncoem Game 17273
MIN D couldn’t stop the run & 2 INTs did in the offense nxbx582 Game 17270
great clock management. QB eagles was in bad shape! HADDIX! arncoem Game 17217
“Toon w/ 2 clutch 4th-&-Long diving CC’s augieno2 Game 17113
“Vinny baited Deion all game. Showed pass augieno2 Game 17112
“62-yd FG before 1/2 helps lift Was. “”Chip”” shot? Not really!” augieno2 Game 17111
A lesson in violence. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 17073
Great sport. helped me complete my first game online. philleyophish Game 17072
Falcons passing steals show from Rams. Primetime to thank. augieno2 Game 16744
A lesson in violence MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 16696
a couple of open dropped catches by PHX made difference arncoem Game 16694
“accidental onside in 4th Qtr arncoem Game 16693
1 of the wildest games ever! See my message board post! GG! augieno2 Game 16662
Pats D completely shut down Krieg. Luck on my side also. GG augieno2 Game 16660
“got all the rolls Canes R Fo Real Game 15893
N.O. puts the defensive lockdown on a struggling Sea offense brookstonfowler Game 15755
great game. He lost to a truely great player Tecmo Dummy Game 15510
21-7 HT lead. Fumble on Goalline.Pissed away. Well done K Tecmo Dummy Game 15228
james tecmo Game 15042
james tecmo Game 15041
brookstonfowler Game 14277
Overtime win Close game sowa1291 Game 14052
GJ Karl. Giants did everything but put points on the board. icjason13 Game 14043
“Little children want to grow up to be like kaberger8 silviatarmack Game 13961
Giants D held Troy and the boys in check. GG icjason13 Game 13829
brookstonfowler Game 13775
brookstonfowler Game 13774
last second TD brookstonfowler Game 13772
Chuck8303 Game 13770
good game EARLdaBEAR Game 13632
GG. Way to represent with the Cards. icjason13 Game 13487
Solid player djeanp7898 Game 13404
“GG skills324 Game 13382
Capitalized on good field position in OT. icjason13 Game 13280
grind it out kind of game icjason13 Game 13209
Lucky Bombs to Green save the day Browns D sowa1291 Game 13127
“R. Johnson 2 INT altony14 Game 13058
“D. Marino 243 Yds passing altony14 Game 13057
Everett’s bad day. How could someone so hot get so cold? tecmochamp2008 Game 12966
“Marv Cook fumbles punt return in 4th augieno2 Game 12834
“GG skills324 Game 12788
“gg ChaosRison Game 12712
farmerfran81 Game 12626
whines cuz i scored a td in the last min! i cant risk a to! jdub328605 Game 12498
tried to be nice but he felt like bein a bitch jdub328605 Game 12345
bitched the whole game jdub328605 Game 12342
“gg ChaosRison Game 12157
molinos54 Game 12094
close game AdamKeepsItR3al Game 11853
“GG skills324 Game 11756
“gg ChaosRison Game 11749
“good game iliketec Game 11374
4thQ: JJ int in endzone gives Rams hope. Got TD; not onsides augieno2 Game 11356
“They call him Flipper augieno2 Game 11355
“””Chris”” Everett surprisingly held in check.” augieno2 Game 11354
Blew 17-0 lead. I blocked pass out of endzone but no safety? augieno2 Game 11342
Bobby Humphrey vs Bobby Humphery. How cute! augieno2 Game 11340
Mark Boyer w/ long JJ TD on diving Tim McDonald in endzone. augieno2 Game 11319
player121xk Game 11122
“gg ChaosRison Game 10991
