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Total Net Feedback: 21
Positive Feedback %: 95.65 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 13
Tecmoers who left a negative: 1
All positive feedback received: 22
All negative feedback received: 1

Feedback Left by Opponents for fro30
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WB online man. ugly second half (5 straight ints or fumbles lol) GG joeygats Game 75359
“tpc tourney game kcchiefs12983 Game 34458
discdolo Game 34271
lillefty021 Game 33413
lillefty021 Game 33412
lillefty021 Game 33411
Sanders goes crazy. You can’t win when you throw 4 picks sowa1291 Game 18203
“So close with the Pats Edisaurusrex Game 11587
“I come close to win Edisaurusrex Game 11585
I get blown out in first game of series Edisaurusrex Game 11584
“fum’d a 50 yd run+lost it malferds Game 11091
“i was a little unlucky malferds Game 9925
“i hate this rom with a passion soad1612 Game 9074
“gg man tsbrmm1976 Game 5431
gg bro tsbrmm1976 Game 5430
gg tsbrmm1976 Game 5427
put up a decent fight 2nd time around rdleifriaf Game 4040
gg rdleifriaf Game 4039
elite player – can’t believe i had 7 fd Edisaurusrex Game 3931
wild one man.. how many ints? DomAltieri Game 3864
waterhead1977 Game 3339
He’s not human. 2 impossible INTs. dooolos Game 3013
An abusive sore loser. Coach Faqs Game 3006