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Total Net Feedback: 28
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 11
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 28
All negative feedback received: 0

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gg, PIT D scores a TD en-route to the shut-out skills324 Game 77611
gg, fumble on kickoff in 2nd half was a back breaker in CLE comeback skills324 Game 77609
“great guy as always chekreyes Game 62779
after the last one he makes a 60 yarder and i get a last second jj bomb mort1237 Game 62672
Chip gets kick blocked in ot then races in for a 40 yd td run. tough luck for chris mort1237 Game 62671
mort1237 Game 62670
chekreyes Game 62595
chekreyes Game 62594
gg matchup in my favor diazmjd Game 62555
gg matchup in his favor diazmjd Game 62552
suicideking81 Game 62498
suicideking81 Game 62497
matty3054 Game 62459
matty3054 Game 62458
gg chicken- Game 62368
gg chicken- Game 62367
gg chicken- Game 62361
gg chicken- Game 62360
gg chicken- Game 62359
great game bro-hope the fam is well FivePointWiccan Game 62038
“GG! Really fun defensive battle jfagundes04 Game 62033
GG man-Bryan out skrampion Game 61956
cause u my daddy-nah figured id screw with u til the end! slohcinsirhc Game 58676
soon hopefully man have to get time off. skrampion Game 58674
Crap!-good game FivePointWiccan Game 58670
i shouldnt have used colts-u warned me FivePointWiccan Game 58669
ive never been done like this great player and tecmoer skrampion Game 58663
im ashamed lol skrampion Game 58662