Got destroyed by the NY runningbacks. Bengals are pussycats augieno2 Game 10897
My TD was 50 yd fum return. Shoulda won despite low yardage. augieno2 Game 10896
Miller was just plain pathetic this game. Rison not a factor augieno2 Game 10895
waterhead1977 Game 10820
“gg ChaosRison Game 10700
“gg ChaosRison Game 10699
“gg ChaosRison Game 10577
“gg ChaosRison Game 10576
“gg ChaosRison Game 10465
“1st 2 Phx passes picked off augieno2 Game 10398
“gg ChaosRison Game 10279
70-yard Giant JJ wins it. Was hoping to get OT cointoss. GG augieno2 Game 10227
“Joe says augieno2 Game 10225
waterhead1977 Game 10180
Had 85yd pass to 10yd line last play 1st 1/2. Almost OT… augieno2 Game 10151
“Held to FG in 1st Q augieno2 Game 10150
“Marion put the Detroit D on their “”butts”” all game.” augieno2 Game 10149
Missed some FGs & Pete’s 3 ints were death toll. Close stats augieno2 Game 10123
First TD was from PR fumble. No looking back from there. GG augieno2 Game 10122
Aikman fumbled running in TD @ 1 yd line last play 1st 1/2. augieno2 Game 10120
“4Q: Diving INT got me ball augieno2 Game 10091
“Bomb to Fryer :37 left to 10 yd line augieno2 Game 10090
“fumbles hurt me jdub328605 Game 9412
“U had nice passing in 1st Q augieno2 Game 9341
sconnieale Game 9029
sconnieale Game 9028
Cubsfan5150 Game 8917
Cubsfan5150 Game 8854
Cubsfan5150 Game 8853
Cubsfan5150 Game 8671
Cubsfan5150 Game 8670
great game iliketec Game 8571
“good game iliketec Game 8570
another great game iliketec Game 8565
“great game luck won it for me iliketec Game 8563
Cubsfan5150 Game 8526
Cubsfan5150 Game 8502
Cubsfan5150 Game 8498
class act Cubsfan5150 Game 8468
class act Cubsfan5150 Game 8467
“GG skills324 Game 8424
“gg ChaosRison Game 8161
TecMongrel Game 8057
“Great Game skills324 Game 8043
DustinDougherty Game 6860
DustinDougherty Game 6859
“very personable player ViolentDre14 Game 6850
“fumbled twice mhlandrydotnet Game 6745
“GG skills324 Game 6738
Good sport bruddog Game 6725
No problems; smooth games. Coach Faqs Game 6629
gg TSuperbrowns Game 6348
gg. jj at the end of half to rison was costly Joe22Doc Game 5677
gg JockyNerd32 Game 5672
gg tsbrmm1976 Game 5668
gg tsbrmm1976 Game 5667
sconnieale Game 5313
sconnieale Game 5152
gg Igal0008 Game 5148
tecmochamp2008 Game 5060
tecmochamp2008 Game 5059
tecmochamp2008 Game 5058
gg Igal0008 Game 4956
gg the fumbles hurt Igal0008 Game 4915
gg kcchiefs12983 Game 4760
great player gg kcchiefs12983 Game 4758
gg kcchiefs12983 Game 4756
GG Igal0008 Game 4421
GG Igal0008 Game 4420
sconnieale Game 4402
sconnieale Game 4398
gg kcchiefs12983 Game 4037
gg kcchiefs12983 Game 4036
Great TPCr. dooolos Game 3929
Fun to play against. dooolos Game 3928
FUMBLES!!!! DomAltieri Game 3777
good game mikeval122604 Game 3743
gg NUMB3RTW3NTY Game 3615
tecmochamp2008 Game 3357
tecmochamp2008 Game 3315
tecmochamp2008 Game 3258
gg jshaw5442 Game 3199
Class act! Would love to play again jikker84 Game 3078
“Andre Rison dead silviatarmack Game 3074
A Top TPCr dooolos Game 2831
the HP o. broke him down. almost comebak malferds Game 2827
tecmochamp2008 Game 2691
NUMB3RTW3NTY Game 2675
gg Nostalgia47 Game 2641
tecmochamp2008 Game 2557
good NUMB3RTW3NTY Game 2531
this was a belayed upload silviatarmack Game 2431