Welcome to the NEW TPC!

We now feature:

Game Finder Chat Room. After logging in go see who’s on. No need for AOL Instant Messenger anymore (still needed for most leagues).

Forum. Everything for TPC is now self contained at TPC! Talk about games you’ve played. Strategy, Tournaments and more without ever having to go to another site!

TPC: The League The next evolution of TPC for those who want a little more than pick up games but are not wanting to commit to an online league. More information will be revealed, but it will make you change what you think you want from a league.

We have also streamlined the site, and are working on adding new games to the Circuit for when you get that itch to play something besides Tecmo.

There will be more in store as we continue to revamp TPC.


  1. Darth RockMan Darth RockMan
    February 24, 2016    

    Would be nice to make it easier for new players to find discord. The how to guide still references AIM. Most likely some players are not finding out how to play online.

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