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Total Net Feedback: 259
Positive Feedback %: 98.14 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 51
Tecmoers who left a negative: 3
All positive feedback received: 264
All negative feedback received: 5

Feedback Left by Opponents for GoNickMontana5
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No Comment kamphuna8 Game 77503
fumbles for me kamphuna8 Game 77502
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 77501
fumbles for me kamphuna8 Game 77500
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 77499
Thunderdome Round 2 Ryan11p Game 71119
GG GorillaBrav Game 67370
“coming for ya manyo360 Game 67338
Cowboys pulled one out of the fire. GG GoBlinn kamphuna8 Game 66950
SHOOTOUT at the Kamp Korral GG DL kamphuna8 Game 66949
SirTed Game 66948
tecmodell42 Game 66945
tecmodell42 Game 66943
gg chino_pino Game 66939
GGs chino_pino Game 66910
GGs chino_pino Game 66909
giGGles as always rdleifriaf Game 66837
giGGles as always rdleifriaf Game 66836
giGGles as always rdleifriaf Game 66835
finally a pretty even one between us ragu0012 Game 66740
nice work ragu0012 Game 66739
early fumble was the difference maker in this one. isukorean21 Game 66578
stank. thanks for not running up the score on me. isukorean21 Game 66568
chino_pino Game 66558
chino_pino Game 66557
chino_pino Game 66556
GG. Looks like I’m more rusty than I thought haha Eamons34 Game 66313
timbone666 Game 66285
timbone666 Game 66284
chino_pino Game 66266
chino_pino Game 66265
“gg chino_pino Game 66264
good defensive battle msplinter28 Game 62953
WTFR 1984 Pract GG Gonick kamphuna8 Game 62453
WTFR 1984 Pract GG Gonick kamphuna8 Game 62452
HSTL23 Pre GG kamphuna8 Game 62451
HSTL23 Pre GG kamphuna8 Game 62450
HSTL23 Pre GG kamphuna8 Game 62449
HSTL 23 Preseason WILD ONE! GGs Gonick kamphuna8 Game 62433
HSTL23 Pre GG kamphuna8 Game 62432
GGS Gonick kamphuna8 Game 62371
kamphuna8 Game 62370
kamphuna8 Game 62369
GG chris nichols Game 62364
Team was on Steroids-Never Denver them run so Fast. GG man chris nichols Game 62363
Couldnt do anything-Cant figure this out… GG man chris nichols Game 62362
gg…i like ur playbook red98sethuthut Game 62159
gg red98sethuthut Game 62158
“great game suicideking81 Game 62043
TPC Tourney Round 3 manyo360 Game 61939
RETRO 1983 (W1) scrim… GG manyo360 Game 61532
Retro 1983 scrim… gg man. manyo360 Game 61466
gg 8-bit Game 61208
Ryan11p Game 61140
Ryan11p Game 61139
Ryan11p Game 61138
Ryan11p Game 61137
Ryan11p Game 61136
giGGles rdleifriaf Game 61080
giGGles rdleifriaf Game 61079
dan the man could not handle the hoss sauce rdleifriaf Game 61070
thanks for the games 8-bit Game 60856
“solid player 8-bit Game 60855
8-bit Game 60837
8-bit Game 60836
8-bit Game 60831
WTFC 1995 Practice GGS kamphuna8 Game 60804
WTFC 1995 Practice GGS kamphuna8 Game 60803
WTFC 1995 Practice GGS kamphuna8 Game 60802
WTFC 1995 Practice GGS kamphuna8 Game 60801
WTFC 1995 Practice GGS kamphuna8 Game 60800
WTFC 1995 Practice GGS kamphuna8 Game 60799
WTFC 1995 Practice GGS kamphuna8 Game 60798
PNWTC Preparation. GG kamphuna8 Game 60706
GG rdleifriaf Game 60215
AtreyuBalla87 Game 60199
“i played some stingy “”D”” in the red zone!” timbone666 Game 59616
Played 4 vs Gonick and won all 4. He could have won all 4. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 59374
