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Positive Feedback %: 98.23 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 71
Tecmoers who left a negative: 2
All positive feedback received: 278
All negative feedback received: 5

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K-See Ya! Wouldnt wanna B Ya!! Tecmo Dummy Game 19552
iliketec didnt know who i was. Pit wasnt the correct team Tecmo Dummy Game 19551
Crucial Herschel fumble and Wade’s imcompetence doom me thetecmothumb Game 16233
“Smash nose D in this one Tecmo Dummy Game 15046
“GG skills324 Game 11711
“GG skills324 Game 11710
“Good Game jimme999 Game 11667
“Next game: 2 missed game winning FGs (end reg augieno2 Game 11599
“70yd jj TD pass w/ :07 left ties it augieno2 Game 11598
I think I ran out of clever things to say. augieno2 Game 11527
“Practically a stalemate. Except augieno2 Game 11526
Insert clever comment here. augieno2 Game 11525
player121xk Game 11435
player121xk Game 11434
player121xk Game 11433
player121xk Game 11432
terrible lag all game…fumble on punt for PIT hurts badly AverageTSBPlayer Game 11391
This is the Redskins team that won Super Bowl XXVI. augieno2 Game 11387
Redskins got scalped. augieno2 Game 11386
The Pittsburgh defense took their Rod and beat me with it. augieno2 Game 11385
1 for 16 passing? Why couldn’t the Jets draft Marino? augieno2 Game 11384
HUGE Houston goaline stand in 4th! O drives 99 yards for win augieno2 Game 11337
Got OT cointoss. Okoye gets 2 key blocks on winning TD run. augieno2 Game 11336
Down 16-0 2nd Q. Got Hail Mary TD @1/2. Almost came back. :/ augieno2 Game 11335
“Percy “”Snow”” is the NEW Coke Machine! INT return for TD. WOW” augieno2 Game 11334
Tried to kick onsides in 4th but lag messed me up. Grrrrr… augieno2 Game 11333
1st 2 Pit plays were passes INT’d by McMillan. He get cocky? augieno2 Game 11332
“Atlanta’s new colors are black & blue augieno2 Game 11301
“Primetime w/ 3 int’s augieno2 Game 11300
I think I shoulda picked more running plays… augieno2 Game 11298
“Good player TecmoBrowns Game 11214
I officially hate the steelers player121xk Game 11197
finally some points against that steeler D player121xk Game 11196
I officially hate Rod Woodson player121xk Game 11195
some good old-fashioned defense AverageTSBPlayer Game 11179
urLocalTecmoGuy Game 11176
honestly…winning with tecmo at your side isnt a gg urLocalTecmoGuy Game 11175
where do i begin? well tecmo’s bs had alot to do with this 1 urLocalTecmoGuy Game 11174
8 TecmoSBX Game 11154
fun games fro30 Game 11102
ggs fro30 Game 11101
he pretty much whooped my ass fro30 Game 11099
“gg ChaosRison Game 10636
PIT D couldn’t make the big plays. Good game AverageTSBPlayer Game 10448
“Nice Game Canes R Fo Real Game 10308
QB Eagles made valid comeback attempt after trailing 14-0. augieno2 Game 10273
For some reason I have a really hard time beating KC w/ Phi augieno2 Game 10272
“DeBerg fum’s in EZ augieno2 Game 10271
35 rushing attempts?!?!?! Holy Christ-ian! augieno2 Game 10270
“stopped him at the 1 last play of 1st half AverageTSBPlayer Game 10231
“4th d called play td. wtf. sharpe 110 yards rushing AvoidGregLloyd Game 9988
“I had 6 plays augieno2 Game 9861
“Randall fumbled twice augieno2 Game 9860
Randall just needs the THREAT of the pass to run over yo ass augieno2 Game 9859
My only plays were 2 bombs to Rison. 5 rushing yds? Ugly. GG augieno2 Game 9858
“Water beats Fire augieno2 Game 9844
“We only had 3 completions each augieno2 Game 9839
“End of 1H: Boomer int’d in EZ augieno2 Game 9837
Probably the worst stats I’ve EVER had. Hoge hogtied my ass. augieno2 Game 9836
Bernie believes in Majik. augieno2 Game 9834
“Despite 100% passing & Johnny J’s heroics augieno2 Game 9833
Jumped ahead and stayed ahead. AvoidGregLloyd Game 9725
That 4th and 16 50 yd td run really pissed me off AvoidGregLloyd Game 9724
Couldn’t establish much in this one. AvoidGregLloyd Game 9723
“his receivers were covered AvoidGregLloyd Game 9701
mismatch AvoidGregLloyd Game 9698
good game man cant wait to play some more Ddr575 Game 9639
