Hi there!2027Feedback for JESUSLuvsME4ever

Total Net Feedback: 140
Positive Feedback %: 97.95 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 18
Tecmoers who left a negative: 2
All positive feedback received: 143
All negative feedback received: 3

Feedback Left by Opponents for JESUSLuvsME4ever
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Retro Pre Season 1979 Season MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 59817
Retro Pre Season 1979 Season MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 59816
GGS Canes R Fo Real Game 32002
GGS Canes R Fo Real Game 32001
Canes R Fo Real Game 29746
Canes R Fo Real Game 29745
Canes R Fo Real Game 29744
Canes R Fo Real Game 29743
Canes R Fo Real Game 29691
Canes R Fo Real Game 29690
Canes R Fo Real Game 29689
Canes R Fo Real Game 29637
Canes R Fo Real Game 29636
its not fair when we randomly pick teams like this Canes R Fo Real Game 29595
Canes R Fo Real Game 29592
Canes R Fo Real Game 29591
this game was messed up…gg tho lillefty021 Game 23262
he scores late lots of turnovers bpkcchiefs Game 23231
Luckiest catch ever..of course on 4th down in the 4th q.. AHake21 Game 23091
AHake21 Game 23090
This is how it is suppose to be…when neither get lucky AHake21 Game 23089
sstruck2 Game 22870
Great game AHake21 Game 22685
3 intentional JJ’s for TD’s shibby6634 Game 22630
good game we’re very equal skill level!! shibby6634 Game 22542
“Good game shibby6634 Game 22525
“AC—>JJ—>GG Canes R Fo Real Game 22291
DT not enu Canes R Fo Real Game 22290
Deion is way too much for you gg AHake21 Game 22279
This is why you dont use ATL against me AHake21 Game 22278
What a fluke…lol gg AHake21 Game 22277
Dont use my team against me…jk…gg AHake21 Game 22276
Canes R Fo Real Game 22269
Canes R Fo Real Game 22268
Canes R Fo Real Game 22267
smashcoast Game 22173
smashcoast Game 22172
a great learning experience fisch617 Game 21955
I played this one injured 😉 lol good game brudda AHake21 Game 21945
Canes R Fo Real Game 21784
Canes R Fo Real Game 21783
Canes R Fo Real Game 21782
Montana. Rice. Really not much else to say. foxmulder724 Game 21511
I score the first 17 and hold on. Barely. GG. foxmulder724 Game 21481
Barry runs around the whole Redskins’ D for the GW. GG. foxmulder724 Game 21480
“Chargers’ D shuts down prolific O foxmulder724 Game 21479
I barely remember this game other than I won foxmulder724 Game 21478
He owned my ass this game. The bright side I did win 4 of 5 foxmulder724 Game 21477
sstruck2 Game 21467
sstruck2 Game 21466
sstruck2 Game 21465
sstruck2 Game 21460
sstruck2 Game 21459
sstruck2 Game 21458
sstruck2 Game 21457
Barely. I HATE SF Tecmo Dummy Game 21413
“Vishnu Tecmo Dummy Game 21412
Danny with his cannon had me scared Canes R Fo Real Game 21363
JJ’ed my way to comeback win! smashcoast Game 21301
3 fumbles cost Det the game! smashcoast Game 21300
he busts out san fran i take oilers …gg bpkcchiefs Game 21146
not today son bpkcchiefs Game 21145
def too much bpkcchiefs Game 21093
gg man bpkcchiefs Game 21092
Canes R Fo Real Game 21018
Everett and WR’s could not hook up! smashcoast Game 20944
in the end Deberg couldnt throw it away from Green bpkcchiefs Game 20776
dt and the boys hold s.d. in check bpkcchiefs Game 20775
Need to learn what quarter I’m in… AHake21 Game 20675
Good game… AHake21 Game 20674
Crap Bowl goes to me AHake21 Game 20673
bpkcchiefs Game 20626
bpkcchiefs Game 20625
Amazing last 45 seconds… AHake21 Game 20624
Strom looked like QB Eagles in this one Canes R Fo Real Game 20446
sstruck2 Game 20222
sstruck2 Game 20221
sstruck2 Game 20220
Great games man AHake21 Game 20192
Turnovers killed ya… AHake21 Game 20191
Rice JJ at the 1 to end the game…ouch Canes R Fo Real Game 20059
Haddix held okoye somewhat Canes R Fo Real Game 19800
sstruck2 Game 18535
sstruck2 Game 18534
sstruck2 Game 18488
sstruck2 Game 18487
sstruck2 Game 18486
“Bad move taking ellard out Canes R Fo Real Game 18257
sstruck2 Game 18253
sstruck2 Game 18252
gg jshaw5442 Game 18039
sstruck2 Game 17905
QB Bills not enuff Canes R Fo Real Game 17845
sstruck2 Game 17718
sstruck2 Game 17717
sstruck2 Game 17716
sstruck2 Game 17678
VGG. Bo and Neal couldn’t be stopped. sstruck2 Game 17324
VGG. 2 TOs in overtime. sstruck2 Game 17323
Jets D forces several TO’s and shuts down stuggling PIT Off. JT234523 Game 16685
“Humphrey goes for 215 JT234523 Game 16684
Canes R Fo Real Game 16667
Canes R Fo Real Game 16666
“GG skills324 Game 16243
“GG skills324 Game 16242
“Season Mode SuperBowl skills324 Game 16241
“fun game GorillaBrav Game 16097
“gg AverageTSBPlayer Game 16055
“gg AverageTSBPlayer Game 16053
“really nice guy GorillaBrav Game 15987
“O’Brian to Toon JT234523 Game 15976
“VGG!…Hugh goal line stand late JT234523 Game 15975
“GG skills324 Game 15948
“GG skills324 Game 15885
“spank city baby Canes R Fo Real Game 15872
“GG skills324 Game 15866
“GG skills324 Game 15865
“GG skills324 Game 15864
Down 16-0 early thanks 2 a safeT on a kickoff..35 str8 4 a W Canes R Fo Real Game 15802
Good tough game Canes R Fo Real Game 15801
GG…Eagle D holds Bo out of endzone JT234523 Game 15782
VGG…Huge stop by Eagle D in OT JT234523 Game 15781
VGG…Bo wins it in OT JT234523 Game 15780
“GG skills324 Game 15357
“GG james tecmo Game 15308
Very close game james tecmo Game 15237
“GG skills324 Game 15149
“GG skills324 Game 15118
“GG skills324 Game 15088
“GG skills324 Game 15087
“GG skills324 Game 15086
“GG skills324 Game 14941
“GG skills324 Game 14907
“GG skills324 Game 14829
“GG skills324 Game 14828
“GG skills324 Game 14667
“GG skills324 Game 14663
“GG skills324 Game 14662
“GG skills324 Game 14639
“GG skills324 Game 14634
“GG skills324 Game 14631
“GG skills324 Game 14628
gg Nostalgia47 Game 14442
“GG skills324 Game 14332
Spank Ya Stephen Canes R Fo Real Game 14249
“GG skills324 Game 14245