About Us

Welcome to the Tecmo Players Circuit!

Online Tecmo is a free online community to play the classic Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES and SNES with three sites making up a majority of the community.

You are currently at TPC, which is considered the entrance to playing online.   Leagues can be found at Tecmo World and there is general discussion and a few leagues at TecmoBowl.org as well.  Most leagues want to see that you have gotten set up and have played a few games at TPC so they are sure you are wanting to be committed to a league.

You can play TPC at your schedule with no set opponents and  no time limit.  We host tournaments here and also have our own league that can help you try out if league play is something you might be interested in while still maintaining the casualness of TPC.
We have everything you need to get started in our Downloads section and how to guides in Getting Started.  Our forum also provides a help section for those that have more specific needs or questions to get going.

Online Tecmo looks down upon cheating and anyone found cheating will be banned from playing.

This is your site so welcome aboard and good luck in your games!

Contact us at TPC@tecmo.us