Hi there!2026Feedback for Falco61389

Total Net Feedback: 11
Positive Feedback %: 67.74 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 6
Tecmoers who left a negative: 5
All positive feedback received: 21
All negative feedback received: 10

Feedback Left by Opponents for Falco61389
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Comment Opponent Box
IamtecmoKING Game 31169
“GG skills324 Game 15466
“GG skills324 Game 14943
“GG skills324 Game 14901
Douchebag leaves his computer with one second left in game. BuckFuttor Game 12152
rmauriceg3784 Game 10679
still annoying AverageTSBPlayer Game 10617
“up 30-14 daboy8821 Game 10533
good guy BamaTecmo Game 10475
good guy BamaTecmo Game 10474
CC-fest all day for him…not that exciting AverageTSBPlayer Game 10437
still tries to use the 4th man down on XP or FGs… AverageTSBPlayer Game 10436
i was ind bcuz he sux then he tries to quit b4 i get the sta jdub328605 Game 9715
dont ever play him jdub328605 Game 9712
dont ever play him jdub328605 Game 9711
Quit before i could grab the sta on both games jdub328605 Game 9681
Quit before i could grab the sta on both games jdub328605 Game 9680
no skill bigbaby gets lucky jjs takes forever game took 2 hr jdub328605 Game 9458
quit on bos winning run.. i just let the time expire(2min) malferds Game 9302
“GG skills324 Game 9109
“GG skills324 Game 9108
“GG skills324 Game 8985
“GG skills324 Game 8974
“GG skills324 Game 8971
“GG skills324 Game 8970
He left down 21-7 at half and I never heard from him again?? sconnieale Game 8950
“GG skills324 Game 8933
“GG skills324 Game 8928
“GG skills324 Game 8927
“GG skills324 Game 8926
“his first game AverageTSBPlayer Game 8924