great game man you killed me i fell all apart Ddr575 Game 9638
Same as the game jdub328605 Game 9545
Okoye ran over me. DT was all over the place. gg jdub328605 Game 9544
I’m so tired of losing to good opp in games i should win. AvoidGregLloyd Game 9524
fucking bullshit. AvoidGregLloyd Game 9520
Phil da Skill Game 9503
Strom might have won this game. AvoidGregLloyd Game 9496
Slimey67 Game 9492
Ravseahawk Game 9233
Ravseahawk Game 9232
Ravseahawk Game 9231
“i couldnt catch a break first game GripsmokeTecmo Game 9206
close one til the end. gg. GripsmokeTecmo Game 9205
iliketec makes Bryan Gumble look like Malcolm X GripsmokeTecmo Game 9171
blackjack! great buyer. A++++ GripsmokeTecmo Game 9170
Too many mistakes + solid playing by iliketec. gg GripsmokeTecmo Game 9169
Carnation pink forever. gg GripsmokeTecmo Game 9168
Slimey67 Game 8954
“got destroyed AverageTSBPlayer Game 8914
neal lost 4 fumbles :c soad1612 Game 8784
This guy is too good for me…Joe Montana sure sucked though MP133 Game 8756
This guy is too good for me…Joe Montana sure sucked though MP133 Game 8755
blakecardin Game 8744
blakecardin Game 8743
“gg ChaosRison Game 8562
Cubsfan5150 Game 8555
the game that finally caused me to destroy my controller elgrandestimpo Game 8267
elgrandestimpo Game 8263
elgrandestimpo Game 8262
elgrandestimpo Game 8261
-_- PenningtonPlease Game 8206
i try to be nice and not run down the clock and i get fucked sois Game 8073
TecMongrel Game 8040
Great guy and awesome player LittleMac0000 Game 7778
Great guy and awesome player LittleMac0000 Game 7776
Great guy and awesome player LittleMac0000 Game 7775
Great guy and awesome player LittleMac0000 Game 7749
Great guy and awesome player LittleMac0000 Game 7748
Great guy and awesome player LittleMac0000 Game 7679
Great guy and awesome player LittleMac0000 Game 7678
Woodson did what Haddix could not. Cause turnovers GripsmokeTecmo Game 7627
Haddix got a safety on a kickoff. Set the tone. GripsmokeTecmo Game 7626
Let it slip away. DeBerg had this one. GripsmokeTecmo Game 7625
Chiefs didn’t need to attend. Okoye = 1 man show GripsmokeTecmo Game 7623
elgrandestimpo Game 7316
elgrandestimpo Game 7315
ilikeiliketec silviatarmack Game 7294
ilikeiliketec silviatarmack Game 7293
gg. tough luck on the field goal. soad1612 Game 7274
Close game. Good stuff. dooolos Game 7270
Good TPCr. Fun to play against. dooolos Game 7269
Good competitor. dooolos Game 7268
Ditto last game. ViolentDre14 Game 7250
Always Fun. ViolentDre14 Game 7248
The JJs/CCs got a bit ridiculous in this one. dooolos Game 7220
More Slaughter JJs. Avg’ing about 50 yrds/catch. boooo!!!! dooolos Game 7219
gg cap10crunch2 Game 7214
gg cap10crunch2 Game 7213
tough game and good tecmocrusher Game 7208
LittleMac0000 Game 7175
LittleMac0000 Game 7174
ooof elgrandestimpo Game 6952
elgrandestimpo Game 6945
elgrandestimpo Game 6943
mhlandrydotnet Game 6885
good games good player TSuperbrowns Game 6879
good games good player TSuperbrowns Game 6878
good games good player TSuperbrowns Game 6877
I find this an outrage and I’m a holocaust survivor. tecmochamp2008 Game 6809
“Still lead in rivalry tecmochamp2008 Game 6808
elgrandestimpo Game 6794
elgrandestimpo Game 6793
elgrandestimpo Game 6792
one of my favorite players elgrandestimpo Game 6790
gg. my even teams rom jurikobeski Game 6786
gg. my even teams rom jurikobeski Game 6785
good game BamaTecmo Game 6770
good game BamaTecmo Game 6767
Defense wins championships. Coach Faqs Game 6761
ilikesex tecmochamp2008 Game 6729
LittleMac0000 Game 6677
LittleMac0000 Game 6676
“gg tecmochamp2008 Game 6675
every break in the world. tecmochamp2008 Game 6674
spyware interrupted game and fucked me up. tecmochamp2008 Game 6673
Gay Tecmo Luck tecmochamp2008 Game 6672
tecmoslotgod Game 6670
tecmoslotgod Game 6626
gg al5195 Game 6581
gg JockyNerd32 Game 6551
“KC is my mortal enemy malferds Game 6464
CalifMike2 Game 6452
CalifMike2 Game 6451
CalifMike2 Game 6447
Chess8518 Game 6409
Nostalgia47 Game 6405
one of my favorite guys elgrandestimpo Game 6401
elgrandestimpo Game 6399
