Getting Started

Playing Tecmo Super Bowl online is pretty simple. You need to download a program that emulates either the NES or SNES console and a rom, which is essentially the software version of the game cartridge. Follow the steps below to get your TPC career off and running.

  1. Register on this site.
  2. Download the emulator and ROM of your choice. We offer the option to play NES or SNES versions of the game.
  3. Set up your emulator and controller settings. Start a one player test game to make sure your system is set up properly.
  4. Edit your TPC profile. Make sure your preferences are set up.
  5. Go to the Gamer Finder to see who is on right now for a game or post in the Forum for future games.

These steps should get you up and running on TPC. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on the Forum or send us an email (