gg gonick timbone666 Game 59331
“got some lucky breaks onedog31Hayden Game 59311
GG footballdefender Game 59293
ryanr33fulcher Game 59280
ryanr33fulcher Game 59279
FRYPIE Game 59188
FRYPIE Game 59187
kamphuna8 Game 58888
ggs kamphuna8 Game 58876
ggs kamphuna8 Game 58875
gg. woodson is tough tecmoaddict Game 55866
gg Mad cap Game 55133
Mad cap Game 54808
beef9769 Game 54574
beef9769 Game 54573
DeeShine12 Game 54498
Great game DeeShine12 Game 54497
DeeShine12 Game 54494
good series Mad cap Game 54289
Mad cap Game 54288
Mad cap Game 54287
this 1 really got away from me. Mad cap Game 54286
boomer throws 4 ints! Mad cap Game 54275
“lost fumble and last sec jj Mad cap Game 54274
pick city. my turn i guess. gg Mad cap Game 54273
GG.he lucked out. chiefssam Game 54263
gg Mad cap Game 54248
fumbles were killer Mad cap Game 54247
Mad cap Game 54232
DeeShine12 Game 53999
DeeShine12 Game 53998
tecmodell42 Game 53755
tecmodell42 Game 53754
“like 3 lost fumbles in first half Mad cap Game 53738
this is what it looks like when i play gonick. Mad cap Game 53704
Mad cap Game 53703
Mad cap Game 53702
Mad cap Game 53701
“good series Mad cap Game 53290
Mad cap Game 53289
Mad cap Game 53288
Mad cap Game 53287
Mad cap Game 53286
Mad cap Game 53285
IamtecmoKING Game 53007
To be fair to Gonick I gave him my (A) game & tecmo was good MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 53003
Got a bunch of CC’s this game… GG MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 53002
A lot of luck and misfortune got me 3 wins today. GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 53001
Mad cap Game 52944
Mad cap Game 52933
Mad cap Game 52932
IamtecmoKING Game 52906
IamtecmoKING Game 52905
IamtecmoKING Game 52902
IamtecmoKING Game 52901
gg bza3655 Game 52882
dancingnunchakus Game 52762
“dude fumbled twice in my territory cubsfan5150 Game 52690
DancingNunchakus Game 52672
DancingNunchakus Game 52671
duecel00se Game 52582
All gg’s. Very good player. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 52534
GG fml fumbles regulator088 Game 52418
GG regulator088 Game 52417
Fulcher not enough for Anderson GG regulator088 Game 52409
Diddo as above regulator088 Game 52408
duecel00se Game 52388
DancingNunchakus Game 52344
DancingNunchakus Game 52338
gg invader star64 Game 52270
gg invader star64 Game 52269
gg invader star64 Game 52268
ggs bud. tecmodell42 Game 52161
tecmodell42 Game 52160
ninjachessmaster Game 52154
gg! tadaos Game 51991
gg tadaos Game 51974
gg tadaos Game 51973
Damn good games Nick. Hit me up so we can get down! thetecmojunkie Game 51830
since when can tim harris intercept on novacek bgboud2 Game 51788
gg tecmomig Game 51719
gg tecmomig Game 51718
“fumbles killed me tecmomig Game 51717
GG tecmopsycho Game 51696
GG tecmopsycho Game 51695
GG tecmopsycho Game 51694
gg Mad cap Game 51582
“got outplayed Mad cap Game 51491
WOW we sucked! Mad cap Game 51490
good series man Mad cap Game 51489
GG I got lucky on the turnovers kujjaquaq Game 51386
GG too many int’s cost me in this one kujjaquaq Game 51385
“would’ve been closer ninjachessmaster Game 51378
thanks for the games ninjachessmaster Game 51377
Very tight game till the end as I was able to win. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50919
