1. How Do I Join? – All you have to do is register for the site.
  2. Gameplay Rules – Follow these rules for TPC games. If you don’t, you will get the boot.
    • Be a good sport. If someone is not a good sport, simply leave applicable feedback and avoid playing them again.
    • If someone quits please shoot a quick email to and if the person builds a reputation they will marked with the scarlet Q of the quitter!
    • If you are using a non-TPC rom, both parties must agree BEFORE the game that the results will count towards TPC.
    • Changing playbooks is allowed before the game.
    • For best communication, keep chat window open and move it out of the way.
    • WR and TE are not allowed to run the ball except on reverses designed for WR’s
    • No Using the 4th man down on FG and XP
    • Onside kicks are allowed.
    • Skipping the coin toss is allowed. The coin toss is random anyway.
    • Do your best to say GL and GG.  Don’t be a d-bag.   Those stand for Good Luck and Good Game.
    • Using the Defensive Linemen is not allowed.
    • Please allow the team on defense to pick their defender before the ball is snapped.
    • You can only go to the do substitutuions or check conditions TWICE a game.
    • The winner is responsible for getting the save state file.
    • The loser must confirm the winner got the save state file. At minimum, allow him time to get the file.
    • Player 1 (good side) must pick team first.
    • If player 1 wants a different team, player 2 will always be given the chance to repick their team.
    • In the event that a disagreement occurs over who is player 1 (good side), the person who initiated the challenge is player 1.
  3. Use Your Rules – If agreed upon before hand, play with any variation of rules or stipulations, these are just a guide!
  4. Do Ties Count? – No. Do not send in ties. They will mess up the database.
  5. Dismissal – If you have been kicked out of TPC, feel free to re-register again try to join again. I don’t care if you were stupid in the past, but if you can fool the community and join under a different name, that is fine. If you are discovered, you will be booted again. So don’t think you can be a jerk, come back and then reveal yourself to be the previously booted jerk and think you can stay. If you pull off a successful re-entry, just be cool and play games.