elgrandestimpo Game 6397
GG JockyNerd32 Game 6394
duckey1103 Game 6387
bobmajob33 Game 6385
Fun person to play FatBstrd731 Game 6218
kreedblu Game 6217
nice game man close one Ddr575 Game 6183
man tight games here Ddr575 Game 6182
nice guy and seems to be able to hit targets with brister Siege Scorpion Game 6128
Great Game as usual papwr17 Game 6127
Great Game as usual papwr17 Game 6126
Great Game as usual papwr17 Game 6104
I’m Still Real World TPC champion….good game tecmochamp2008 Game 6098
GG LittleMac0000 Game 6095
Thanks a bunch for my first game… MP133 Game 6080
good battles tecmodan Game 6079
gg tecmodan Game 6076
nightmare game tecmodan Game 6074
solid play tecmodan Game 6073
gg kcchiefs12983 Game 6068
CalifMike2 Game 6065
CalifMike2 Game 6064
CalifMike2 Game 6062
good game BamaTecmo Game 6036
gg cap10crunch2 Game 6034
this game reminded me tecmo was fun… but i did win so… malferds Game 5986
very cordial player. good sport tecmoslotgod Game 5985
tecmoslotgod Game 5984
al5195 Game 5983
gg TheKnightOfNee Game 5932
gg TheKnightOfNee Game 5931
What a guy. Coach Faqs Game 5825
LittleMac0000 Game 5820
LittleMac0000 Game 5819
LittleMac0000 Game 5816
“gg LittleMac0000 Game 5755
“Nice guy to play LittleMac0000 Game 5754
“Nice guy to play LittleMac0000 Game 5753
“Nice guy to play LittleMac0000 Game 5752
duckey1103 Game 5738
GG JockyNerd32 Game 5734
“GG ViolentDre14 Game 5700
gg jraama24 Game 5690
gg jraama24 Game 5686
gg man BigHock4You18 Game 5682
gg man BigHock4You18 Game 5678
Getting better FatBstrd731 Game 5665
gg JockyNerd32 Game 5664
good game series at 1-1 between us bro TSuperbrowns Game 5547
gg TSuperbrowns Game 5545
Great Games until the beating he gave me at the end :) papwr17 Game 5453
stewie1978 Game 5389
stewie1978 Game 5388
Chess8518 Game 5386
Chess8518 Game 5382
Chess8518 Game 5381
gg cap10crunch2 Game 5378
waterhead1977 Game 5375
waterhead1977 Game 5372
elgrandestimpo Game 5368
elgrandestimpo Game 5366
elgrandestimpo Game 5365
LittleMac0000 Game 5361
good game sconnieale Game 5354
damnit patriots sconnieale Game 5353
sconnieale Game 5350
gg THE Mikiac Game 5339
GG bro. I had fun and hope to play again kimrari Game 5338
GG bro. kimrari Game 5337
GG and cool guy. GL man! kimrari Game 5336
GG!!!!! LittleMac0000 Game 5332
LittleMac0000 Game 5331
good guy BamaTecmo Game 5281
good guy BamaTecmo Game 5280
tecmochamp2008 Game 5275
gg washingtonGM Game 5197
gg washingtonGM Game 5196
“Despite my loss ViolentDre14 Game 5151
tecmochamp2008 Game 5115
close one sconnieale Game 5075
“damnit sconnieale Game 5074
close again! sconnieale Game 5073
GG copper34m Game 5046
yayaayyaayayayaa washingtonGM Game 5030
wowowowowowowowo washingtonGM Game 5029
omggggg washingtonGM Game 5028
gg THE Mikiac Game 4971
Coach Faqs Game 4968
gg Igal0008 Game 4966
Great game FatBstrd731 Game 4912
gg FatBstrd731 Game 4911
gg THE Mikiac Game 4910
Thomas was too much for Saints. GG GripsmokeTecmo Game 4771
Found an answer for Thomas. GG. iliketec is fun to play with GripsmokeTecmo Game 4770
Walsh mounted a 21 point comeback. Go saints! gg GripsmokeTecmo Game 4769
Nine turnovers in a single game is a first for me. gg GripsmokeTecmo Game 4768
“he flat out played better than me in 2 games BiP5454 Game 4765
Chess8518 Game 4759
Good Games patsavestheday22 Game 4750
Good Games patsavestheday22 Game 4748
Good Games patsavestheday22 Game 4746
GG man. Scared the crap outta me. GLNT! kimrari Game 4743
GG man. And stop diving after Touchdowns! kimrari Game 4742
Okoye almost killed me GripsmokeTecmo Game 4738
getting better bro — gg rdleifriaf Game 4735
gg kcchiefs12983 Game 4676
gg great player kcchiefs12983 Game 4675
onside kicked every time… AverageTSBPlayer Game 4665
crazy game. raiders d was int happy lol fun game Joe22Doc Game 4641
gg patsavestheday22 Game 4638
patsavestheday22 Game 4637
Good rusher. Almost had me with the last play of game. Phil da Skill Game 4609
gg cap10crunch2 Game 4608
gg cap10crunch2 Game 4607
gg rdleifriaf Game 4525
gg rdleifriaf Game 4524
first game. Hung in there. gg bruddog Game 4479