He played great all 3 games. GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50918
I went 2-1 and felt it should have been 3-0. GG’s MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 50915
tecmoesteban85 Game 50879
gg kujjaquaq Game 50742
gg kujjaquaq Game 50741
gg kujjaquaq Game 50740
well play nick Mad cap Game 50674
Mad cap Game 50672
two picks made score worse than game Mad cap Game 50671
tecmozone Game 50241
got laggy and i missed tackles tecmozone Game 50240
i lost fumbles on my first 2 drives and simms sucked tecmozone Game 50239
DancingNunchakus Game 50210
DancingNunchakus Game 50209
Butts finally broke free in the 4th bgboud2 Game 50087
a fast QB for me now too lol. IaMTecmoKING Game 50062
this is what happens when youhave a fast QB & RB. IamtecmoKING Game 50059
Up 7-0 no time JJ for Tie. Lost OT blah MRTECMOSUPERBOWL Game 49993
gg timbone666 Game 49985
gg timbone666 Game 49984
“great series Mad cap Game 49981
Mad cap Game 49980
Mad cap Game 49979
ninjachessmaster Game 49844
ninjachessmaster Game 49843
awesome game Mad cap Game 49814
good games as always Mad cap Game 49790
Mad cap Game 49789
ggs buddy. alot of fun! tecmodell42 Game 49663
well fought. gg gnm. tecmodell42 Game 49662
“best of 3 tecmodell42 Game 49661
GG….something fishy about this one though.OtecmoG feels me soxx0311 Game 49577
GG tecmob4272 Game 49574
“gg JETS D 3 picks tadaos Game 49527
gg bro close one! tadaos Game 49526
gg fumble loss for TD set Pitt back for good!!!!!! tadaos Game 49525
GG tecmob4272 Game 49524
john91799 Game 49433
john91799 Game 49412
john91799 Game 49411
2 fummies at the end to give it to him! IamtecmoKING Game 49323
heartbreaking losses. good games! gblankston Game 49293
gblankston Game 49292
GG tecmob4272 Game 49224
GG tecmob4272 Game 49223
john91799 Game 49213
john91799 Game 49212
I won twice and this is posted with permission of GoNick john91799 Game 49211
I couldn’t save the state so I simmed the win john91799 Game 49210
john91799 Game 49209
john91799 Game 49194
john91799 Game 49193
john91799 Game 49192
john91799 Game 49110
john91799 Game 49109
GG tecmob4272 Game 49096
tough game. nice win gnm. gg. tecmodell42 Game 49065
gg joegibbsclinic Game 48828
gg joegibbsclinic Game 48827
GG tecmob4272 Game 48819
gg man. alot of fun. tecmodell42 Game 48767
bza3655 Game 48647
bza3655 Game 48646
well played Mad cap Game 48570
“paige bs’d him once tecmodell42 Game 48548
“gg homie tecmodell42 Game 48547
“trailed by 14 tecmodell42 Game 48546
gg….he shut QB Browns down…but Metdog ran his ass off AtomicQBbrowns Game 48509
gg AtomicQBbrowns Game 48508
won it with a blocked extra point. who knew? gg Mad cap Game 48469
Great comeback win in OT. gg nick Mad cap Game 48468
ggs Mad cap Game 48442
Mad cap Game 48441
got 1 back from me. gg Mad cap Game 48440
D shut me down bza3655 Game 48331
My running was out of this world bza3655 Game 48330
gg timbone666 Game 48309
good revenge game!!! bahaha….gg seriously! AtomicQBbrowns Game 48308
I had 4 fumbles just in the first quarter!!! rediculous AtomicQBbrowns Game 48307
tecmodell42 Game 48277
tecmodell42 Game 48276
only guy thathas giving me prob. started turboing&admited it OtecmoG Game 48122
gg won afew fummies & ints here OtecmoG Game 48121
“you played well man tecmodell42 Game 48120
gg timbone666 Game 48119
jjo724 Game 48118
jjo724 Game 48103